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Hadal CalmView game page

2D PVP Action Platformer
Submitted by Donpommelo (@donpommelo) — 2 days, 8 hours before the deadline
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This video was really helpful, Thanks for playing!

You can change hotkey keybindings in the setting to rebind pause to esc or anything else. 

As you  guessed, a lot of things like fuel limits were designed around pvp which was the main focus of this build. 

The shooting puzzle area was unfinished. In retrospect, I should have removed it until it was ready considering the rest of the campaign is functional.

Again, thank you for playing. the single-player mode will be given more attention before next demo day.


I like the fall down faster because I think most games should have that, gives a lot of free movement which is the thing that makes underwater levels way more fun, really cool


i really dig the gameplay on this, it has a very enjoyable kind of movement

only real complaint is how loud some of these sfx  can get


I will do some sound balancing before the net build. That's what I get for always listening to music while deving.


Lovely build, seems pretty much ready to polish

I quite enjoyed the multiplayer where you have to predict the direction of your bullet like a flying game, I heard from you that the single-player was not the main focus so I will just say that in single-player everything is flat because all the enemies can only charge you in one direction without so they are basically a target practice that sometimes shoots you back, more interesting are the bosses but they probably need some balancing and a lot of playtesting.

What I would like to see is:
- Decrease falling speed
- Bullet readability in any type of background
- Controller friendly options

I don't know what is your direction from here, it's a bizarre combination from a gameplay perspective I feel there could exist a user base for this game full of shitposter, a full package could be a short single-player, an active player base on discord and a level editor.


Thank you for the detailed feedback. Hopefully improved client prediction will make the game more enjoyable when playing with overseas lag. A lot of physics and readability tweaks are planned for the next version alongside more fleshed out single-player.

Not sure about the overall direction of the game. mostly aiming for a casual game between friends. Level editor is a good idea that I'll definitely consider working on.