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Physicsy 3D platformer
Submitted by Fleech — 45 minutes, 50 seconds before the deadline

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-Esc Quits the game -- rookie mistake -- what if I want to unlock the mouse or resize the window?
-R is for (R)estart not (Backspace)estart -anything that's not 16:9 messes with your UI, either not let people choose those aspect ratios or support them properly
-Can't even move the fukin window because of your mouse lock nonsense

-Gun keeps shooting if holstered midway through shooting
-I'm not gonna remember all this wall of text
-Holding Control is hard and it's the mechanic I'm most interested in, change it to Shift, or allow rebinds
-I expected to be able to pull up when ledge-grabbing
-Allow manual checkpoints in demos
-There's a massive shadow following me on the bridge, no clue what's casting it
-Legs messed up, have to all the way back, won't bother

I like the idea and the potential is there, but the inability to test the mechanics without being forced into a shitty level with complete restarts kills interest.



I think I got some sort of degree of skill developed through this process but the walljumps at the end felt like I got lucky or cheesed the system.

So, it's a pretty cool game, like some people are telling you, there could be adjustments to make things a little bit easier to get good at. My biggest problem though was the legs, it was hard to do a few rolls without them messing up and I ended up only being able to move rolling and jumping and by the end of the level I couldn't make a single step lol.

But anyway it's kinda hard to give a full impression based on this demo. I've seen you have other cool stuff in store that I guess you haven't had time to put in here so hopefully for the next demoday there is more stuff to do!

I think the biggest problem with this game is the level. Not the visuals, not the theme, but the sequence of challenges presented to the player. The character have unusual movement and it takes quite some time to adapt on how he behaves, alongside with the controls. The first thing the game asks is to perform a roll jump and the punishment is too hard - make three jumps of intermediate difficulty in sequence or go back to the beginning.  This was something that let me really frustrated because I wanted to "feel" the game first. Then the walljump came with a very high cost, but at least you could retry many times. After that, I got stuck in the hole in the second walljump challenge and gave up for now.

Sometimes the characters feels a bit unresponsive too. You can't rely too much on the ledge grabbing and it seems to work effectively only on hard edges. Maybe the game could benefit from having more blocky collisions areas.

It's not a bad concept. The presentation was very good and everything else raised my expectations. But it's not there yet, you could play with it more and improve.


i made the level in a few hours because the jam deadline was pretty close so i didn't have a lot of time to playtest it, i'm reworking areas now. i'm going to start the player in a reworked starting area that gives them more space to mess around until the level starts, and i'll be adding checkpoints and enemies


Cool concept, funny little character. I had a hard time wall jumping in the starting area. I managed to get up once and grab the ledge, but fell off for an unknown reason. I didn't always grab a ledge when near


i added some indicators to direct peoples wall jumps better

Looking forward to play this but at this stage i couldn't even do 2 long jumps in a row, this is because roll jumping seems to be more a random mechanics about pick the right timing only when physic will allow it instead of a combination of button, but i managed to learn side jumps and it seems you need to press forward while doing side jumps at the same time otherwise the next jump will not be enough high.
Walking speed is really low, i just roll all around and even learn some strange mechanics (longer you wait more far you will do a long jump) but could replicate the same jump twice, every jumps seems pretty random.

(1 edit)

The physically simulated walking is a cool concept, but works very poorly in this version at least. The inertia/friction and general unresponsiveness of ground movement feels just plain bad. I'd strongly prefer if the feet were more of a visual effect on top of a standard kind of movement.

The ledge grabbing is very interesting to me however, and does seem to benefit a lot from being physically based. The way it's dependent on the camera however feels really bad. I think it would be much better if it were independent of the camera, or only somewhat affected by it. And looking down to jump up is something I got used to enough to do every time, but it still never felt right.

And you probably know this, but the jump height is all off especially when long jumping. Probably something to do with your physically based movement.

Some immediate small improvements you could make are:

  • Death/reset box for when you fall off
  • Checkpoints in case the clunky platforming kills you
  • Impact+tracer effects for bullets
  • More opportunities to slide(good feature)