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Really fun game, although only played multiplayer for a short time before being disconnected from the server. Played the drunk guy and the boomer and they both seemed to have pretty unique playstyles, so I'm looking forwards to trying the rest.

The designs for both the characters and enemies are simple and endearing. I liked all the ones I saw and there's just enough juice to feel satisfying.

Entering a multiplayer match as a new player can be a little overwhelming. Some sort of tutorial would be nice (although I guess playing single-player is kinda a tutorial)  It would be nice to be able to pause in single player to make reading flavor text easier.

The core mechanics seem promising and I think a really good game can come out of it once some of the problems are addressed.

The player jumps/lands as if they were very light but walks and changes direction as if they were very heavy. Maybe adding some kind of fast-fall option in the air would make the movement feel a bit smoother while still letting the player fall slowly enough to use the world rotation in midair. 

I feel like ground acceleration should be improved. Turning around should be a little faster if not instant.  

minor nitpicks

  • Its a bit odd that holding a/d to move against a wall while falling causes the player to fall much slower. Not sure if that's intentional.
  • After dying to the first laser, starting from last checkpoint just temporarily flashes the game world and pulls open the menu again (maybe no one has ever managed to die that quickly before)
  • Navigating options in the menu seems to have a delay before another arrow key can be processed (presumably to prevent holding the button making the player instantly move to the end of the options list) This delay should be ignored if the player presses and then releases the button.
  • I think the player should be able to fast-forward through dialog from events the same way they can do so in the intro sequence.
  • It would be really nice to be able to change keybinds. Pressing b/g on the fly can be cumbersome
  • The player's gun projectiles blend in with the background. Maybe make them darker?

Grammar nazi stuff (ignore this if you don't care about grammar)

  • There's a lot of text in the game and I think it could use a little more proofreading
  • I'm not sure what happened, but most of the systems I can check or access from the command bridge is are* offline."
  • "I was attacked by the guard drones before you found me, so I think that is already be happening. "
  • "Ah there's one near to you right now still active,* but I can't command it."

atm, there is a slight change in sound volume + pan based on location, but the difference is very minor and I will crank it up a bit in the future.

Quitting the game can be done through the pause menu ('p'), exiting to title and closing the game from there. I might add a quit option directly from the pause menu to make this faster.

thanks for playing!

A really aesthetically pleasing game, besides the placeholder graphics towards the end. 

Despite the comfy art, I found the game really difficult and unforgiving. It took me more tries than i'd like to admit to even reach the first checkpoint. Controls were a bit tricky to learn, although this makes sense given it is a leaf. I wish the wind was spent a little slower so i'd have more room to make mistakes, although this is probably just me sucking at the game.

The intro text was hard to read due to the text color.

Good game. Looking forwards to full version.

thank you for the feedback!

It is intended that picking up a weapon with slots full swaps weapons (unless selecting a new weapon from the armory) If this is not the current behavior, that would be a bug I will look into.

Yeah, scrap is intended to be used as currency, but for the purpose of the demo, everything is already unlocked so it doesn't do anything. In pvp, it is also used for scoring purposes if eggplant mode is enabled. I will consider adding a pickup radius to them in the future.

The results screen art is a premium, commissioned piece from an award-winning artist.

I grinded enemies for a long time and died to the dragon. I think the game decided to turn on mouthbreather-mode after that, b/c I think things were easier the next time around, allowing me to grind for an even longer time before dying to the dragon.

  • Hp ticking down slowly made the game take a really long time to play. After some time (around level 10?) the speed seemed to increase, but I think it could have been at that speed the whole time.
  • For point and click games, its nice to have something that draws attention to interactable elements.
  • The text for the "distract" option is too long and stretches off screen.

I like the enemy designs and battle text, particularly for several of the late-game enemies.

Fun game with a lot of potential. I played until the warning sign with each class. Core game loop is pretty satisfying and I'll probably spend a bit more time on it later.

