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A jam entry

Rad Roller DemoView game page »

A physics focused 3D platformer.
Submitted by lase (@LA5ERR) with 5 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline

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Certainly a good start!

You really need some prompts that say "Press Spacebar to Continue" because at times I just sat there, not realizing I could continue. Took me a minute to even get past the start screen.

I found it tedious to climb those stairs to pick my levels. Just being able to go up a ramp would be much nicer.

Having to double tap and hold the jump key to float would be vastly improved if you just had to hold down the jump to float.

Sometimes it was hard to see the difference between a wooden wall and floor. Adding in some AO would likely help that issue.

Keep it up!


I should note for others - you can quickly restart from the Pause menu, via Esc or Start.


Some thoughts I had while playing:

Neat knot thing in the ball, I wonder if It has any gameplay purpose

Really enjoyable knock sound effect, I wish the ball had a some kind of rolling sound too

Oh, you need to tap jump again in the air to float, not just hold it after a jump

Failed a jump and fell for ages, I could do with faster resets

Seems to have a lot of choppiness in the framerate, I suspect it's all those particle clouds. My PC is old but those clouds seem like a huge performance hog for relatively little effect. It's pretty annoying and I probably shouldn't keep playing.

What you have is fine, and the screenshots look good, I just wish it ran better :(

This is really fun! The controls feel really tight. Night mode is too raw for me.


You should place some triggers under the platform that detect your loss without having to wait for the ball to fall to the very bottom of the map.

I like the workshop planks & nails setting. You might as well add a few (interactive or not) props in the level such as giant hammers/screwdrivers/sawblades.

The HUB world is a pain to navigate, those little stairs leading to the level orbs should be replaced with ramps. The player should also be able to easily identify a level's difficulty from the HUB.