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MECH GAME I NEED TO FIND A NAME FOR - Demo 1aView game page

A crude and raw experience in Mecha combat.
Submitted by tomo ge — 2 days, 18 hours before the deadline

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I got to about 25 kills before calling it quits. You know, 1 at a time, I won't lie I was pretty inebriated and wasn't going to take any chances.

Well, mechanically, no issues. Any feedback from here would just be a case of dicking around with assets and animations, the movement mechanics and friends are all fine. Liked the knockback on the melee, it was near cartoonish and fun. Only thing I didn't like was for each shot to require a click - I know it sounds minor, and it is, but I have a cheap $5 and those suckers break easy. Maybe look into like gatling gun physics, I don't know.

Good work! I've been following your progress posts pretty closely. Looking forward to more.


Spawn 100000 enemies - get free kills.

A decent start, everything is light and immediate, no move feels like it has any weight to it.

Also no cooldown on anything make the game as easy as fast you can mash out buttons, if you're good enough, you can just dash in a circle and never get hit by a million of enemies.

I couldn't find a lock-on, which could be a make-or-break feature in this kind of games.

It reminded me of Z.O.E. a lot, you might look there for an inspiration.


Enemies seem to flock together when you die, pretty funny looking.


Thanks for your opinion !
Concerning Lock-on, your post makes me realize it might not be as intuitive as I thought it out to be, you have to first press F to lock onto the enemy, then V if you want the camera to fix itself on said enemy. 

For the difficulty, it does get harder the more enemies you kill as they start to dodge and attack more but as you mentioned, it's pretty easy to abuse the dodge button. The main reason for that is that I haven't gotten around implementing a more accurate target leading formula.

By the way I'm glad you're mentioning Z.O.E. it's the main inspiration for this.


I like the concept! The combat seems fun, but I really think you should add either a sound or particle effect for hitting an enemy and for getting hit.


Thank you !
I definitely will,  as it is the game doesn't read as well as I want it to , and if I want fast gameplay I need to focus on that.