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Some thoughts I had while playing:

Wow, this menu looks so authentic, this is going to be cool

Those Zeros just zip back and forth Space Invaders-style, I wish they'd move a lot slower, I can barely catch up to them.

Lots of tiny planes in the background, maybe make them blend in with the background a bit more so I don't mistake them for enemies

Even the basic enemies take multiple hits, fuck this is hard

Time to play on easy like a bitch

Alright, I'm getting weapon upgrades but everything is still bulletspongy as hell

It's quite enjoyable due to being tough as shit, but those planes just overwhelm me because I can't kill them quickly enough. Please just up the firerate or reduce the enemy health

Some thoughts I had while playing:

Neat knot thing in the ball, I wonder if It has any gameplay purpose

Really enjoyable knock sound effect, I wish the ball had a some kind of rolling sound too

Oh, you need to tap jump again in the air to float, not just hold it after a jump

Failed a jump and fell for ages, I could do with faster resets

Seems to have a lot of choppiness in the framerate, I suspect it's all those particle clouds. My PC is old but those clouds seem like a huge performance hog for relatively little effect. It's pretty annoying and I probably shouldn't keep playing.

What you have is fine, and the screenshots look good, I just wish it ran better :(

Some thoughts I had while trying it out:

Cool minimal visual style and movement feels solid as fuck, really ponderous and heavy

Really bad lag when mining but damn, it has terrain deformation

Can't really tell if the game's gonna be more action oriented or need careful maneuvering and precise mining - movement says simulation, carving away huge chunks feels pretty actiony.

I kinda wish I could physically drag around those asteroid pieces with a tether or something after I've cut them to manageable size - like Lunar Lander with mining or something

Shitloads of potential, I like it.

Some thoughts I had while playing:

I really like the way the tiles pop in - very juicy.

The tile selection and inventory management feels kinda clunky. It would be a huge help if the game automatically highlihted nearby actions and you could maybe toggle between the with a single key. For example, when approaching the door with a scroll in the inventory, couldn't I just use the scroll right away with a hotkey? Same with picking up items, good stuff could be picked up just by walking over it or pressing a key when standing.

Music and sound effects are top notch, fittingly dark and brooding.

I kinda wish I could move more than one tile when holding the move keys.

Killed a skeleton after like 3 tries, neat position based combat, reminds me of DROD a bit

Found the lockpick - damn, it's still so much buttonwork to do such a simple task.

Couldn't figure out the pickaxe, hit the wall indicated on the writing a bunch of times but nothing happened.

Nice clean and functional look, but the tank controls felt pretty imprecise - I spent much of my time just fiddling with the view angle to get a clean shot. It's a really nice base, I hope that you also have some sort of a gimmick thought out to separate this from other wave based shooters.

Super enjoyable to play and the crane concept is great. But I fear that with such a specific animu theme you'll be surely eclipsed by more accessible and generic copycats. I still hope that this does well, it's such a nice concept.