I like the decision to make the player hand retain instead of discard/redrawing every turn. That plus the overall smaller deck size made the game feel less random. This also made niche effects like curing a specific status seem more useful then they usually  are in game of the same genre which is nice.

Striking a balance between gaining gold/exp/cards/companions feels like a pretty interesting challenge for players, although I haven't gone too far into it. It is a bit of a bummer to invest in gaining exp only to hit the level cap prematurely though. 

I think this game really needs some sort of "rulebook" somewhere that explains all the keywords. It would be nice to be able to mouse over words like "retribution" and "ethereal" to see what they do before choosing rewards. Additionally, things like the range of a card or the radius of its effect should be visible somewhere on the card (unless this information was there and I was just too dumb to find it)

The minigames were a nice addition and the overall event variety was good, especially for an early demo. The cup game felt a little too easy.

Card art and models are all pretty good for an early build. Monster designs were nice, both mechanically and visually. Definitely looking forwards to seeing where this one goes.

Some minor things

  • I found myself often trying to play cards with click, drag and release which doesn't work instead of just clicking the card. (this is probably just slay the spire muscle memory)
  • There are some minor typos  (in the intro: "Gather allies , acquire* power, and overthrow the usurper*)
  • Maybe add the option to move the map by clicking and dragging?

thank you for giving the demo a try!

movement is something that I am looking at closely and I might add a visual to convey velocity and direction. I'm still tweaking physics and stuff, but would prefer to do so in the form of extra upgrades and such as that is easier to balance across multiple pve and pvp modes.

The elevators in that room were intended to all move together as a part of a puzzle of sorts. I will try and make that more intuitive.

visuals and sound design on this are really satisfying. I like the enemy design and overall look of the game.

The first (or second, I forgot) warp is kinda ambiguously located. I accidentally backed into it a couple of times while fighting which was annoying because the enemies reset when I return.

I think it would be really nice if holding down while grounded panned the camera downwards temporarily so players could look ahead before descending.

The last room felt like a pretty sudden increase in difficulty. The room felt a little too cramped to maneuver around and I ended up running to the door without fighting the enemies.

fun game and cool aesthetic. 

Thank you for playing and giving feedback!

The movement in the game deliberately has pretty high inertia and low friction, but this is something i'm open to changing and adjusting if it makes the game feel better to play. As for the aerial movements, the right-click boost is very ... "physics-ey" so to speak, and so the player's prior velocity affects their trajectory afterwards. 

A lot of these decisions were made because muh pvp skillcap. I might add an upgrade that augments these things (inertia, friction) to make movement feel tighter.

There is a placeholder grey screen where a opening cutscene will go (when I finish making it). Just advance dialog to start the game.

Good variety of enemies/hazards. For an early build, there are a lot of pretty distinct enemy patterns that presented unique challenges.

  • something about the jump physics feels off. High jump/fall speed can be nice for platformers, but I found it hard to dodge attacks and jump through spaces between platforms.
  • Animations or some other way to telegraph enemy attacks would be nice also.
  • The shooting felt awkward. If i'm already using the mouse to fire, i'd like for the mouse to be used for aiming as well. The game would feel much smoother if the player could shoot in a direction independent of their movement.
  • In particular, short enemies were pretty annoying to fight. Maybe looking downwards could make the player crouch and shoot instead of shooting at the ground? (unless in the air)
  • I ran into a bug where, upon entering a room from the left, I spawned stuck in the wall above the spawn unable to move. After jumping a couple of times, the player character moved offscreen and the game crashed. I was not able to recreate this bug.

Keep it up! 

Minimalistic art + attention to detail made the game feel really polished visually. I really liked the atmosphere once the ambient weather effects + music started to kick in. After I realized the npcs were moving according to their personal schedules, the town started to feel "lived in" in a way that a lot of high-production-value games don't manage to do.

