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Hiya! This tileset would be perfect for a gamejam I'm participating in, however, I can't quite seem to figure out how to slice the sheet? What is the intended resolution of each tile? 

Really cool game/proof of concept! Just finished playing it in one sitting, and while it was rough around the edges in places, I really enjoyed it. In particular, it was very easy to jump out of bounds on most levels, and the Volcano level in particular was really glitchy (extra keys would spawn, or not enough keys. the lift that goes through the lava wouldn't always spawn or would start moving without me). I wasn't sure what the point in levelling up the attack was, but seemed like a nice touch. So, lots of little things here and there but overall quite fun to play. Would be interested in coming back to it if it's still getting worked on/polished. ^_^

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback!

(minor spoilers)

That dialog only appears if you have collected at least 2 clues that could potentially point to the planet you are on, and then only after you explore a portion of the planet. (there are a handful of hidden explore points that you have to enter in order for it to consider explored, and they reset when you leave). Long term i'd love to make it more clear that you have to explore, and meet the clues, in order for it to be considered a valid option. 

But regardless, this kind of feedback is super super helpful for identifying what needs to be better communicated. <3

Mainly I felt like it was easy to overshoot smaller platforms. I kept like panic-falling alll the way down at least one specific section (the tall tree where you have to climb up for height to make the jump with the pumpkin form).  Mostly it wasn't an issue, but I felt it a bit in the tight level design there. 

Very cute game and concept. Was pretty easy to tell what mushrooms were edible without having to do much detailed examining, but it seems like it could be a really satisfying puzzle with more mushroom variety. Loved the style, (though Pax did stand out quite a bit among the other colors in the palette... but maybe that is a good thing to make them stand out!), and mix of 2D and 3D with the mushy renders.  

Nice work! <3

Super fun! Had some platforming challenges: some of the jumping is a little slidey and climbing up the tree was tough. But overall this was a very polished and well-designed platformer. I especially loved the spider costume, it was fun to use. Also, extremely considerate of you to include a setting to turn it off! <3

Thank you for playing! I developed this solo (other than grabbing third party assets). But I'm glad it came off as cozy, I was a little worried about going with a space setting for that reason haha

Yeah, I thought why not make the representation I want to see, right? (clarification though: they are technically a V, not a throuple, but I wasn't able to write many scenes that made this super clear) 

So glad you enjoyed it. <3

Thank you! I'm definitely a big fan of Outer Wilds, so I'm glad those vibes came through :3

Absolutely top-tier vibes. I had some difficulty figuring out what I could or couldn't interact with, but it was still super enjoyable to explore. 

Really really enjoyed this! Love the art style, and the puzzles are simple but well designed. It was a bit confusing where doors were/that what was happening was loading between levels, sometimes. But other than that, amazing work! Was very satisfying to blast through multiple keyblocks at once. 

Very cool! Definitely agree that the sounds were off, but it was quite fun to play. Other small complaints would be that some areas seemed unable to get to where pumpkins were spawning, and at the end I got stuck on a piece of terrain that ended up killing me without being able to move away, but I still really enjoyed it, despite being bad at aiming my drifts, hah!

Those are all great suggestions: definitely would have included some of them with some more time :3 thank you so much for playing!

Aaaa I was gone for a few days and came back to some really nice comments <3 Thank you all for the great feedback. 

Very cute, with some really nice touches, like all of the dog animations, and the faster movement speed upon returning with a mushroom. 

Great work! Took me a while to realize that diagonals counted. However this is a really clever puzzle game and I really enjoyed it. Simple and very polished. Only other point of confusion was that I wasn't sure what the wolf icon + counter on the top left was referring to? Number of turns until a wolf appeared? Didn't seem to always tick down. But regardless, fantastic game. 


Love the Warioware vibes, fun and challenging and an unexpected interpretation of the theme, hah. 

A very chill, cute experience. I especially liked the festival sequence itself, and the pumpkin carving! Nice work to fit in a minigame like that. 

A very cool vignette. Would be interested to see what gameplay comes of it in the future!

Totally sensible, it's a game jam, after all! <3 Regardless, fantastic work :3

I absolutely ADORE the art style and character designs! However, I wasn't quite sure how to finish the game: I got all the clues but one from Ceylon, but talking to them didn't give me the first clue (about whether or not they had been to the orchard). I suppose I had to get every clue before I could progress? unsure if it was a bug.

Regardless, great work! Nice to see other people who were using this jam to learn Godot :)

Thank you for playing! 

Extremely lovely. Only a few nitpicks: sometimes leaves would fall in places where I couldn't collect them, and selecting a specific leaf from my hand was a little finicky at times. But the look and feel are amazing and cozy. 

I'm curious, is there an ending if you complete the collection? The only one I finished were the notes, and I got close but after getting a bunch of duplicates I decided not to wrestle with RNG for too long, haha. 

(1 edit)

Such a cute concept, I totally loved it! Unfortunately, I accidentally input too fast on the first debriefing question so I wasn't able to close the case. A minor complaint would be that between customers showing up, there isn't really much to do: for some reason I kept thinking I was going to have to wash cups in the sink, haha. But overall this is one of my favorites from the jam so far.

Barry and Frank <3 <3 <3

Very cute prototype! More games need a dedicated nap button, imo

Very cool proof of concept! Felt a little Atomicrops-inspired. Love the 2.5D and with some more content seems like it's set up for a very satisfying game loop. Nice work!  

Lovely work. I agree that the camera gets a bit shaky, but overall I think this turned out great. I like how the character's movement increases after walking for a bit, but considering how much exploration is needed, I think maybe it could have been a bit faster. Regardless, it's very chill and I enjoyed it (though I didn't finish it, because I got sorta stuck trying to follow some clues). <3

Adored this! I will say that I don't think I experienced the unresponsiveness that others have mentioned, but I do think the game would benefit from a little bit more "coyote time" to make some of the jumps more satisfying. Either way, great idea for a cozy game, and great work having jumped into Godot for the jam. 

Aaah I loved this! Adorable art and sound effects. I laughed audibly a few times. Had a few weird little moments where it seemed like multiple dialogs started when I clicked on something too early, but overall, amazing work.  Definitely going to check out Popochiu in the future!

Really cute! I died to the boss (score: 144). Honestly very impressed as a Scratch game. Took me a while to figure out there were more clues, though, haha. 

Thank you so much <3

Thanks so much for the quick reply! I'll definitely look into those other tools. 

Hey! Loving the asset thus far, it's making placing assets so much easier and better organized for my workflow.
But I have a question: is there currently/will there ever be support for painting assets without relying on a grid? I would love to be able to paint with, say, individual bushes and trees, but enabling snapping without relying on the grid (and using asurface placement) causes far too many objects to be placed with seemingly no way to adjust the frequency or randomness. 
Thanks <3

Omg, these are all fantastic! Hopefully it's a bit heartening to hear that I LOVE the mimics, so your work paid off, at least to one player <3
I haven't seen/tried some of those classes but I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for them, especially Nomusa! 

Howdy! Been playing the game for a few hours, and thus far I'm delightfully overwhelmed with the options and possibilities. So for fun, I thought I would ask: what are some of your favorite characters and combos?

Personally, I became instantly attached to Yuta, Kitsune Mimic. The class is versatile and thus hard to build around with much specificity, but I keep coming back to her repeatedly as the basis for my parties. 

Thank you for saying so! <3

\\\👁/// The truth is not meant for us to know \\\👁///

Hey, thanks so much for saying so! And for checking out the game :)