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Difficult suggestion: adding a music track or audio files for certain entries.

An absolutely wonderful tool for worldbuilders, and a must have for any writer.

It's a direct window to the large world inside your head, and what's more: one you can show other people!
You can add text, images and timelines to organize everything as you please. One of its best features is that you don't need an internet connection to use it or save it so it's very convenient. Also it's a WIP so it will get even better eventually.

Thanks for this, I really needed it.

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Thanks a lot for your time,  I don't have a good eye for visual issues and you noticed a lot of them!

As for coyote time, it's currently implemented with 0.1 seconds of delay. It used to be 0.14 seconds, but because there is a double-jump glitch I  reduced it (for now, I'll change it back once it's fixed) 

Also it really makes me happy that the music fit so well. That's the only thing I can do properly since I'm basically just a game composer with free time.

Oh and thanks for the screenshot, it's much easier for me to fix things like that! Good luck on your project, it was one of my favorites!

Don't worry, it's a bit hard to beat. Leave it  in a lost folder until you feel like trying again. 

It takes a bit to get used to  the enemy patterns and placement, but they are very predictable so it should get easier after a while.  

The main thing going on for this game is that you're only a human fighting very powerful creatures, but you're an expert on what you do, so using your subweapons correctly can make a huge difference. Take a look at this gameplay video about a guy making full use of the subweapon system (and cheesing the boss)

Thank you very much for the feedback! My idea with this game was to make a simple game with 6 stages and the mechanics in place, then go for something more complex which can evolve a bit from the formula... but I'd love to add something more unique for this one too, which also sets a precedent for the next.

 The specific challenges idea is something I had in mind for a while. Things such as events and random mini-bosses are already there in a very simple way (The witch  mini-boss at the library or the Wendigo stalking you through the whole stage.) but I'm still thinking of a more efficient way to make the player interact with those events, so for now they're just visual for the most part.

-Great sprites 

-Great form-switching... but add more diversity between some of them.

-Some of the sounds when you collect something (when wearing earphones) are way too loud and high pitched, and they hurt my poor sensitive ears. That's normally enough to make me quit playing a game.

-Henshin animation is very cool, albeit a bit too long. 

Overall I had fun. It still feels like it needs some work, but once the little details are added (and the music) I think it's going to be something to remember. Good job!

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-The concept is really cool, there are MANY characters and all of them are memorable, with good character design. Well done!

-Light hearted humor that works and delivers pretty well.

-Music is a bit repetitive after a while, BUT I didn't mind that much because it was great. Sound effects were cool too. 

-I really like the dungeon crawling, although for a castle it feels awfully empty in terms of decoration. IT reminded me a bit of the lost child between Diablo and Touhou, but if you can some more tileset variation or decoration would be nice. 

-Graphics for cutscenes feel a bit either dated, or incomplete although personally I didn't mind.

-I missed some skills can properly stagger the enemy.

-Although enjoyable, it was a long demo. 

-The gameplay feels very polished, but some characters are seriously OP.  while some others feel severely underpowered (Octavia and her knight friend are rather weak compared to Fiera or the first two characters)

Overall, I liked the demo and it's charming in many ways. It feels like a LARGE project with many enjoyable details, but I can tell it's  going to take a lot of work to finish such a project. Keep going, nonetheless, you did great!

-Beautiful graphics with nice level design and a potentially great game.

-Sounds are good.

-The music feels friendly and well done... although as a personal opinion I'd like it to be less perfectly safe. It's a level 1, but you're facing skeletons and man-eating plants, after all. If you can, add a bit more personality to it, so that whenever a player hears it again they will immediately think about this game/level.

-Controls are nice and the character is fun to move around with her diverse moveset. However, movement  (especially landing, rolling and attacking) is not fluid at all and it feels heavier than a dark souls game. It didn't bother me much at first, but as the game progressed it got really annoying.

-Some of the tutorial letters at the beginning are a bit hard to see. because they float slightly off camera. They CAN be read, but I recommend fixing it.

-Overall this game felt me of a mix between Celeste and Dark Souls, which is a daring and brilliant idea... but I think your game would greatly benefit from a faster combat and jumping. Less delay between actions will make the player feel less frustrated when he dies and will make the game faster in many ways.  Games like Celeste or Super Meat Boy have you die thousands of times, but because you're immediately trying again and  they require all your focus you don't mind that much.

