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Feels great to see someone else play your game, thanks! You actually heal with Q on keyboard, the information is wrong in the game, I'll change that. And yea I know about the sprint bug, I didn't have time to fix it but seeing how fast you encountered it I should prioritize to fix it. Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Love the art, how long have you been doing pixel art?

Thanks for the advice! Great idea to slow down and study games you like, I think I'll be using that method as well!

Sorry for answering so late, I'm not really active on this site.
I played for 30-60mins before I had to go to bed, I know I got past the first boss at least. I'll probably try it out again soon now that I'm not so busy with work. 

I would like to do something similar to this genre some day so it's really inspiring to me that you managed to do all this by yourself. I've been playing around with unity for a year soon so I'm starting to get a hang of programming part but the art part seems really daunting to me, as someone who's never really been into art before. Do you have any tips on how to get started? I thought your art looked really great, how long have you been practicing pixel art?

Great game. Loved pretty much everything about it. The music, the artwork and the simplistic yet challenging combat were all great. Did you make all this by yourself?

Really like the art style and loved the music aswell, gave the game a really comfy feeling that reminded me of playing Wind Waker as a kid. Obviously you would have to make the combat a  lot more interesting with more actions available and perhaps some kind of default behaviour for the npc when you're not controlling it, right now your partner feels like a deadweight doing nothing. But I understand this is an early build so it's forgivable but I would say that you should focus on that before anything else in the future, because even if it's mainly a puzzle game you spend a lot of time fighting.  The puzzle I liked the most was the one that had the other partner trapped behind the door. My first thought was that it was a bug but came a small nice little surprise that this was intentional.

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Cool. I had no idea that you were supposed to strike your own metal balls until I saw your gif so I tried to drop it on the enemies. Not really sure how I feel about the stamina bar as I felt like I was constantly running out of it and don't really understand the point of it unless you want there to be downtimes where you just dodge projectiles, but then you would probably have to limit the amount of enemies that are on the screen.

Fun idea! I can definitely relate to the backstory..

Cool simple concept that gets hard really quick. Love the minimalist art style and the retro game boy feel and the symbols kind of look alien now when I think about it. GOOD SHIT!