The writing is pretty good. I like the decision to make dialog advancement attached to keywords in the npc's text rather than choices in an extra menu. It made it feel like the npcs were being prompted to talk about a certain topic rather than answer a specific question, which made their responses feel more natural. The only problem was that it felt like I was sometimes gated out of dialog options.

It felt like the map layout had a lot of though put into it. Despite the player character walking pretty slowly, It was never frustrating to get from one place to another, even with a bit of backtracking. Each area having a distinct color palette made it harder to get lost.

The minigames were ok. It would be nice to have instructions for some of them, although I understand if that might affect immersion.

I ran into 1 possible bug where, after running out of energy, the player character's sprite would stop playing their walk animation. This went away after resting and I have not managed to recreate it.

The world is really nice and I enjoyed wandering around even if there wasn't much to do yet. Looking forwards to more content because it feels like this game is going to be something special eventually.

I fought the law and the law won. It would be nice to have a visual indicator that the bottom of the screen kills the player, as well as a player hp indicator. Maybe the first hit knocks off the players hat or something.

Quality ending cg. I didn't notice a way to exit the game without alt-tabbing.

Playing on pc, I had the buttons for mobile still appear which took up a lot of space on screen. I don't have much feedback to give that you probably aren't already planning on adding (ui for hp and ammo, a way to close the game without alt-tabbing, more content etc). A pretty solid early prototype. 

You should include a screenshot of your game on your page and be more confident in your description. 

This video was really helpful, Thanks for playing!

You can change hotkey keybindings in the setting to rebind pause to esc or anything else. 

As you  guessed, a lot of things like fuel limits were designed around pvp which was the main focus of this build. 

The shooting puzzle area was unfinished. In retrospect, I should have removed it until it was ready considering the rest of the campaign is functional.

Again, thank you for playing. the single-player mode will be given more attention before next demo day.

Cute game. Definitely feels like there's a lot of design space for future levels.

I liked the movement quirks of both characters and they both felt pretty good to control. I didn't really mind the low friction or acceleration , although I can see it becoming frustrating if future levels contain jumps with stricter windows.

I do wish transitioning between the two characters was slightly quicker, especially when they are far apart.

Was a fun demo. Looking forwards to more complex puzzles.

The movement in this game is very well done. Transitioning between run/slide/jump is fluid and moving around the map is already pretty fun by itself once you get the hang of it.

On some of the early maps, the player can walljump upwards to circumvent most of the level, whereas other levels have an invisible wall, although it doesn't really matter since taking the high route is always slow anyways. Also, I'd really like the ability to rebind the hotkeys

Fun game. Some kind of sandbox level for freely practicing tricky jumps would be pretty cool.

I will do some sound balancing before the net build. That's what I get for always listening to music while deving.

I liked the song. Also the cursed Reviewbrah in the files.

The art, animation, music was all really good and really like the unique setting. I got a little lost at first, but didn't mind the extra wandering around because the game looks so good.

Game was pretty difficult. Really captures the feeling of being a single mom. I also had some difficulty distinguishing between platforms and background elements, particularly the theater balcony seats.

I really wish I could rebind my hotkeys. (unless i missed this in the menu)

Really good game.

Thank you for the detailed feedback. Hopefully improved client prediction will make the game more enjoyable when playing with overseas lag. A lot of physics and readability tweaks are planned for the next version alongside more fleshed out single-player.

Not sure about the overall direction of the game. mostly aiming for a casual game between friends. Level editor is a good idea that I'll definitely consider working on.

Pretty fun game. Slay the spire + rpg skill trees and overworld is a promising concept and I like direction you are going with a lot of the card/archetype designs. Placeholder art aside, the enemy sprites are good. You should add some screenshots to your page.

Some minor things:

 My hp in the upper left kept rapidly flickering between 2 values.

I wish running made the character move faster rather then jump a set distance and then reset if landing in water.

i think walking away from the save crystals should close the menu automatically. 

good early demo. looking forwards to more development on the mechanics.

The game is made in a custom engine in Java.