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Nice proof of concept

I like the visuals overall

I have a few issues with the combat, mainly the fact that there is only a single target attack, but there are many enemies and they multiply rapidly. The combat gets tedious early on because of that. It is also strange that when I am surrounded by 4 enemies, the enemies take turns attacking, it seems like if I am surrounded I should be at a greater disadvantage

For strategic reasons it would be nice to see my hit chance, estimated damage, and enemy health. In turn based games it is always nice to have more information to make decisions

The movement being locked in combat is restrictive but not necessarily a bad thing. The fact that enemies can move around me while time is stopped for me and other entities I am in combat with is weird though. I think if I was able to move away from enemies to reduce the risk that moving enemies enter combat with me it would feel like a more strategic part of the game 

Very cute! Music is fitting

The camera feels floaty and I was able to sprint to the finish from the beginning, you might want to limit that if it's meant to be a stealth game (that's what it feels like)

Cake wouldn't always select, I had to throw it from the inventory page

I threw a cake at one wolf and another wolf on the other side of the rocks came to eat it 

very qute, way too hard for this casual

Nice environment and character design, cute but not too furry, style is consistent

lol'd when i could cook rocks and wood

not sure what to do once my thing is cooked or what the stars mean

music is nice but seems too actiony to be playing the whole time, I'd like it better if something soft was playing, then have the current music play once you start cooking something

Pretty cool concept, though I suck at fast paced games like this

I was hoping there'd be a pause feature to give commands like in KOTOR or something for nobs like me

game crashes when i move the mantis dude ;_;

I wish I could move the camera is the only feedback I can give

had to wall jump in a way that was probably not intended to get to the key

it's weird how small he is compared to his environment

weird demon guy is cool and creepy

auto camera feels like mario 64 which is not so good and the controls aren't very smooth :(

the art is consistent and looks nice

The drawing stuff is a cool concept but I couldn't figure out how to cast my spells, I was drawing runes and nothing would happen

Love the artstyle and the way you're told how to play the game

The controls are hard to get used to, but I did get used to them, clicking or gamepad or even mobile controls would be nice

Game was more puzzly than I expected which is fine and difficult as a game like this should be

this is great! the controls feel smooth, though it would have been better on a gamepad

it's got a nice "flash game but way better" and "old arcade" feel to it

glowy stuff to show what's bad and unkillable/untouchable is nice, didn't take long to understand what was going on and how to play

cool and cute!

the characters feel a little slow when moving around the world, and the texture quality/resolution is not consistent throughout. the 3D models with the toon shader look really nice and fit well with the 2D characters and so do the 3D-ish flowers, but a lot of the grass pieces look out of place

feedback during battle is unsatisfying, but I get that it's early in development

the battle scene in the cave looks very nice, I think you should aim for that level of detail and consistency in the world scenes

cute characters, cheeky dialogue, I like it

thanks guys

I think I've got some ways I can simplify the controls with picking up items and the whole inventory thing

Exploration is a big thing to take on, environment stuff is time consuming, though I do enjoy doing it... That's not the first time I've heard that though and I've been thinking of ways I could make it work without blowing up the scope, but idk

thanks for the feedback!

paper mario was an inspiration for the characters and building transition stuff, just going for comfy and cute though

"run an inn" is the goal, if it ends up being fun early on I'll give it some depth

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Great game but frustrating at the moment, mostly the disappearing boxes and no checkpoints

It is also not totally obvious that you can jump onto the knights

Depth/height is hard to detect (on the first puzzle level) but it's pretty forgiving with the float mechanic so that's not a big deal