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I'll refer to your game as Tomato Juice because not only it feels very juicy but it also looks like tomato juice with all that blood being thrown around.

Jokes aside, I don't really have anything to add to what the others said, I've had a pretty similar experience. Blocking is kinda weird too, I didn't really manage to use it (I'm not saying it's broken, I'm just referring to the fact the time frame for it is kinda short).

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>Blocking is kinda weird too

Yeah, it's harder to use than I intended. Objectively, it has a longer window and a shorter recovery than fast-rolls in Dark Souls, so it's a powerful tool. The problem is most people just press it too early and don't realize they're hit in the "not guarding, but you can cancel into anything" phase. I'm hoping a clearer animation and players learning enemy attacks better will fix that up, because blocking is fun when it's working