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Really like the art and the dialogue is fun and has a lot of personality to it. However I couldn't make it past the second boss though after I spent like 10 mins trying to beat it. Not sure if I missed something but if it's only about throwing items at the boss while avoiding holes on the road it feel's very random and unbalanced. I think at one attempt I hit every throw and the boss still caught up with me because I had no more items to throw at him. Also not being able to see the holes in front of you because of the camera felt a bit unfair, especially when the boss is close to you and you have no choice but to be at the bottom edge of the screen. 

Cool game. I  liked how fast and smooth it plays when you slide, wall jump and wall run. Especially that last part before the boss where you get to wall run and wall jump a lot was very satisfying. 

Having the miniboss so late on the stage with no heals felt a bit unfair and frustrating, especially if you get hurt early on you're incentivized to kill yourself just so you can maximize your chances on the miniboss. Maybe a partial heal of 2-3 bars before it would be fair? 

As for the last boss I think it had just the right difficulty where it took multiple attempts without feeling frustrating. I just didn't like that his body hurt you, especially when he's clearly in recovery frames with his sword down. At some points it becomes very ambiguous if you can slide under the wall attack which felt a little unfair when you fail to slide under him but it was no big deal. Might want to give the player full health when he enters the boss room for the first time. 

I played on an xbox 360 controller and I could be the only one thinking this but I would have prefered to use the analogue stick for movement instead of the d-pad because my thumb becomes sore when using the d-pad long durations. Also usually A is the affirmative button in menus and not X.

Thanks for the kind words! I've never really done pixel art or any drawing before so I'm really happy that people don't think it looks like complete shit :) I agree that more UI would help a lot for the player to understand his options. 

Yea most people don't seem to get the melee system so I should probably rethink it to make it more intuitive or teach it in some tutorial. I had Street fighter as an inspiration for combos / hitstun. There the hitstun is pretty small for each attack, just high enough so that you can combo if you have the correct timing and use a quick enough attack to fit that hitstun window.

You're right about the zoom, I was thinking about zooming out the camera if the boss is far away but never got the time to code it. Thanks for playing!

Haha yea the last phase is even hard for me, the jump in difficulty might be a tad too much. There seems to be a pattern among players (comments here some friends play testing it) to not use melee so I'll definitely have to think how I can encourage it's use. A lot of the mechanics (doing combos etc) revolve around it's use so it's definitely not intended. I think just having more clear openings, where the boss is idle, could make it feel more safe to use. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback man! I was thinking that the game might be too hard aswell, it's really hard to judge yourself when you've been playing it for so long (also not sure if you played with gamepad or not, I find it a lot easier with gamepad but it could just be my muscle memory). And yea you're right I should change the color for the boss at least. I'm too much of an artlet to do a new design for the boss though :D I find it really hard to balance the player projectiles. I initially had them cost mana but that makes it so that you can't use mana for anything else so I'm not sure I liked that solution. 

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Wow didn't expect you to find this demo. And yes I do remember you and your game! Honestly doesn't feel that long time ago and  I played it again not too long time ago just to get some inspiration on how to do platforming / animation.

Interesting feedback on the screenshake, I have not touched that part for a long while so I'll definitely consider experimenting more with the shake amount. Especially with the gun as you said, I actually had it have a small shake / lower fire rate at one point and it definitely felt more impactful. I think I changed it because I was inspired by the bot in Nier which is more of a machinegun but I still haven't made up my mind about it. Another good thing about a lower fire rate is that each bullet becomes more important and aiming matters more.

And yes enemies definately need more animations in general, I've neglected that part, mostly because they are still very much placeholders. Since this demo I have made them bounce a little by changing their sprite size right before shooting so that's at least something. 

The game is still very early in development and I'm not even sure what it should be about yet so if anyone can get any satisfaction at all from playing it I'm very happy. Hopefully I can start to change the placeholder art (already started a little bit with the main character ) and add a boss fight before the next demo day which is in 2 months.

Thanks a lot for playing my game and giving feedback. Definately didn't expect you to play it and it put a smile on my face to see your name here.

Feels great to see someone else play your game, thanks! You actually heal with Q on keyboard, the information is wrong in the game, I'll change that. And yea I know about the sprint bug, I didn't have time to fix it but seeing how fast you encountered it I should prioritize to fix it. Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Thanks for the advice! Great idea to slow down and study games you like, I think I'll be using that method as well!

Sorry for answering so late, I'm not really active on this site.
I played for 30-60mins before I had to go to bed, I know I got past the first boss at least. I'll probably try it out again soon now that I'm not so busy with work. 

I would like to do something similar to this genre some day so it's really inspiring to me that you managed to do all this by yourself. I've been playing around with unity for a year soon so I'm starting to get a hang of programming part but the art part seems really daunting to me, as someone who's never really been into art before. Do you have any tips on how to get started? I thought your art looked really great, how long have you been practicing pixel art?

Great game. Loved pretty much everything about it. The music, the artwork and the simplistic yet challenging combat were all great. Did you make all this by yourself?

Really like the art style and loved the music aswell, gave the game a really comfy feeling that reminded me of playing Wind Waker as a kid. Obviously you would have to make the combat a  lot more interesting with more actions available and perhaps some kind of default behaviour for the npc when you're not controlling it, right now your partner feels like a deadweight doing nothing. But I understand this is an early build so it's forgivable but I would say that you should focus on that before anything else in the future, because even if it's mainly a puzzle game you spend a lot of time fighting.  The puzzle I liked the most was the one that had the other partner trapped behind the door. My first thought was that it was a bug but came a small nice little surprise that this was intentional.

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Cool. I had no idea that you were supposed to strike your own metal balls until I saw your gif so I tried to drop it on the enemies. Not really sure how I feel about the stamina bar as I felt like I was constantly running out of it and don't really understand the point of it unless you want there to be downtimes where you just dodge projectiles, but then you would probably have to limit the amount of enemies that are on the screen.

Fun idea! I can definitely relate to the backstory..

Cool simple concept that gets hard really quick. Love the minimalist art style and the retro game boy feel and the symbols kind of look alien now when I think about it. GOOD SHIT!