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Endless punching and explosions
Submitted by ff (@ektomarch) — 2 days, 19 hours before the deadline

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Juicy as fuck. Fitting music too.

Controls were  bit difficult to understand, even with the tutorial. I think it's mostly because the character doesn't have much weight to their moves.

-zip the folder with your files not the files themselves

-if you wank your mouse for a while, the title will spin for a bit too (cool?)
-music lead sounds like altered mission impossible theme
-transitions feel professional
-clicking on level noticeably hangs the game on loading
-I didn't read one of the messages, wanted to trigger it again, but couldn't
-on the first level, after the intro message, controls spazzed and I ended up stuck in pic related unable to punch
-punch cooldown feels cheap and arbitrary
-it's odd how the healthbar fades out after the level
-on the second (?) level I ended up spamming shots on the black balls through the gates slowly, because was low on health 
-nvm, thought they are the boss enemies

In summary, I'm not a fan of these types of game usually, but this was a pleasant experience.


Might be a bit hypocritical for me to say this, but I feel the tutorial could use more polish. Like I should be able to talk to "Yellow rectangle man" again in order for him to repeat what he said. And possibly have text appear over the character giving a short summary of what he was basically saying with the actual inputs instead of "punch button" or w/e. Many players aren't going to go into the options initially and may not know what button is the punch button.

Additionally, maybe you should make enter or space go through text prompts only, as players may accidentally double click and skip over the first thing yellow rectangle man says.