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Really loved this one:

Great puzzle game with some good timing required. Has way more levels than I'd think I'd see from a jam game.

My "Only One" was "Only One Resource": Hearts. They're your life, ammo, and timer. I also wanted to add dashing with the hearts being stamina, but I barely made the game as is in this timeframe.

Click HERE to play the game: HeartGame

Strange, it works on my machines. I also can't find much of anything on the error except about Assassin's Creed Unity. Have you perhaps not extracted all of the files from the .zip (in the same map-location)?

Anyhow, my apologies that I couldn't find anything to help, but still great thanks for letting me know.

I played the browser version and had some stutter at the end of the game, when I had all 4 minions. Just a heads up, I know it's supposed to be downloaded, so it's probs not very important.

Also, what nadomodan said: I did not entirely understand what I was doing. I understood that my minions had different weapons, and that my minions could swap them out. Also that specific weapons dealt damage through specific barriers. However, which weapons go through which barrier: not a clue.

I simply made them pick up different weapons, and they'd attack on their own if they could. I was barely involved in the gameplay.

Also, as soon as I got my minions, my own attack-ability (and telekinesis attack) became useless, because the enemy/crystal was dead before I could hit space due to my minions, or I couldn't attack the crystal myself due to defenses.

Love the hippity hoppity, moving around was solid.

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Thanks for playing and the feedback!

If there are others who have problems with the health of the 3rd wave boss as well (and/or maybe the final boss?), hit me up or reply here. It means I made a mistake and I'll get a new version up with its health turned down.