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Absoultely love the graphics and artstyle. The color pallete just 'fit' every area. The gameplay was great; I loved the combat and the equips as well as the addons. I also enjoyed the dialog from signs and npcs. It reminded me of all the old game making community games (like the RPG maker communities).


* Game had black screen when entering the building to the east of the Inn in "The" village.

* I think combat would feel more fluid if you could attack while walking or at least attack diagonally somehow

* To help with item collection: Items shouldn't go so far away from the initial spawn point of the enemy or object destroyed, enemies shouldn't fly so far back on kill but still let them get knocked back, it's a cool effect. Lastly, don't be afraid to allow the items to seek the player, but only when the player is relatively close to them.

* shit really got serious in the second dungeon, way to ramp up the difficulty!