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Other people complained about the jumping and the gravity change when firing a fireball was supposed to  make it so the player couldn't jump and would be more venerable when shooting. Mainly to add some strategy. Doesn't seem to have worked that well, so when I make a sequel I will change it up.

Thanks for playing the game and for the feedback. I'm happy you enjoyed it.

Pretty good. I like the switching between two characters. I wish the dash was explained at all. I found the red knight to be the most fun to play since he was faster.  I personally don't like slower characters unless they have a real benefit to them or something unique. I like everything you made for it and the music is a nice touch. Some of the items are really fun to use.

Generally, you should explain things more with not hiding the tips behind the player and keep doing what you are doing, it has potential and can end up being a really great game.

It's pretty simple, but it's good.  I played the web version. You mostly destroy rocks and kill bats. The bats are easy to kill along with the boss which can be cheesed. Music was there, but you did give HP restores too much in general.

Pretty good.

>Something about having to prep the fireball and click again to fire tripped me up.

Other people said this, so I think it's something that needs to be changed. I never had the fireball graphics glitch happen to me, so I will have to try that out. I do want this to become something bigger later one and I'll add an HP bar so it isn't a one hit kill in the sequel. The jumping was floaty to make it easier to get to certain platforms and to dodge certain enemies, but that could have been fixed with better level design.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll take note of it and the sequel will have the requested improvements.

Please finish it.

So far it seems like the weapons other than the basic sword doesn't work, other than that the game is really good and works well.

Just polish it a bit and add a bunch more enemies and items and you will be good.

It's unique. I found it to be fun with the cutins with the guards yelling you at you. 

The plunger is OP with how good it is. The oil has drawbacks as it makes noise when you step on it, but the plunger needs a downside.

Great work.

Really good. It's highly polished and well done.

I had a bunch of fun with it. I don't have much to say other than to continue on what you are doing. There is a lot of depth in this. Just do some more polishing and it will be great. This is something I would definitely buy when released.

I played it for a bit. It's not truly an auto battler since you can control the player character. Other than that, it's a prototype and it's ok. It's barebones, so there isn't anything to rate.

I'll look forward to what this becomes in the future as it's a decent base.

Really fun, it has a bunch of details and everything is well made. The music was top notch as well.

Keep up the good work.

It's neat. The tutorial needs some work as the push cats aren't fully explained with how they interact with certain other cats. They vary in difficulty where some are pretty hard and some are extremely easy. It's pretty fun and engaging.

I will say that I rushed the music, expect for the credits song. The credits song was something I made before this for something not related to gamedev while I made the other tracks in a very short amount of time. I'll read up more on good melodies to use for future music.

I think having two keys for fireballs would be a great idea. Maybe a key to shoot the fireballs in the direction of the cursor and fireballs stop when not holding down a key. Maybe having something for HP to allow for multiple hits for the player and enemies outside of the boss would work well. I have to consider a bunch of things if I do make a sequel to this.

Thanks for the feedback.

I'll download the client then to test that out. Thanks.

I played a bit of single player on the browser.

It's like wraith of the titan god (might not be the name. But it is a free to play game on steam that has been on steam for a very long time.)

It needs music in the background. It's fun to play so far. Enemy projectiles seem samey at times.

It has potential, but it needs heavy refinement.

It seems like you are using placeholder images which is good for what it is. Doesn't seem randomized and there are apparently over 160 rooms. Not sure what the goal is for the player. It's fun and I like the enemy types, but there isn't that much direction with it. There is lots of work to be done, but it has potential. I would add arrow keys for shooting with IJKL.

I don't have much to say:

>Models were good.

>Enemies have so much HP compared to the ammo you get, running past them is easier and more effective

>Music was good.

>Enemies can walk through walls.

>Jumping is floaty and you can get caught on ledges

It needs work, but I would make it faster and enemies do more damage with the player doing more damage. It would add a bunch more  risk and reward with ammo and making ammo actually useful.

The sound design and the atmosphere is great. The player does feel really slow at times, even when sprinting. Just do what you are doing and keep the tone and atmosphere intact, then you will have a great game when it's done.

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Why can't I change the resolution? Seems weird with how big it is. The down key doesn't work as well for doing through certain platforms. Other than that, you are good. But I really enjoyed the gameplay. It's like sonic and an older android game combined into one. Music and graphics are really good. Keep at it, but I would recommend slowing down the pace of introducing new mechanics, it gets overwhelming for new players and they need time to learn and to experiment with what is given to them.

I do think you have a really great base and you can make a really great game with it. I'll probably buy it when it releases desu.

Pretty good. I like the graphics, it reminds me of older arcade games. The gameplay is simple and easy to understand. You have to precisely aim the ship to slingshot it into the orbs to get fuel and to get closer to the goal. It's simple, fun and engaging.

I wish there was some music though. Placeholder music would have been good.

I would make it into a phone game for some ad revenue. It could work really well for that.

It's something I made in a couple of days to get back into gamedev. I agree I should have playtested more with stuff like this, especially with killing enemies in different order than I usually do or not killing enemies at times. It's stuff I have to test with level design in general. I spent most of the time on making the art, it's something I have struggled with past games, and I liked how it came out. It's stuff that comes with practice. With the fireballs, I didn't want it to be normal and to be something unique or at least different. It's something I was testing out. The fireballs not going immediately is because I wanted to try out traps you can lure enemies into, so it would be an extra dynamic for players. If more people don't like it, I'll rework it if I make a sequel. I didn't think of adding check points with the game only being one level with a boss, if I make a sequel there will be some checkpoints. 

Thanks for the constructive feedback. I'll definitely take note of it for the future.

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You made a lot of progress from when I last played.

Spears are the best weapon that I tried out. Daggers got nerfed and it is noticeable. Switching to a sword as fast as I could is the best option instead of dealing with daggers. Even with having a dagger as a secondary, it's still awful. 

I'm going to play more as it did engage me. It's good and I need to experience more of it. It's fun. Will there be more than three floors in the future? 

I would recommend making some new music, maybe a new track per floor is what you should be aiming for. It doesn't have to be that long of a track or a loop, but having a difference would be highly substantial. Even if it's not played for that long, having something would add so much more to the atmosphere. Just make sure it fits.

I don't have anything else to say but keep up the good work.

EDIT: I have to add the cursor being locked into the game, even when paused being a thing. It sucks when someone has duel monitors and wants/has to interact with what's going on outside of the game and the only way to do so is to hit the windows key when paused which is a nitpick, but is annoying. I was wondering if you can make it so the cursor can go outside of the game instead of being locked, mainly when paused or in menus.

do you have any proof or screenshots of this?

It might be a bug

First off This game does use more gpu usage than my past games but it runs at full speed on many older cards I got off of ebay under 50 dollars so I have to think that you are using intergrated graphics or a gpu that is absolute garbage. Your hardware has to be pretty bad for this not to run well or there is a bug with older hardware. Either way you are not the target audience since if you were not able to afford any good parts you will not be able to afford any games other than the pirate bay.

Secondly the music tracks are 20-30 second loops. You would know this if you played for more than 10 seconds.

Thirdly you didn't mention the gameplay (but I assume this was because of the fps on your garbage pc)

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Visuals are really not that good. They are very basic, stuff you can make in less than 30 minutes basic. No sound at all and you used really shitty copy right free music and It was just a waste of my time.

>one noise for glass breaking

>garbage writing that was made by a child

>very basic platforming. It's another platformer without the things that make a platformer good like control and speed

>progression only happens with the keys and when you get a key it doesn't feel rewarding

Nothing really happens at all just to make the illusion of shit happening when nothing is happening.

So it tried to download a txt file then blocks came up on the screen.

I don't know what is going on

>still game over on first death

>saying like that is a bad thing

I like the music and the new abilities.

I wish fire starters could be immune to fire and poison starters immune to poison. Mostly since warior is clearly the best

I like the music and the graphics.

