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Vinyl HungerView game page

Classic First Person Shooter
Submitted by epiplon (@viniciusepiplon) — 2 days, 14 hours before the deadline

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Nice new menu UI. You actually credited the people from freesounds, commendable. The melting transition shader is cool but it looks too slow, at least when compared to doom. The other shader effects are cool as well, though I don't remember quake games having vertex jitter on the environment, only on models.
Movement is way too fast for my taste. If you're going to keep it, at least add a walk button. Nice touch with the vinyl monsters around the fireplace.
It seems that the auto climbing on small edges like stairs is either missing or works poorly. This is a must. Even doom had this.
The staircase in the tower is way too long, seriously. And the fact that you can fall off it in a few corners makes it worse. Though I guess it can be helpful when going back, however this doesn't seem intended. I had to go through that tower many times and none of it were fun.
I'd suggest another way to get back down faster, perhaps some kind of an elevator/lift or some kind of a hole you can jump down to that has some water at the bottom to soften the fall
The character slides slowly to the sides when on stair case and on slopes in general, not sure if this is intentional. I like how you can use the lava pit to kill the vinyl monsters.
Also for some reason I died when I run into the tower's doors while they were opening, this happened twice.
The camera jerk when firing the gun comes up way too late. I feel like it should happen at the same time the weapon recoils.
Also the bullet doesn't always come out from the guns barrel, though you probably know this.
The notification for the key didn't disappear after restarting the level. However other things like the bridge and enemies did reset
One of the AI's(The trombone head) got stuck in a wall and kept running into it. He was located at the grass area with the moving platform that comes after you exit the tunnel.
Also the said platform has some z-surface fighting issues.
I found the secret area behind the fake wall, but honestly I don't think the very first secret the player finds should be met with a switch that opens something implied with "a distant noise". Just give the reward to the play right as he finds the hidden wall, I think it's too complex for it to be the first secret.
The crushing wall trap is too fast for a first trap and the walls don't always move at the same pace, making the trap inconsistent. It'd be batter to make it a bit slower and more consistent so it behaves similar to the crushing wall traps found in first level of Hexen.
The vinyl monster are too tanky for how fast they are, I feel like it should die in single shot from the record dispenser weapon.
Not sure if this is intended but enemies don't detect you if you shoot them, only if they see you.

I can tell that you indicate where the play should go with green lights, but overall the flow of the level and how it communicates to they player what he should be doing are poor, at least in my experience and I played through it multiple times though only finished it twice. For example there's no indication what the green key opens.
And then there's the record shooting puzzle with the round platform. I had to repeat the level 4 times to get it right. 

First time I didn't even know that shooting the green window thing would do that and spent all the record dispenser ammo in the process until I turned around and realized that it raised the platform.
The second time I didn't figure out that I should shoot at the gap in the window specifically and so I tried to shoot at the window from different angles thinking that I needed to bounce the record off of the green surface in a specific way. While doing this I got off the platform because I thought I'll be able to jump on it fast enough once it activates. But when I eventually activated it by shooting randomly at the green window, I wasn't fast enough to get to the platform.
Third time I actually managed to activate it while on the platform, by then I figured out I should shoot the windows opening, though the detection was still kinda wonky and I had to shoot trough the gap a few times to get it to activate. I didn't even realize that I have to bounce it off the wall so it hits a switch.
But then I fell off the platform while trying to get into a corner on the right side of the entrance/window thinking there might be something there. I'm talking about the one that's outside and looks like a cliff ledge, though it seems it can't be jumped on and either way there's obviously nothing there.
Also I realized as I was typing this and playing that you can still get on the platform by jumping from the window on the house.

Damn, that would saved some time...
Still you should try to better inform the player of what he should do next. Also what if the player somehow runs out of ammo while trying to raise the platform?
I also managed to glitch out of the map by jumping from the top of the house to the ledge from where the lava's coming from. I had hoped there was something there, but guess not.
Overall the demo's alright, though I have to say that the weapons could  feel a tad better to shoot, though maybe they just need some sounds. Also the record gun could a bit more damage, honestly the pistol handles better as a weapon overall.

Just remember that good level design is very important in fps games.


Can't thank you enough on how valuable this feedback is.

I agree with all those issues of level design communication, AI bugs and sliding on ramps/stairs. These will be my main focus from now on, since it is beggining to take a shape of a game instead of just a prototype.

Until next demo day. :D