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Monospaced LoversView game page

A narrative platformer about closeness and distance.
Submitted by Scarlet String Studios (@scarlet_string) — 1 hour, 20 minutes before the deadline
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The intro credits take really long to play.

I dislike how jumping up a wall while walking into it gets you stuck right away, could you make sliding activate after hitting apex of the jump?

The game logo is a bit too low.

Other than that, very nice game. Music is a bit repetitive but everything else was enjoyable to walk through.


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the wall sliding bothered me a bit too; maybe I'll change it so that you can only enter wall slide state if you weren't already touching that wall while you were grounded. Not being able to slide until the apex might be confusing in its own way if you're trying to move quickly.

But yes, thanks for playing — this demo was kind of slow-paced, but there should be actual platforming in the near future.

(2 edits)

I was about to report the same issue as below but you fixed it already, so instead I have a heap of other issues I ran into with the updated 1.1 version (Linux):

  • After you return from the cave with the data chip, the game gets stuck in the following cutscene on the screen with the message from god of binary; time is still passing but there's no way to advance the cutscene, so the only way out is forcibly quitting the game, which leads into the next issue:
  • After quitting the game and restarting, the story continuity is broken as Kat behaves like you haven't gone to the cave yet, but the data chip is already in your inventory so there's no way trigger the bugged cutscene again.
  • Continuing to the east, passing over the spot with breakable ground seems to trigger a cutscene but the game gets stuck again; black bars appear around the screen but that's all that happens, and there's no way to regain control
  • There's an odd, invisible platform right above the starting spot when you load the game, if you fall on it you very briefly enter the standing state and then fall through it.

I've deleted the save and settings folder multiple times, and all these issues seem consistent. Not sure if there's anything new gameplay-wise as these issues won't allow me to progress. Somehow the game feels a lot more buggy than last demoday.

Also, a small quality-of-life complaint about the prompt to look around with the right stick; I use a keyboard for games but because of a software called SC-Controller, I have a persistent fake 360 pad "attached". It'd be nice to have keyboard prompts show up even with a controller available, ideally by detecting which device the player is using at the time, but a right stick / shift key -prompt would be fine too.


Well then, sorry about that. Sounds like quest continuity is a recurring problem so I'll have to organize things a bit. It might help if I just make the quest tracker editable to playtesters so you can un-bug the game if you get stuck (or skip segments you've already seen, because that will get annoying eventually). Will push an update later this week.

Actually, I have that same issue with the SCP driver for my DS3. Windows thinks I have a joystick plugged in at all times. Probably makes more sense to check which input method was last used and treat that as the default.


Okay, pushed a quick fox for those issues. I couldn't actually reproduce the 3rd bug, but I tested it last so it may have gotten fixed with the others. I'll work on that in-game quest update tool to make it easier to skip over scenes that are buggy.

Yeah all the problems seem to be fixed now. Seeing the actual cutscene for the 3rd bug now, in the previous version the bloodthirsty slime was always spawned next to the left side wall of that area instead of the ledge it's supposed to jump down from. Since this is now fixed the cutscene will also proceed as intended.

Also, I think I reported this issue with fullscreen mode on a 1920x1200 monitor back in DD20, but it's worth mentioning again since it's pretty distracting. The black bars only work when the game starts in fullscreen, but it forgets about fullscreen setting on every run after the first one (starts in fullscreen for the unity splash, then always switches to windowed). Switching to fullscreen in-game causes this blinking garbage to appear, and going back to windowed mode doesn't restore the window size either:


Ah yes, the black bars. I found some bugs in the settings menu so I changed things up a bit (also created a splash screen for when you initially boot the game, so you can fix your display settings before the cutscene begins). However, I can't reproduce the 16:10 issue because I don't have a monitor to test it on.

Can you give 1.3 a try to see if it's still happening? If so, I'll have to dig around some more to find a way to test it.

The black bars are still bugged if you switch from windowed to fullscreen, but the game at least remembers the setting now, and the bars work properly if the game starts in full screen (and don't alt+tab out), so that's progress.

Also, while messing with alt+tabbing, I noticed that after pressing alt in the chat part of the intro sequence, you can press X to quit the chat and hide the phone, and then you'll be unable to do anything and have to close the game. Is this a debug feature or some really weird bug? Also, the FPS Counter option in the settings menu is mislabeled as Full screen as well.

Sorry about the late response by the way, I've been away from my desktop (and will be away for a good while again).


Good timing actually, I was just about ready with another update (1.4). Fixed the alt issue as well.

I wonder if exclusive fullscreen vs windowed fullscreen will make a difference? I added a toggle, although it's a little janky because I'm not sure if I'll keep the option in. Previously the game was set to windowed fullscreen by default.

I tried the windows version and it get stuck after i exit the house.


Hmm. The black bars appear for the cutscene, the other girl runs across the screen, and it just gets stuck there? If so, I can imagine what's causing that, although I tested just now and couldn't reproduce. 

exactly that, I try to start the game 3 times and the girl always get stuck in the cutscene.


Oh, found it. Left a collider on by accident. Current ver (DD21 1.1) fixes that plus some other issues I didn't QA properly over the weekend.

After a while i had some time to try the game, and nope. After i install the new version it give me Black Screen, i guess it will be for the next Jam


Sorry about that. Where is this black screen? Is it after you select New Game, or just immediately after the Unity splash? The current build works on my computer (Win 7) so I'm not sure what the issue is.


Oh right, you can try deleting your save file if you haven't already. If the game crashes while loading, it just shows a black screen. On Windows it's in AppData\LocalLow\Scarlet String Studios