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How does the steering for player planes work? They have a nice spread , do these sine wave movement sometimes, never cluster together into single point. Is this some algorithm I can read about?

If you mean software I used aseprite, it's on steam and here on itch but I compiled it from github. If you are looking for a program yourself GraphicsGale is another pretty good program, that one is free.

The save files are stored in ~/.local/share/godot/app_userdata/Citadel of Celestial Cascades/

I'm not sure why would it not start up, you could try redownloading the game and removing both files in the directory above. If you want to restore your progress run the game once so the save files are recreated, close the game and change the number in the first line in save.sav to 17.

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I feel like there's something wrong, there is a Touhou event on r/touhou subreddit today and there were at least 2 games uploaded after mine with the same tag, one was uploaded about an hour ago and it shows up but my game is still unlisted after hours

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game page link

Hello, this is a little project I made partly to get familiar with Godot Engine I switched to but it turned to be pretty fun and complete game in my opinion. It's a puzzle action game which can be reflex heavy depending on level and requires good understanding of mechanics to beat some more puzzle focused levels which utilize set pieces in unusual ways. This was also my first project for which I collaborated with a composer who created the track for this game so I learned quite a bit making this project, I hope you have fun playing it!

(for some reason the game seems unsearchable and isn't listed on recent releases despite being published/public, I received confirmation email as well)

Thank you again, you didn't miss much, you quit on the last level. About the tutorial being too hard, maybe I worded it wrongly, it's not structured like:

learn new stuff, learn new stuff, learn new stuff, expand, expand, expand, challange, challange, challange


Learn new stuff, expand,  challenge. Learn new stuff, expand, challange. You didn't have trouble with the first slashing level, first walljump level, first shooting level, did you? It was 2 or 3 levels later when it ramped up after you already learned new mechanic, I think it works better than dumping tutorial with everything first when you won't even need it until later like shooting.

Thank you, there's some really valuable feedback, I'll address some points.

  • that "crash", was it the windows overlay with program stopped responding or just instant quit? B on controller was bound to Esc by default which simply closes the game, I don't own a controller so didn't think about it early. I made a quick build with controller support (, could you just check if it works at all? Bumpers for slash and shoot, A for jump.
  • the inertia is necessary to make it impossible to climb walls, I don't want them to be climbable.
  • I'll admit the game is pretty demanding, I want it to be but no pixel perfect jumps so I'll adjust some levels, I want to keep what you called puzzle aspect as well of figuring out what to do and in what order
  • The tutorial text appears when you actually need it, you can use some abilities earlier as you did but you don't need them to complete the level
  • I recorded a quick run, there are some areas where you thought extreme precision was needed or you thought you were stuck like that level with walljump tutorial text (look at that part in my run), I'll try to make the design more clear but this was also the puzzle part so I want to keep the figuring out what to actually do and make it clearer when you are trying to do something in a way that's impossible. I guess it will vary between people too, take a look at , he figured out the levels you were stuck on faster and beat the whole demo, still I want to make the game a bit more accessible so feedback from you who played worse was more valuable
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Do you play pure platformers like Celeste or Meat Boy? The acceleration can't be low in those otherwise it feel unresponsive, it doesn't accelerate to max speed instantly but it's very fast. What exactly couldn't you figure out in the third level? Here's a solution: What do you mean by wall jumps? If you couldn't pass the third level you haven't yet reached any levels which require wall jumps.

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Could you try 360 controller again? I checked input map and B was by default the same as escape on keyboard which closes the game, I haven't setup controller correctly yet but left/right should work by default, can you walk at least using controller? Lastly what default 360 controls would you suggest for jump/accept(keyboard z), slash/return(keyboard x) and shoot(keyboard c)?

Solid overall, nice aesthetic, telekinesis feels good to use, good controls.

Selection of multiple units with mouse drag would be nice.

This might be because of them being placeholders but I didn't really know what I was doing with those red boxes, I cleared the game to the end and figured skellingtons equip them but I didn't do this 100% deliberately, just stumbled upon the solution randomly without knowing what I'm doing.

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consider looking into , your game can't be installed via the itch client which would be useful for games in development as it would auto update

edit: played the game a bit, Windows 10 fullscreen, runs smoothly without problems.

Possible bug: grabber enemy grabbed me through spawn room wall, something was damaging me, shortly after I got: