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For a game called cactus, I would expect to see some cactus, 0/10, false advertising.

Controls are really good.

I really like the sprite work and designs they are very cool.

I think the transform mechanic would work better if the selection for who you are transforming to was on the right analog stick instead of the left stick. Maybe in that situation you wouldn't even need to have L1 to toggle it on, just flick the stick. Because currently it feels hard to swap during battle, which I feel could add a lot of style points to this game.

The other thing is the input buffer feels way too large? I can hit the jump button from the top of the jump arc, and the character will jump as soon as they land again.

Thanks. I have an AMD graphics card from an older PC build of mine. I'm gonna check it out. It might be a shader compilation error.

Could I get your GPU information?

No, I think that means its crashing. It should be a basic title screen -> intro text screen -> game loop -> win screen