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Omg, these are all fantastic! Hopefully it's a bit heartening to hear that I LOVE the mimics, so your work paid off, at least to one player <3
I haven't seen/tried some of those classes but I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for them, especially Nomusa! 

Howdy! Been playing the game for a few hours, and thus far I'm delightfully overwhelmed with the options and possibilities. So for fun, I thought I would ask: what are some of your favorite characters and combos?

Personally, I became instantly attached to Yuta, Kitsune Mimic. The class is versatile and thus hard to build around with much specificity, but I keep coming back to her repeatedly as the basis for my parties. 

Thank you for saying so! <3

\\\👁/// The truth is not meant for us to know \\\👁///

Hey, thanks so much for saying so! And for checking out the game :)

Love the artwork, super cute! And pretty tricky, too, haha.

I think I encountered a small bug in the first group of clouds on the right (near the second piece of the moon) that I kept dying for no reason. But it's not impossible to continue anyway.

Great job. :)

<3 <3 <3

Ahahahaha I was curious if anyone would actually go through the door the hard way!

Thank you so much! <3

Thanks for the feedback! And sorry about the sound balance issues. I tried to make the BGM fairly quiet so as not to be annoying, and tried to match the fire breath with the text sounds, but I ran out of time to so it better.

I'll try to get to fixing those issues after the jam. :) thanks again!

Cute as heck! I really liked the artwork, and it was short and sweet. I spotted one or two typos, but I definitely had fun. 

Ohhhh yeah that might exactly be what happened! I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything but click "start race" after I entered an amount. However, the amount I entered *did* appear next to the dragon that I bet on.

I thought it made sense when I finally got to the thing ,


specifically, talking to the boss about his mug. But it just took me a while to get there. I think it was literally the last thing I tried lol

Just wanted to  chime in and say: I had that issue too, and I solved it by clicking on a bet type again and just placing an additional bet. Not sure if that helps solve the issue, but thought I would point it out! Only happened on the second race, and not on the third.

This is a really cool concept! It seemed not quite put together, though: twice in a row I did a "place" bet, and my choice won 2nd, but I didn't win any funds.

But still, the voice commentary is really excellent! Though, I didn't see any in-game credits, which I thought was a requirement. 

Overall, really nice work!

Absolutely loved this! Love the aesthetic, the music fits in great, great start to a really interesting tale.

Only complaints are that I had some trouble figuring out how to solve the initial puzzle, and ended up just systematically trying to "recall" every item to each person until it progressed, haha. But that might just be me. :)

This was really fun! Love the background. I'm terrible at bullet hell games, so I wasn't able to get past the witch on the second level haha! But it looks great, plays well. Good work. :) 

Really well-written! I found one or two typos, but for a game jam that's to be expected haha. I really liked the subtle world-building.

It would have been easy to write a story like this and have it be generic and uninteresting, but I honestly really enjoyed this. 

OMG thank you!!!
I thought about increasing the movement speed but ended up leaving it after messing with it some. Maybe I'll revisit it at some point. :)

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for playing it (and for the nice comments)!

When quitting wouldn't work, was in on the main menu or during the game?

I'll definitely check yours out too! :)

I've got a question!

Is there a single thing that CaliCo does as a company? What type of work do people do there?

I'm picturing something Aggretsuko-like where the workers are always busy doing abstract "work" and it's unclear what that means, but if there is a set canon for that I'd like to know! :3

I know this is a bit old, but I would love to see this feature. A way to browse public collections would be awesome, and would allow users to help with curation in a way that might be more useful than tags!

I'm neutral on whether or not they should be rated, though. 

Aaaaaah! I'm totally completely over the moon! Thank you for hosting the Jam, it was so much fun participating in it an reading all of the other amazing entries.

I'm beyond flattered and honored that I won, especially with how many other excellent jam entries there were. Thank you all so much! <3 <3 <3

Thank you Finel! I'm so glad you liked it!

Thank you very much! <3

Oh no! Thanks for pointing that out, and for playing it. I'll be sure to fix it and upload the fixes at the end of the judging period. 

Aha, that makes sense! Thanks for the reply and the clarification. :)

Nice work!

There was one weird thing I thought I would point out. For the breakfast sequence, it seems like you *have* to make orange juice to proceed. It seems a bit odd, because the overnight bit seemed to suggest that you should make him peppermint tea (his favorite). I made the tea and his cereal, and after getting stuck I looked at the walkthrough. I tried to make eggs (insufficient materials) and then I made OJ and it worked. Not sure if this was intentional. 


Thank you! <3

It's totally possible that there are some logic issues in there somewhere. I'll give it another look once voting is over (I don't want to make any edits in the meantime, wouldn't be fair!)

Thanks for playing it! :)


You can use my email:! :)

Hi, Kat!

I'm no professional, but I would be happy to give it a quick look! It would be a welcome break from working on my own entry. :)

Hi Stavros, thanks for the comment! The main reason I didn't include them is because it's primarily a text-based game with a visual component, but it's a fair complaint. I'll try to add some soon!

Nice work! My only criticism would be that a lot of the hyperlinks just moved along linearly, and as such probably could have been combined into one node. 

Regardless, I enjoyed it. Short and to the point, with an interesting voice. Keep up the good work!

Nice work! I love your backgrounds.

Also I legitimately giggled at the piggish fellow who just says "d". 


Awww, thank you!!!