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A jam submission

IceCold - PrototypeView game page

How High Level Can You Get?
Submitted by Deity Link — 1 day, 5 hours before the deadline

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I had fun. I enjoyed the different powerups, and liked that there wasn't really an extra to using them once I'd unlocked them. It was sort of frustrating trying to get into the 1x1 paths, although I'm not sure if that's my own shittiness, or something to change. Maybe a slightly smaller hitbox on the player? Also, 8-way "look" would be cool for fighting enemies, I often found them diagonal to me, but running diagonal is twice as fast and feels DANGEROUS.

Also, was it intentional to have the tempo of the regular drill line up with the music? If so, nicely done. If not, nicely done!


That's a girl wearing very large winter clothes so you can play the game without getting distracted by her girly parts.

In the demo you're drilling just to get high level. In future versions you'll drill to unlock as many abilities/power-ups as you can before a boss come wreck your shit/to defeat all the enemies and progress to the next level/ to drill a very large structure that takes a long time to drill while fending off waves of enemies/etc. I'm still thinking of some fun level objectives.

The goal of this demo was mainly to get the important objects coded and some basic sound design in place.

The character is not of my liking. I like manly men and girly girls. What is this genderless blob? At least the portrait at the bottom should be detailed.

The timer is too restrictive for a demo, I wanted to build my own Fortress of Solitude with secret exits for daring escapes for when my reign of terror collapses but the time ran out.

Is this going to be a defense game? Add something to defend and a story as well. What motivates me to drill? What am I drilling for?