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Oh wow, this is very well done.  

-I'm not much of a shooter person, but those are some cool and fun moves. Running+sliding quickly became my favorite move. These kind of actions made your project stand out a bit more from the rest among its genre.

-Another good point is the character's quotes. They are well delivered (for example. the many "out of ammo" quotes create a good sense of urgency)

Moving in this game is great, although turning around and moving feels a bit less fluid compared to the rest (although if that's be the way you intended to do it it works)

I really liked the animations, in particular the melee takedowns and the red barrels exploding. 

I think the camera being a bit smoother would benefit this game.

Overall it feels like a very well polished project. Good job!


I could make the turning a bit tighter so you could it could be easier to slide into enemies who are chasing you.

I'm not sure whats up with the camera for some people. Is the camera jittery? What are your specs? It might be because of some frame rate issues...

I can run the witcher 3 on ultra without much trouble. 8GB of ram. 

ALTHOUGH I tried again and it seemed to work just fine, so no idea why that happened yesterday,