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Drive while texting… can you avoid hitting things while making it to the finish?
Submitted by congusbongus — 2 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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As an avid texting-while-driving fan I had high hopes for this game and it didn't disappoint. Simple and fun.


I figure out the strategy. Turns out its best to just guess the text message answer and focus on the road. Seems obvious in retrospect after crashing my car because I was playing this game on my phone.



What the FUCK do you have against Hawaiian shirts? Boycott this game.

Great concept very fun game. Dog/10. Only nitpick is its a bit easy to just pick an option at random since you have a 50/50 shot of picking correct and even if you get it wrong you're probably already on a line that avoids people since that's what you're trying to do normally.


There's something awfully poetic about how you get points for choosing the more morally correct answers in a game where the main premise is that you're breaking the law.

good shit 


It's a solid game with a cool idea. Can't really think of any direct improvements.


Cute game. At first glance, I expected this to be a typing challenge game, although that probably would have been too difficult.

With some tweaks and the right connections, I could see this being an official NHTSA road safety edutainment game.


Here's a short video of me playing it

I wasted a bit of time in the menu.

I finished the game on my 3rd try.

As you can probably guess, I pretty much chose to ignore messages, and just take the coinflip it was going to answer correctly.

I played in fullscreen, which was probably a mistake. The game felt pretty claustrophobic, and after I finished it, the text still seemed like it was moving.

I understand the game is pixel art, and that's why you went with pixel art font, but I don't find it very readable, which is pretty important if I were to play the intended way.

I think there were couple of instances when pedestrians spawned in a way I had no choice but to hit something.

It's a fun idea, and there is a lot of room for expanding upon the initial concept, but I don't know how far you want to take it. It would be interesting to hear your plans, and I would be happy to throw some ideas if you want.


That was fun. I liked the references with the pedestrians and the dog.


Hehe fun concept. Good little waste of time. No complaints here