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Idle Incremental Game
Submitted by l u h o v e i (@luhovei) — 1 day, 15 hours before the deadline
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Very interesing. I liked game and menu graphics, very clean design.

One thing this game could use is some usability features. It would be great to have a visual layer for different tiles efficiencies, I had to click surveyed tiles one by one to find where is the best place for the building. 

I'm not sure what dungeons do, I completed one but nothing happened.

Overall lots of potential, more interesting than many idle games that have only one resource.


Great game, like the biome system a lot


Nice idle games, you should aim for no tutorial but intuitive design, one thing you could do is to:
- make the building light up when they are on, and shut downs when they are off
- make it clear what resource are missing by color coding the missing resource written in the update
- add more active element like make possible to colonize other favorable area far away and than expand the main city, make the player critical thinking about activate and disable all the time.


THis is really pretty!

No tutorial makes it a bit messy to start, but i really like the idea of having to survey tiles to get optimal positions thats something you dont see much in these type of games. Art is fantastic. I think giving the players clearer goals on what to work towards would help to get started, also making cost values red to indicate that you dont have enough of said value. 

good job!


I want to play this but I have no idea how it works, this genre is not something I'm familiar with.
Can you give me quick tips?


The middle tile is the home base tile which contains information about your buildings, the amount they generate, how many buildings you have, etc. For each building on the left side is the artifact slot where you can select an artifact to boost resource production.

Artifacts drop from dungeons, which have a 5% chance to spawn on a tile.

Clicking on a normal tile will bring up the build menu which contains the buildings you can build on the left side, the cost of the building in the middle bottom of the window and information of the selected tile's biome bonuses on the right side. You can find that information by surveying the tile. Surveying will also explore the adjacent tiles, building will do the same.

Some buildings require other resources to function properly. In the build menu, in the middle is the description which contains which building requires what resource to work. If a resource reaches 0 all buildings that need that resource will be paused and you need to start them manually.

You can level up buildings or improve their efficiency from the building info window which will show up when you click on a machine.

A bit of a long explanation, but I tried to keep it as short as possible. ;)

Have fun.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is pretty fun, and I  can see why this is called an "idle incrementer game" now.  Since it's idle is there supposed to be no enemy like Warcraft to gather resources to fight against? Not sure what my end goal is except to continue surveying and building more stuff.

A few QoL features I'd personally enjoy is scroll wheel panning and being able to zoom in and out (looking around a big map is too slow otherwise). Red text for when you can't afford to build something because of insufficient resources is another thing I wish the game had.

Not sure I understand the dungeons, I keep pressing the "Unlock" button and watch the meter fill up and then it does nothing.

Also I would do a Ctrl+F for "rerquires" and fix that :^)