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Good idea with color changing icons, I'll try that out.
thank you for playing!

Nice work, it was probably the softlock detector, if you don't get killed or kill them within three minutes you get booted out of combat to prevent a softlock. The energy is confusing, fair heuristic is just that more = better. I'll rework the tutorial, it's out of date already. 
Thanks for playing

To fire the weapons, you gotta have a crew member in the weapons room

Ah yes, the main thing with pomao is you gotta sell the IOU and buy more weapons or upgrades or something that would let you get by even if you ran out of rockets. If you didn't run into any stores then you pretty much got screwed by RNG, sorry to hear that. 

Who did you play as? Thank you for playing. 

>Lack of indication where the weapon on auto-attack is aiming.
the auto weapons just fire randomly until you target them
>damage number or something
I'll experiment with it
Thanks for playing.

That was an epic yarn, and your crew is storied. I love to see it. I'll add a lot of those things you mentioned in the anti-boarding list. 
Thank you for playing!

after reading through the comment chain, if you never figured out
>What does "T-clicking" in the tutorial refer to?
you may be mildly upset to find that I meant to click the enemy ship while holding T, this sets the target for the teleporter. 

Making a cabinet would be cool, right now I'm working on wodopom and I do intend on finishing it. The thing with coreboys (SSB game) was that the code got too gargantuan to maintain, with a bunch of AI scripts embedded willy-nilly. Thank you for playing!

>Started as Mummies, don't think all my Weapons were that useful.
Their weapons are the oddest set you can start with, the tractor beam is mostly defensive, while the ropes are useful to reduce enemy dodge, their real strength comes from the extra scrap you get while killing other ships with ropes attached. The double laser is sort of a punishment for getting some other good perks to start (level 4 weapons, three crew with +weapons skill) because it fires slowly compared to the basic laser, but you need it to break shields where the others can't. 
>A higher Rate of Weapondrops, or more Weapons to buy in Shops would be nice tho, just the start laser alone is really slow.
in explore mode the drops are throttled and the prices are jacked up to slow down the progression. It will make more sense when there are quests/events.
>Repairing my Ship doesn't seem to work, the Button is locked out, even at Traders.
it only works at the home star in explore mode, that's where the yellow line points in the star map, always home for repairs.
>When your entire Crew dies, the Game should just end
yes, I'll fix that. I was hesitant because there's a small chance you can come back from having no crew, but it's not worth it. 

Thank you for playing and thanks for the analysis. 

There will be a setting to scale the game, but the UI size is bigger than it was, in pixels anyway, it's just the huge resolution that makes it seem small.  Crew killing is a good strategy, and it's why there's only the one pomao in the game, so you won't have to kill him. 
Thanks for playing!

This is not my type of game that I would normally play, so I won't judge it in it's category as I know very little. Still there seems to be a sharp juxtaposition of high-effort and low-effort assets. This hallway especially freaked me out. The contrast in the subject vs the background in these shots is distracting. Personally I would rather have a black background over AI assets. 

foiled by a mac, I'll have to try this again on a PC. I'd let you know *why* it can't be opened, but this is the entire error, and when I click the question mark it opens an empty white box. Looks very fun, I'll be back but I wanted to let you know there may or may not be something wrong with the mac download. 

(1 edit)

Yes the puzzles are random, and I wasn't able to control the shape the solutions come out as. The 100% is just calculated from a brute-force solution, the position of nodes can be a little misleading or confusing. As for expansion, maybe music.
Thank you for playing!

I don't have fullscreen enabled on it because the radio UI is right where the fullscreen button would appear. On the other hand, since it runs in browser, you can just change the zoom level of the page. There's a few ways to do it, my preferred method is (on a mac) holding command and pressing the minus key. On a windows computer, you should be able to hold ctrl and press the minus key to zoom out.  

The music isn't adaptive, but that's fascinating. I think the reason it feels as if it may be is the fact that the channel 0 song, which I assume you were listening to, is long with a lot of different arrangements of the same stanzas. I'm glad you like the crab ship, thank you for playing :)

  • Different icons for shops on the map would be nice.

they're slightly larger when you zoom out with c+click, Maybe I'll do the same with the stars in normal view

  • An "auto" setting for the radio would be nice, so it changes channels by itself when a song runs out for example.

you can put the radio on shuffle by clicking the channel number, this will turn the text green and the music will randomly change occasionally.

  • Could never repair my ship the option was always crossed out. When are you supposed to be able to?

when you're playing in explore mode, you have a trail and a yellow line. The yellow line always points to your home star, which is the only place you can repair. In run mode you can repair whenever you aren't in combat.

