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Truly impressive presentation. The menu music was great, the visuals were great, the aesthetic was great. Gameplay was surprisingly pretty tight and fun. Really can't think of any advice/criticism that wouldn't be obvious to you or hasn't been mentioned.
Terrific job.

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The physically simulated walking is a cool concept, but works very poorly in this version at least. The inertia/friction and general unresponsiveness of ground movement feels just plain bad. I'd strongly prefer if the feet were more of a visual effect on top of a standard kind of movement.

The ledge grabbing is very interesting to me however, and does seem to benefit a lot from being physically based. The way it's dependent on the camera however feels really bad. I think it would be much better if it were independent of the camera, or only somewhat affected by it. And looking down to jump up is something I got used to enough to do every time, but it still never felt right.

And you probably know this, but the jump height is all off especially when long jumping. Probably something to do with your physically based movement.

Some immediate small improvements you could make are:

  • Death/reset box for when you fall off
  • Checkpoints in case the clunky platforming kills you
  • Impact+tracer effects for bullets
  • More opportunities to slide(good feature)

i like this, it's very peaceful


short but sweet

the hotdogging was very exciting, with a satisfying climax

how do you win?

i seem to have missed the deadline

Good visuals, good control scheme(s), good music/sfx. Very much a gameboy-like entry. Only a few submissions are of this quality. I did not enjoy the gameplay however as there was a delay that was most noticeable when trying to jump or throw your weapon. I saw no option to disable v-sync or any such feature that leads to this kind of delay.

A fairly decent scrolling shooter. The Missle attack was clearly overpowered though.

A good gameplay oriented entry that's quick to the point. The way you move being tied to the direction you shoot at enemies is an interesting mechanic and led to a satisfying challenge. My only complaint is that, no pun intended, the movement acceleration is too low and it feels a bit sluggish.

Very pretty and striking. The wall jumping mechanic felt a bit unrefined(understandably) and at a few points the game felt like a drag. The dialogue was pretty cute. The ending was a pleasant surprise.

Obviously for shock value and not that funny of a joke but still an interesting departure from the standard.

It doesn't seem that you can complete the game. Also, what is effectively the hitbox for babies against the wall seems inconsistent or too small. Still, I had a bit of fun painting the wall as best as I could.

Surprisingly immersive and cohesive. There's an interesting selection of techniques used by older games. A solid entry.

is the rabbit a trap?

Autistic Goofs Develop Games

I'm having some difficulty tracking what's going on at larger resolutions. And lower resolutions are only possible in window mode which allows you to accidentally click off screen and bring the game out of focus, a major interruption gameplay.

The ability to scale the game view within the window itself would be an excellent feature to have. Something as simple as a limited range of internal resolution multipliers (x1,x2,x3,x4 scale) as opposed to always auto scaling would do nicely. Then you could go fullscreen or stretch the window for the desired amount of padding. It would solve a great deal of frustration related to visibility. Please contact me if you have any questions about this.

I may write an actual review in the future as I am personally highly anticipating this game's release. Thank you for reading.

Love the mechanics and quirky character designs. The enemies are interesting and there's a surprising amount of depth to the combat such as hopping on heads, stealing weapons, and what appears to be parrying.

My only complaint with the current(unfinished) version is that the normal and hard difficulties are too easy and 'cruel' is sometimes simply unfair because of random enemy AI paired with the increased speeds. The skeleton sidestep move for example becomes ridiculous and feels cheap when you're already in a lot of trouble.

I would prefer if harder modes focused on enemies being smarter, more numerous, more strategically placed, and more aggressive as well as adding challenge to the environment such as spikes and tricky jumps.

I miss the prototype but I am very much looking forward to the new direction. Best of luck.

I'd like to play your game but I would prefer not to use an installer. Please compile it into a "single runtime executable" and I'll give it a shot.

Thank you for playing my game. I've decided to altogether remove the web version due to it sucking on every browser I've tried in some fashion, whether it be performance or bugs. I hope you'll give the standalone version a try if you're still interested.