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Tried and the same thing happens. Sent you the logs

Thanks for the feedback!

64 bit

Thanks for the feedback! 

Videos of people playing my game have been helpful in the past, so I did this recently for a bunch of demo day submissions (timestamp is in comments). Don't have much to say about this one unfortunately, I don't play 2D platformers much so I don't know how it measures up to others of its kind. I did like the graphics and the music. Hope this helps anyway

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Controls were not intuitive and felt like they were bugging out. Often when I dropped something I was not able to pick it up. Some things were very difficult to pick up at all

I played it here 

Tried it again and I got the mythril ladle 

I was confused by the horizontal/vertical cleave distinction, it wasn't obvious at a glance that they are different and I thought it was bugging out before I realized they're pointing in different directions. Maybe a different color would make it more obvious

Windows 7

Also got stuck :( 

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Nice animations and battle sequence but i have no idea what is going on

lots of abilities and not much explanation, unless i missed it (am a little retarded)

Played this on stream (timestamp in comments)

Movement feels floaty

No clear objective

Enemies don't fight back and are too easy

Funny memes

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Pretty great game

easy to pick up and challenging

last level was impossible

Played this on stream (timestamp in comments)

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Got stuck when trying to place someone who was already placed. Had to restart to fix it

Would be nice for attack to have a confirmation

Shouldn't have to reclick my dude when it's his turn and he just moved (just pull up the action menu automatically)

Good base, decent gameplay so far. Starting with so many abilities and against so many enemies feels odd, but that could just be the fact that it's a demo. The UI feels overly simple, it could use some juice, although I don't think a lot of juice is necessary. 

Played this on stream (timestamp in comments)

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Nice music

Movement feels fluid

but I got stuck in sprint and i kept walking off the edge, couldn't do anything about it

my heal button on keyboard didn't work, had to use gamepad

Played this on stream (timestamp in comments)

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Cute game

is tense but mocks me with elevator music

Played this on stream (timestamp in comments)

Pretty neat attack mechanic

game is hard but easy to pick up

Game is fast and fun

Intuitive controls

Bought a potion but couldn't figure out how to use it

Nice music and graphics

Nice enemy variety (caged skellies gave me a giggle)

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Cute pokemon clone

Big slowdown before battles

Mixels are jarring

Mouse controls feel odd

Played this on stream (timestamp in comments)

Game crashes on start :( 

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Cool concept, tense gameplay

Got stuck near the end, my tetris cubes filled up and I kept getting more AP 

Played this on stream (timestamp in comments)

Game crashes when i click sortie :(

A game about running an inn. Obtain food, feed hungry travelers, and explore the endless wilderness

Cool, thanks for putting all this effort in again! This was packed with useful info

Thanks for the feedback!

Wow, 40 minutes, I appreciate you putting so much time in! That's a lot of bugs I wasn't aware of, and some of them (like the flickering UI) don't happen for me, which is weird. I guess I have a lot of polishing to do

Thank you for all of the feedback

Thanks for the feedback! Gamepad is meant to be a solid option but keyboard should work too. You can press E to interact with things that are highlighted with the green crosshairs, and items should be auto-vacuumed up (toggled off/on with ` key). Throwing food at people is how you serve them!

Cool concept, funny little character. I had a hard time wall jumping in the starting area. I managed to get up once and grab the ledge, but fell off for an unknown reason. I didn't always grab a ledge when near

Hey this is pretty neat! The art looks professional and first person spell puzzles is a cool idea

Being bubbled was hard to control though. It took me a while to realize I could sprint. Sprinting into a bubble felt pretty rad, it would feel even better if I could shoot myself into a bubble while sprinting

To open the first door above the starting area I had to wall jump, which didn't feel like the intended solution. Using the bubble to get over was too hard

Holding things slows my turn speed, which feels bad and unnecessary

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I liked it! The character art is nice and it's fun! I love tactical games like this. But it's kind of buggy and messy right now, here's some issues I wrote down:

  • It runs poorly (I was getting ~16 FPS on the overworld and on some missions)
  • I had a hard time telling how damaged someone was
  • I lost some loot at the end of one mission. I had given it to one of the girls (a helmet and a vest) and it disappeared when I opened up the character menu on the overworld
  • Some cover hitboxes are inaccurate. I had a fight with some traveling guys on the overworld and the pillars were difficult to stand near and take cover behind
  • I ran into one pack of guys on the overworld and ended up doing 4 fights back to back. I ended up losing at this point. (I think it was taking me to the overworld and starting a new battle each time? As if the pack didn't despawn between fights OR each one of the guys was starting its own battle? I don't know)
  • The AI and cover is odd, my guys would wander out from cover frequently when it looked like they should have LOS and cover where they were standing (big rocks often did this). One of my guys even wandered into point blank range to shoot someone with their rifle
  • Some of the controls don't feel very good. The scroll wheel feels like it should zoom instead of panning the camera up/down. The up/down could be a shift-modified scroll if it's really necessary. Giving commands requires too much clicking, too. Check out how XCOM handles its controls. It would be nice to be able to cycle between units and give commands (grenade, stand still, healing item, etc) with 1, 2, 3, 4, etc, buttons. If these are already hotkeyed, they should probably be labeled on the UI because I had no idea
  • The dialogue could use additional controls. Left clicking to advance the text would be nice, I was pressing Enter instead which just felt clunky. It's always nice to have multiple inputs work for the same function, especially in situations where there are few functions

I have AMD Radeon HD 5770

OpenGL version 4.4

Windows version crashes on startup for me

I'll try it again if you can fix that, this looks neat

This is great! I suck at these games though and couldn't beat the first boss

The visuals are consistent and look nice and the music choices are fitting, even if they are placeholders