  • Fought a ship with no enemy crew, intended?

if your security room is turned off, the enemy crew disappear, as does the health bar for the enemy ship. This is because the security room represents the scanners and doors. 

  • Pressing Z on enemy crew did nothing, intended?

increasing your security room power will allow you to know more about the enemy crew. 

Thanks for playing!

I see that you have normalized movement, that's a good thing to have. The looking system seems odd to me, but I don't have a better suggestion. 

Accidently refreshed the page after 420 seconds

The solutions are brute-forced, in some cases (as the algorithm is vulnerable to local minima and it's got limited degrees of freedom) where you can get over 100%. The highest I've seen was 108%, but there's something nice about beating the algorithm. 

Here's the algorithm as code, the step variable determines how many steps it takes to do a spin of a ring, then it counts through, scoring each change, and finds the best one it can in two passes through all the rings. More passes could do better, but on secret expert mode (holding 'g' will unlock super secret expert mode) it's already really demanding to compute the problem space, and it gets slower and less accurate. If I were to do a daily puzzle for instance, with say 30 rings, I would solve it locally and store the solution, but since these puzzles are procedurally generated the solutions need to be done at the time of generation. 

I guess the short answer is that it's done iteratively. I'm mixed on the 100+% thing, and for psychological reasons, it may be better to cap it at 100, and solutions over 100 would still just display as 100 as has been suggested to me in the past. 

Thank you for playing!

I think it's great you called them a pet, they're equals for some reason. Well, Pote is a pet, but Pomao treats him as an equal.  Good tip about descriptions in the shop. The left-right thing was because I got too complicated super fast, the badge menu and the fight selector are on the same list, so when you press the button it's scrolling through one part or the other part of the list, and it's a bad design so I'll fix that too.  Thank's for bug-not-finding, because I'm glad to hear that. There will probably be a more map-like structure to the fights like slay the spire as you say with a bit more of an overworld feeling, also the scroll bar in the fight selector is an experience bar, more labels needed.  Thank you for playing.

Thank you for playing, and thank you for the little Pomao! Feedback, yes, need feedback on the moves. Maybe some noise and something chunky. There's one cue I made for sure, but most of them are hard to infer if they're even present.  

Thanks for playing, it's more of a sandbox right now but in the future you will make the army then put it on the server for other people to fight, and you fight their armies too. For now you just mess with both sides.

(1 edit)

Yes, it's really opaque right now but more or less it's like: the top behavior fires 40% of the time, the second goes off 24% the third is like 10% and so on. The last few actions barely ever get hit. I'll add a reset button too. Thank you for playing!

And actually, on second thought some of the behaviors are position and angle specific. Melee for instance will be reserved until they are in range, so that they don't waste the cooldown (internal to attacks and shielding, 50 frames shared)

(1 edit)

Revolutionary Bob (Gulpod) has some really good stuff in badges, including an AoE poison move. The moves they start with are more support-y, healing and such. The tongue move scales pretty well, but it's not the strongest scaling move and I think over time with more complex fights it becomes less dominant. Thanks for playing!

Oh yeah, and the tongue move experiences defense reduction on each strike, which mitigates it's power on defensive enemies. 

I spent 15 minutes on the first level, its more an indicator that I'm not good at this game than of this game being too hard, but I think it's too hard. The eyeball thing is cool, but honestly a little tonally dissonant with the cute pogmen. Also I think the parallax is devouring computing time, just a guess but my computer did not like it. 

Thank you so much, and thank you for playing! I can work on it more, but I've put it down for now to to work on a new project I'll be putting that out soon. Did you have an idea  for a fish or something perchance?  

you 'recycle' the slimes into a chain reaction

>then the game froze.

I was afraid this would happen to someone before I could fix it. I forgot to wrap my while loops, but it's fixed now. Not sure what's up with placing just red fish though.  Anyway, thanks for playing and the freezing is fixed. 

You've got a mighty fine aquarium there

lmao awesome

Oh hell yeah, I'll make one soon.

Yes, got a fish?

Wow thanks for the video! youtube says i't processing but I'll check back.

Fish are pretty scary on their own. I got a few fish, but I was worried there was going to be a big scare. 

This game is multiplayer only. It was probably bad design to do it, but you can only really play if more than one person joins at once.

spooky, chill and evocative. I couldn't find any secrets in the calculator, I tried 666, and 451

Well I removed it, honestly it seems really redundant.

great music