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Juicy. The core feels great, all the mechanics are intuitive. The level was fun to explore and I liked the subtle, less shooter focused things like platforming or using the vinyl launcher's bounce to toggle a switch. The goal felt a little obscure but that's something you can easily fix by adding more landmarks and misc props. (it also took me more time than I'd like to admit to figure out you had to dive at one part, thought that was just a puddle).
I also had a harder time aiming the pistol than any other weapon, I think because the projectile had a tendency to blend itself with the rest of the map. But that might just be me, I easily have trouble discerning some colors moving over some others.

I'd have liked a bit more shooting too, it felt a little tame in that area. But overall, nice demo !

p.s. - Also some music would give it a lot more atmosphere.


Thanks man! Really appreciate the feedback.