Oh, and don't let the criticism discourage you, I'm pretty sure you have all the ingredients for a  big hit and definitely it's a game I'd buy. But make it more fluid and immediate!

The stacked monsters were supposed to work that way, but since I think no one actually likes them this way (not even me) I'll make it so they all fall when there's nothing below them. With the art revamp I'll fix the platforming issues, and try to make the level design a bit more obvious too.

Button combos seem like a great idea that will make the game less clunky. I'll play with it a bit and see if I can get it to work.

Thanks for taking your time playing and reviewing the demo, the ideas you posted WILL make a difference!

Making the controls work better is a MUST at the moment and I've been working on it for a while already, but I can't post that version  yet because I need to modify a lot of commands  (I used the default gdevelop character controls and now I'm paying the price)  After that's done, dynamic mapping would be great. 

Your weapon is a wooden stake, and you can see the rest of subweapons and how to use them when you pause (with P) 

Graphics... I've been battling with this issue for a long time, I plan to remake them completely. 


>If you jump with Shift (why???)

Uh oh, why indeed. That's not supposed to happen.

Thanks for the feedback, it has a lot of good advice, I'll keep polishing until it shines. 

To make the words readable I'll need to increase the resolution and find a better font. It's planned, but it will take time. 

Also yeah, torches give you a large set of tools which if you use wisely can easily tear through hordes of enemies.  For example, the cross can push Guardgoyles away so that you can just walk past them, or garlic can purify reviving enemies.

Thanks for playing and reviewing it!

Space+RP+pretty cool battle system = great game 

Great aesthetics, very beautiful to look at. I really liked how detailed the firing animations were and the mobile port. Very good!

Space+RP+pretty cool battle system = great game 

Great aesthetics, very beautiful to look at.

A tutorial would certainly have been great. Especially for those crazy enough to try hard from the get go.  As mentioned below, locational damage would also be pretty cool. Overall an enjoyable game, though a bit overwhelming until you learn.

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Thanks for playing! Originally you were supposed to earn these weapons overtime, but since I coded them all I added them to the demo to add some variety.  As for the dodge,  a Rondo of Blood Richter-esque backflip (jump+backflip) is planned, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it. 

Enemies are okay and the level design presents interesting jumping puzzles. But that gravity is a bit too much for my taste. You fall a bit too fast. 

Also the camera is a bit annoying, which makes me put down the game after a while (I'm pretty sure I have the same issues with my own game)  Try to make the camera smoother or more stable. 

I also recommend adding more animations that tell you what's going on, like you did for the main character when you look down. It's simple and works really nicely, keep doing more of it!

It seems the core mechanics are in place and work well, keep tweaking it into perfection!

I can run the witcher 3 on ultra without much trouble. 8GB of ram. 

ALTHOUGH I tried again and it seemed to work just fine, so no idea why that happened yesterday,

That's a plus to me, actually!

Basically I restarted the stage by being an impatient kid and spamming the action key after beating the stage... then, as I appeared on the mission select world, I started the stage again by mistake instead of moving onto the next. 

Thanks you for making this game, it has a great mood around it!

Wonderful art and music in a really cute magical world with lovely characters. Using them both at the same time is original and fun.

I'm glad I found this game, it's great!

I accidentally started the same stage several times by accident, but other than that this game is very well made. The UI and overall scenarios are adorable and gorgeus, the characters are very enjoyable and the sound effects great (especially when the fairy moves around or the underwater effects)

If this gets mobile support, I can think of several people who would love to give it a try.  The levels are not too difficult, but it's the first world of a demo so that's perfectly ok. The boss and the way in which it's defeated is GREAT, one of the things I liked the most. 

Overall this feels like it's ready to go . One of my favorite games among all the demos. Good job!

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Oh wow, this is very well done.  

-I'm not much of a shooter person, but those are some cool and fun moves. Running+sliding quickly became my favorite move. These kind of actions made your project stand out a bit more from the rest among its genre.

-Another good point is the character's quotes. They are well delivered (for example. the many "out of ammo" quotes create a good sense of urgency)

Moving in this game is great, although turning around and moving feels a bit less fluid compared to the rest (although if that's be the way you intended to do it it works)

I really liked the animations, in particular the melee takedowns and the red barrels exploding. 

