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Thanks a lot for your feeback! A few notes:
* the delay on dodge is a bug. The dodge triggers on the button release instead of press. It'll be fixed in the next version.
* indeed the attack animation doesn't properly reflect the actual hitboxes for now (you can see the attack hitboxes with F2) I didn't have time to make attack or dodge animations for all 8 directions by the deadline, so I stuck with right and left.

I made the enemy duplicate on death to see how many players can face at once before it becomes too hard to manage, so I can balance them, and decide how many of those the player should the player face at once at most. Judging from the result, I think you won't have to face 3 or more of them at once until the latter stages of the game.

Worth noting that those enemies compensate their aim with your move speed, so you can change direction after they start charging their attack to avoid it without having to dodge.

I'll work on gamepad support, also I'll experiment with light masks that use dithering instead of smooth, so it blends better with the pixel aesthetic.

I might be more likely to try all the buttons if I was playing with a controller. There are lots of buttons to try on a PC. I usually check for Z, X and C, but that's often not all of them.

User Experience. Basically, the inputs and how to play the game are properly conveyed to the player. Little things like being able to click when on the main menu to continue when it says to press any button are very welcome. Before testing your game I played at least 3 demos where I spent several seconds on the main menu trying to figure out which button would allow me to even start the game, or move through the dialogues.

Sick looking game, and hard as well.

Got a crash to report though, caused when I pressed E to enter a cave after I was already dead. Screen faded to black, then crash.

That's an insanely good looking game here. Good UX, graphics-wise I'm getting a Yoshi's Island vibe, however it can be frustrating to fall through foreground elements because you assume that they were platforms/walls. You should find a way to make more explicit which decors are platforms or not, unless necessary.

The controls feel alright. I kinda wish I had the indication that you could run with X as soon as I took control of the character. Non-running movements are desperately slow.

I gave up after 5 minutes spent trying to figure out the controls. The enemies don't actually attack me during their turn so it never ends. From the comments I assume you have to double click, I might give it another go later on.

That's a shame, it looks really nice everywhere but in the UX department. Also took me a while to find the ONE button that let me progress through dialogue. Clicking should also work at the very least.

Very atmospheric. Took me a while however to figure out how to even start the game, playing on keyboard. Enter? no. Spacebar? no. Z? etc...I eventually found S while figuratively rolling my face on the keyboard.

I kinda wish that landing from a jump didn't force you to pause if you didn't fell from a higher place than the one you jumped from.

Download buttons are still missing for me.

Is there a way to rotate the camera in the Browser version? I didn't figure it out.

If you're gonna have a system of weaknesses, you should colour-code it so players easily identify which weapon they need to bypass the obstacle. Trying blindly every options can become tedious quickly.

Other than that I can't wait for this game to have music.

Controls: HARD
Enemies: HARD
Ammo limit: HARD
Collisions that get you stuck in walls: HARD

Final Score: HARD/5

Really addicting mini-game. However having not watched any of the gifs it took me several minutes to figure out that the main mean of attacking was hitting the pellets you can throw with your hammer, but once that was figured out I had quite a bit of fun.

Some enemy variety beyond those 3 could be welcome, not necessarily having a different comportment, but at least having a different appearance.

By the way, why not Z-X-C instead of A-S-D? Those are easier to reach and hit reliably.

That's a girl wearing very large winter clothes so you can play the game without getting distracted by her girly parts.

In the demo you're drilling just to get high level. In future versions you'll drill to unlock as many abilities/power-ups as you can before a boss come wreck your shit/to defeat all the enemies and progress to the next level/ to drill a very large structure that takes a long time to drill while fending off waves of enemies/etc. I'm still thinking of some fun level objectives.

The goal of this demo was mainly to get the important objects coded and some basic sound design in place.

Sen's funhouse with adorable fat cats all over. What's not to like? I got all 100.

So I wrote a pretty big comment and itch.io said "your comment shan't be over 1024 char long" and deleted it all. So here's some scraps that I remember from what I wanted to write compressed into one sentence: That's an impressive game I don't like furries but the gameplay is cool I beat the first dungeon enemies drop their loot too slowly I'd move past them by the time their loot appeared and have to backtrack to pick it up also holding UP should let you climb up ladders when you move past them for conveniance's sake by the way compass could indicate the entrance and checkpoint rooms too whatdoyouthink?

You should place some triggers under the platform that detect your loss without having to wait for the ball to fall to the very bottom of the map.

I like the workshop planks & nails setting. You might as well add a few (interactive or not) props in the level such as giant hammers/screwdrivers/sawblades.

The HUB world is a pain to navigate, those little stairs leading to the level orbs should be replaced with ramps. The player should also be able to easily identify a level's difficulty from the HUB.

Really reminds me of the first Gravity Well.

I like it.


cute. I liked that grabbed presents show up near the tree at the end.

I'm using Game Maker 8.0 Pro

If it wasn't a jam with such a time constraint maybe I'd use C++ with SDL 2.0, but here I'd rather add as many planned features as I can instead of spending half the time wondering how to code X.

Icecold. After a first night of sleep deprivation. It's a gonna be a game about drills and ice.