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A Cat-like Diablo-Like Rogue-Like where you make builds on the fly.
Submitted by Renoki — 2 days, 13 hours before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

pretty good game so far, 

this could def use a tutorial, there is information overload right at the very start of the game

magic seems pretty useless, every time i tried to use it i just run out of mana potions and didnt even got the boss to half hp, leaving me there waiting, or just running to get a proper weapon (it doesnt help how the auto aim thing just makes you attack the environment a lot of the times)

buff turn speed

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

One of my favorite ones, I'd like the attack to not lock you in place, maybe after the attack damage input you could be able to break the animation by moving or dashing, for bugs I had the shieeld icon text in long negative numbers at one point, also maybe more enemy variety, it was a littel redundant

(3 edits) (+1)

Feels good! I played with controller and got some observations though:


  • Dashing should instantly switch your direction to wherever the joystick points before propelling you instead of sometimes being a waste by trying to dash right after an attack and being locked on the attack direction.
  • It's a bit annoying to change the loot filter back at the start of every dungeon; you could at least display the names of items that are being filtered so you still have a clue to recognize them but breeze through them without needing to look at stats at the start of a new dungeon. A suggestion: Loot filter could have an "Auto" setting which would filter any inferior loot based on the lowest loot you have for every kind of item: So for example if you had two pure weapons, it'd filter horrible weapon loot, but not normal back items if your back item was normal still.
  • Really good items seem to be able to drop right off the gate. I understand it's for the one dungeon you're in only but it feels a bit busted?
  • Difficulty slider system feels extremely lazy.
  • Doing one attack and then attempting to do the other in a short window but holding the button will cause you to fire off the same attack again and then do the actual one you're pressing immediately after:
  • Loot needs bigger hitboxes in general. Should also prevent some issues like not being able to interact here: 
  • Seems weird to not have a feature to disable the idle autoaim, which is really annoying in my experience. I want to stand still and aim at an enemy with my ranged attack, not hit the nearest destructible block!
  • Levels feel quite uninteresting and too linear, though I didn't play through all of them.
  • Enemies feel waaaay stupid and somewhat simple. They don't follow a navmesh/any kind of pathfinding and just walk into walls all the time. Also, consider speeding up their actions based on difficulty or "elite" status instead of just increasing raw numbers.
  • Feeling the need to break the environment for money is a bit bothersome. I'd greatly reduce the money drops from it or just make it even easier to destroy HP-wise. Also, some non-destructible terrain? (that blocks attacks, so not just a gap)
  • Menu paw cursor should move faster. Try lerping in a fixed ammount of time - almost instant - instead of it being distance-based like it seems to be now. Or just move it instantly without lerping.
  • Controls could use some slight queueing Attacks should have a slight time window where they'll still combo if you input the next one before an animation finishes playing or so, so you can still do the combos but releasing the button between each without needing to just be holding it down, which feels weird to me.


  • I like the look in general despite what I will say next. However:
  • The palette seems a bit too dull, and some items could benefit with having more details and having a palette that isn't monochrome.
  • The toon shader works well for some items, but makes other items such as robes or hats feel overly plasticky. However this might be countered just by having more detail in them.
  • Clouds feel too noisy in contrast to the level itself, and game might run better with a simpler solution as well. I like the (starry?) gradient background.
  • Loot popup feels a bit too cluttered, though I suppose that's necessary. But there's still many other ways in which it could be improved: more window opacity so things merge into the background and into eachother less (in your first screenshot you can see already how some icons merge right into the background), easier to read font, etc.
  • Don't overdo the effects; making sure everything is as impactful as it should is important, but so is clarity. Things can get a bit chaotic at times.