I think the camera being a bit smoother would benefit this game.

Overall it feels like a very well polished project. Good job!

Thanks! As for the spikes... I'll try to make it so you can't simply walk into them anymore. I'll be sure to include it in the next demo, as well as making the level more intuitive.

I'll add that ability when I make Stage 2. It's planned, but currently a bit too buggy. I'll remake some of the art to make it a bit brighter.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it puts things on the right track!

I'll work on the transitions and level design issues.  Thanks for the review!

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The best part of it is that it reminds me of Witchaven, but hits here feel meatier and overal better. 

The weapons are all pretty good,  the spear in particular, although I am not a big fan of the rock. 

Movement still feels a bit slow sometimes, but that might be just me. 
The speed effect  when you run cannot be seen properly in the first area, but this game has both charm and potential. 

Adding something that makes the dungeon even more atmospheric would be great, for example lightning.  The monster graphics and how they respond to your hits is GREAT. Oh, and very good work with the sound effects, these little details make your game special.

This is mostly my impression of it, overall it works and it's fun, exploring areas and finding out what lies ahead feels wonderful. 

Everything was going well until I fell onto a bottomless pit which didn't kill me, and instead left me there stuck forever.

The upgraded difficulty makes it so much better than last time. I'm hoping you get to do more things with the sword

You might want to edit the gravity a bit, but other than that it's a surprisingly cute game which invites you to play it. Good work!

-Even though it hasn't been long since you started, this demo already has much to offer. I didn't encounter anything that broke the immersion, rather the opposite. Some encounters are intimidating  in a fun way (like that first scarab with glowing eyes you come across 5 min into the game)  

-There's something very comfy on the way how things are designed and it works well together. It's a game which is overall fun to explore. 

-Sometimes the mist reminds me of the darkness on Tenchu 1 and 2, which at that time was a limitation of the engine, but it created a gorgeous atmosphere) 

-Since atmosphere what I liked the most, I think adding sounds and music that enhance it would be great.

I'd love to see how far you can go with this.  Good luck!

A bit resource intensive and enemies are simple... BUT the scenario looks gorgeous and seeing a flailing skeleton definitely  makes you want to throw your sword, get to the nearest inn and  stay there with the lights on but you can't  because you're a skeleton yourself.

Although they are bone creatures, having meatier attack/hit animations would be wonderful.

Give them a daggerfall scream, add some immersive sounds and a few new skeletal tricks they can play on you and you've got the spookiest game of the last years. Keep up!

The right type of horror, and atmosphere. Good job!

-Superb aesthetics. Even without the music it reminded me of old 2d Natsume platformers like Shatterhand or Shadow of the Ninja.  
-Memorable enemies which look good and can beat you fair and square if you let your guard down.

-Level design is brilliant and teaches you along the way. It's one of these games which you struggle to beat the first time, but then you can speedrun it in a very satisfying way. 

-Platforming is very fluid and it's one of these games I wouldn't mind speedrunning. Gameplay feels as fast and intense as the music.
-It's a bit harder to master on the keyboard, but once you do the controls work well.

- Sounds mix well together with the rest of the game. Even as a placeholder, the music was very well chosen.

-The boss had a lot of diverse and cool moves, readable but ruthless. Although the ending of the demo got somewhat spoiled for me because  as I killed the boss, the explosion killed me, and I was stuck on a perma-death screen. 

-Coming from games like Batman (NES) and Circle of the Moon (GBA) it took me a while to realize that you couldn't move left or right while wall-climbing. Once I did, I couldn't stop playing.

This game has a lot to offer, can't wait to see it finished.

That's a game I've been wanting to see for years. Keep going!

Everything about this screams old school and I love it. Good job!

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I'll focus on cleaning the code and making it less glitchy (same for the art), then move onto making more stages until I have the full game.  Thanks for your reply, I'll do my best . Also, do you mind if I post that video on twitter? It's great!

From the video you posted, that was version 0.9 (since there's no transition from the intro to stage 1) I think the boss should be less glitchy now and other small things are fixed. I'll keep trying to make the code better, or at least as bug-free as I can.

Truly the experience I was looking for.  I donated all my money to this guy and I plan to regularly send him a few vials of blood every week and my firstborn. Thank you, Nightmare Demon Castle dev! This is the game I always wanted! Keep going!