The trains were nice

the gameplay is garbage with how close everything is and you don't know what train goes where until you have to press the thing to get it there

First off fuck off having a fucking world border in a space game.

That is very fucking gay

second it asked for network features when it has nothing for the network in game so why ask for use of network?

There is no real limit on what you can accept for deliveries so you can just button mash for infinite jobs.

Anyways There isn't that much you can do in the game yet. Please add space pirates or something interesting that isn't garbage yet. Maybe make the game "fun" or interesting not just garbage skybox.

So you cannot die

the enemies are blobs with infinite respawn and the spawn never changes

Meh it's a demo but there really isn't much there.

Make the game a game and change the character to be faster and to make the animations faster

Much better than last time

I like the multiple levels

needs music

the gameplay is pretty good. maybe make enemies automatically attack?

Add a shader to make it look better.

Very good

Some things are a little OP but it is pretty good.

I really don't know what to say since it is always the same type of game but with new characters.

Really short of a game.

The visuals were nice

menu song was good maybe gameplay loop should be a little faster.

story was there.

It's a pretty good browser game

Please remove paywall for demo or else nobody here will play it. Demo day is for demos not full games.

Demo day is about showing off what you made and making it so others can play it and tell you how good or bad it is.

It seems like you are newfriend but this is not reddit.

I cannot tell anything about your game without playing the game.

The gameplay is pretty good.

The light puzzles were fun

>took 3.5 hours for you to make this

>my whole demo took around 2 hours with compile time (not counting music making which I did months ago)

>fucking lol

But anyways you still don't have any music of any kind, cursor, filter, intro screen, cutscene (which is a static image with text to speech which is easy as fuck to create), boss fight, less levels, and a worse turrent.

Seriously fix the turrent since it doesn't work like how it does in the main game (turrent shoots only after 2 whole seconds and yours just acts like a normal enemy. Seriously are you making the demo worse on purpose by not changing one line of code)

I don't like the bigger bullets since it is easier to hit enemy and thus less skill.

There is no animations unlike the main game. (It just changes into one static frame which is garbage when my demo has real animations with more than one frame in each) It is soulless that enemies just plop down and there is no player death animation for bullets. You also didn't use the shooting enemies death animation or even try to emulate that which means you didn't make it that far in a short game. I think you never died to a bullet or even killed the yellow enemies since you just gave them the anime animations. Also in the main demo when you touch an enemy you immediately die. When you are hit by bullet you bleed out before you die along with enemies when bullets hit them.

you made it worse by just resetting the level when you die. The biggest thing from the gunslinger is that you have to beat it in one go and learn from your mistakes. All of the tension is gone now without that and the fun goes away as well. The game becomes very easy when  you can just restart the level whenever you make a mistake. In life when you make a mistake you have to learn from it or you get fucked over. With mistakes here there is no punishment. 

You also removed the feature of bullets going through enemies so you could kill multiple enemies with one shot which was a skill based mechanic so players learned to use their shots wisely and to use make the game a little faster.

There is also bugs where you can get stuck in the walls which isn't in the main game.

After playing this for around 30 minutes I realized that this is soulless garbage. You called yourself a nodev and I believe you should make your own game with your own vision. Your improvements just ruined the game and it's purpose. You used love2d which is good. If you wanted more salt you could have used unity which is the nodev engine of choice. The only improvement of yours I liked is how enemy bullets can kill other enemies but that also makes the game easier and thus more soulless.

I am happy you submitted something other than being a retarded nodev for once but next time please make your own game. You seem to be new in game dev and you only made one real game with love2d. I wanted to try it out but it won't boot with the win64 version so I don't know. Too lazy to install love2d again.

It's a 4/10 overall but if I have to compare to the content in the demo you cloned it is a 0/10. Worse in every single way to the main demo. It would have been better if you tried to clone some actual shit from the game that is good other than making a chink clone.

Looks cool

artstyle is great

controls worked

gameplay is meh since there is no defined goal until you hit it and there is nothing to punish players for hitting random keys.