This is really fun! I played with a controller others played on a keyboard, but I don't have anything to really give feedback on that (nothing was bugged, worked mostly as I expected except some menu things don't go back when I press B)

Some other comments:

- I really like how the outfits change with items.
- This feels like a lego game (in a good way) where I try to break everything to pick up crystals
- You have some ugly clouds (enough to be distracting). I can tell that at least some of them are animals (cats?) but I think they could look better.
- I don't know if I'm a fan of the slight pause when an enemy dies or you destroy an object, maybe it's too long?
- I agree with the other posters about the auto lockon, it's more detrimental than helpful
- I like your item, weapon, and combat  variety, but I think playing as full mage is a handicap (since I can't break everything I want, gotta wait for my MP to recharge). I also think some things need rebalancing (I found knife + multishot is an easy way to clear everything)
- Enemies are too easy (at least up to Temple 3, I didn't play Temple 4)
- I'm not sure what's happening in the screenshot. I know there are items that use HP over MP but when my HP is too low, it'll still draw from it and make it negative. I ended up alt tabbing out to let it recharge back up in the background.

Looking forward to more!


The "hitstop" option enables/disables the pause after something dies/is destroyed, personally I found it annoying too  but at least it's toggleable.

(2 edits) (+1)

This has great potential, finally, someone who will monetize the absence of diablo loot games with gamepad controls. I have to play it more in-depth but I can already say a few things
NOTE: I played from the keyboard

- Buff and Debuff from weapons should appear somewhere at form as an icon for fast readability.
- I think that destroyable objects has too much loot, I will consider to not have a loot at all and use it as "cover" from enemies.
- A passive that makes you dash trough the enemies could be an idea.
- The third attack of the sword is pretty useless, I got that it means to stop the player for spamming attacks but I would make you consider to give some utility, like push everything away, or delete it.
- There is a lot of "dirt" on the screen, non-grabbable items quite bother me, I would consider dropping HP and MP only need it.
- I don't think autoaim is a good feature for this game, you should have all the freedom of movement as the game is fastpaced and aiming a rock rather than an enemy is not ideal.

(1 edit) (+1)

Other observation after playing for few hours:
- Expand the vase hitbox, it's so irritating to miss >:(
- Dashing trough enemies can make them occasionally fly away
- The Direction of the Dash is dependent where the cat is facing, this makes dash backward not functional , for a smoother experience you could give independent direction to the dash.
- Are Projectile suppose to go trough the wall? I exploited that all the time.
- Shields are quite useless right now because they are too slow to use, their animation should cancel everything else so you can use as parry, also consider to make possible to use the shield while moving but with a walking speed.
- Ranged weapons easily are the most useful, for now every run was about finding a legendary knife and spam the hell out of it, base ammunition should not be more than 3, it would be better to direct a ranged player to find the right combination for the magic build.
- For now if you don't require the stats you instantly die but one of the exiting things about stat base game is trying to survive in overleveled area, so balance is required.
- Heals should be ideally on HP% so you don't end up with a broken spell that make you tank everything by healing 60% instantaneously or you could try other design choice like cooldowns or heal is a regeneration over time.


really fun! Lots of things going right so here are some thoughts on improvements (i played on keyboard):

  • It's really weird how he locks onto pillars and obstacles what seems as default, if enemies are around it should prioritize them,
  • loot menu is really messy, i just ended up running in a circle and see if i saw green values, i would look into seperating boxes and making it clear that there is a left and right equipment slot
  • Being able to select your left and right hand is really cool and opens up for interesting combination. would be really cool if items could be comboed and played off each other
  • Combat feels cool but the cooldowns and delays you put in really throws me off, especially if i had two weapons and want to combo them, theres this weird delay that feels very unnatural and breaks the flow. Also not a fan of the hitpauses that happen sometimes, they are a bit too long.
  • I enjoyed starting with dash but didnt understand that it was a skill, so i switched it out and didnt get why i couldnt dash anymore. I think alot of these issues come down to UI and clarity in what is being switched around.

Good job :)!


This game is fantastic! I wrote down some nitpicks tho:

  • Analog movement needs to be a thing so that I can pick up stuff easier
  • Sometimes the white block enemies can blend in with the background
  • The enemy tracking is kinda annoying, it sucks when you strafe them and then they just lock on to you right away
  • The autoaim? is kinda annoying. I will aim at a group of enemies then get locked on to the closest block instead