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Transforming Hero Action
Submitted by Fxy (@fxydev) — 23 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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I love the art for this game, but I have a hard time understanding why some things are the way they are, perhaps due to my lack of experience with similar titles.

  • Triggering some attacks feel inconsistent (upwards cut with Brave won't work in the middle of an attack string? Shotgun with Pursuer only triggers while holding down rarely?)
  • It is weird to me that each character has expanded movesets that have different input requirements/don't reuse those from others' (or in Bomb's case, just doesn't have one?)

Other than that, some general feedback:

  • Brave's bug can be spammed to easily clear anything, it seems
  • No indication of special move cost
  • Special bar goes furter into the left than visible within its container
  • Input buffering seems a bit extreme
  • Sound stops working now and then, maybe when too many are trying to play at once. Works again after a couple seconds. Sound is also kinda loud by default
  • UI wiggles left and right whenever you move, really distracting
  • I find it a bit weird that you need to toggle which control scheme you want to use, unless this is in preparation for a coop mode of sorts or something with multiple inputs

Overall I like the game but I'm very confused, feels like a testing ground in the middle of balancing or properly setting things. Perhaps I'm just missing something.


Thank you for playing and I like your feedback so I hope I can answer a few of your questions. 

The directional inputs feel inconsistent because I haven't figured out how to hold the direction in the input buffer. Right now it just stays in the buffer for 1 second and then goes away until it is pressed again.

The sounds not playing might either be the webgl ver glitching out. If its the desktop then sounds will cut out when played again because that specific sound is just playing again.

Controller toggling is my solution to deal with changing between the different controllers until I figure out a way to automatically check for it.

I hope to find some way to deal with UI jitter, flesh out the other forms moves, and some of the other things you pointed out so thanks again for playing.


Thanks for taking your time to reply

I was indeed playing the WebGL version. Sounds stop alltogether, not just a specific one. I hope that helps.


I really like the sprite work and designs they are very cool.

I think the transform mechanic would work better if the selection for who you are transforming to was on the right analog stick instead of the left stick. Maybe in that situation you wouldn't even need to have L1 to toggle it on, just flick the stick. Because currently it feels hard to swap during battle, which I feel could add a lot of style points to this game.

The other thing is the input buffer feels way too large? I can hit the jump button from the top of the jump arc, and the character will jump as soon as they land again.


-Great sprites 

-Great form-switching... but add more diversity between some of them.

-Some of the sounds when you collect something (when wearing earphones) are way too loud and high pitched, and they hurt my poor sensitive ears. That's normally enough to make me quit playing a game.

-Henshin animation is very cool, albeit a bit too long. 

Overall I had fun. It still feels like it needs some work, but once the little details are added (and the music) I think it's going to be something to remember. Good job!


I'm really sorry about the pickup sound, the webgl version just corrupted it, the desktop build works fine though. I'll try and remedy that as well as taking your feedback. Thank you for playing. 


Some thoughts:

  • I like the concept, especially the form-switching system.
  • Unfortunately, there's not much incentive to switch forms as they all feel equally effective. Maybe focus on making each one feel distinct/have its ups and downs.
  • I concur with Essell on having two gun/ranged forms. Not sure why that's a thing.
  • The boss can easily be stunlocked with the sword form's basic attacks.

-The henshin is way too dang long, and I'm a tokubro.

-Good lord that fall speed is intense. Might want to loosen it up a bit.

-I really hate dash on Circle. I always L dash in megaman, it's optimal. Needs controller mapping.

-Form changes don't make much sense and don't follow a coherent pattern. None of them feel like the same person.

-Dark gun form feels like an inverse Battride War Kuuga Pegasus or perhaps Den-O Gun Form. I don't think it translates well in 2D but it feels fairly spot in to that.

-Did you really need two gun forms?

-Something feels a little off about moving. I think it's a lack of velocity. It'd probably feel better if it took a few frames to reach max speed.

-Finish overlaps on the pause menu.

-You have areas with obvious ladders but you can't climb them. It makes you want to climb them but you can't.

-The boss couldn't do a damn thing to me in the default form lol.

-A lot of the background seems like an incoherent mess. I was never too sure what I was looking at, and the further you go, the more it seems to just be random chaos.

Overall, not a bad demo. I could see things getting worked out to be pretty good! Keep up the good progress!