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I've got a question!

Is there a single thing that CaliCo does as a company? What type of work do people do there?

I'm picturing something Aggretsuko-like where the workers are always busy doing abstract "work" and it's unclear what that means, but if there is a set canon for that I'd like to know! :3

I know this is a bit old, but I would love to see this feature. A way to browse public collections would be awesome, and would allow users to help with curation in a way that might be more useful than tags!

I'm neutral on whether or not they should be rated, though. 

Aaaaaah! I'm totally completely over the moon! Thank you for hosting the Jam, it was so much fun participating in it an reading all of the other amazing entries.

I'm beyond flattered and honored that I won, especially with how many other excellent jam entries there were. Thank you all so much! <3 <3 <3

Thank you Finel! I'm so glad you liked it!

Thank you very much! <3

Oh no! Thanks for pointing that out, and for playing it. I'll be sure to fix it and upload the fixes at the end of the judging period. 

Aha, that makes sense! Thanks for the reply and the clarification. :)

Nice work!

There was one weird thing I thought I would point out. For the breakfast sequence, it seems like you *have* to make orange juice to proceed. It seems a bit odd, because the overnight bit seemed to suggest that you should make him peppermint tea (his favorite). I made the tea and his cereal, and after getting stuck I looked at the walkthrough. I tried to make eggs (insufficient materials) and then I made OJ and it worked. Not sure if this was intentional. 


Thank you! <3

It's totally possible that there are some logic issues in there somewhere. I'll give it another look once voting is over (I don't want to make any edits in the meantime, wouldn't be fair!)

Thanks for playing it! :)


You can use my email:! :)

Hi, Kat!

I'm no professional, but I would be happy to give it a quick look! It would be a welcome break from working on my own entry. :)

Hi Stavros, thanks for the comment! The main reason I didn't include them is because it's primarily a text-based game with a visual component, but it's a fair complaint. I'll try to add some soon!

Nice work! My only criticism would be that a lot of the hyperlinks just moved along linearly, and as such probably could have been combined into one node. 

Regardless, I enjoyed it. Short and to the point, with an interesting voice. Keep up the good work!

Nice work! I love your backgrounds.

Also I legitimately giggled at the piggish fellow who just says "d". 


Awww, thank you!!!

So unfortunately this jam lands right in finals for me so I probably won't be able to put something together for it, but I definitely have some favorite tweets that I really *want* to use. Just thought I would share, in case anyone was having trouble finding inspiration!

<3 <3 Thank you so much for playing it!

Thanks! <3

Thanks, internet-nico!

It does get a bit harder, in that when you make them angry, they get angrier than they get happy when you make them happier. However, I'm planning to make some of them go up in anger over time after you survive for so long.

3 Is a pretty good number. It's enough that there are reasonable options, it's not so many that it's hard to write enough content. 

Hey everyone! This is my first time writing a dating sim. Just out of curiosity and as a fun talking point... how many romance-able characters are you including in your game?

I started off with 6, but realized that based on my game's scale that wouldn't be super reasonable to get done in a month. Now it's four! 

Thanks for playing! <3

Right now the only end state of the game is if you lose. As soon as you figure it out, though, it's pretty easy to survive forever! If I ever go back and update the game some, I'll probably increase the difficulty and implement a scoring system! I appreciate the feedback!

Aha, that was the answer (duh, silly me.) Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi, I know this is a bit of an old thread, but I have a related issue. When I click the preview node it opens the proper save window, but it seems like it is still just saving it as a tilemancer file rather than a png still. Any ideas?

Hiya! Just tried out the demo, and I gotta say, love the concept. It played smoothly, but it seemed there was a lack of an implemented end condition. Either that, or the AI is too good/it doesn't have much ramp up to prevent stalemates. Keep up the good work!

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the updates!

Amazing visual style. However, I had some trouble trying to figure out what to do? I was getting texts about going to work, but had no direction as to where that was. Also, after I left the building I started in, it wouldn't let me go up the stairs of any other building. Pressing "e" would just teleport me back to the door.

The art style looks UH-MAY-ZING

Awesome, thanks.

Do you think it ended for me because I died (was standing too close when the dialogue ended)? Or was it a bug?

Interesting concept! However, the sound effects are really obnoxious when you click the "combine" button. Also, I feel like the items should stay around a little longer, especially the ones that spawn from combining.

Awesome, definitely one of my favorite entries so far!

I think I encountered a bug though. There was an instance of two enemies being next to one another and they both had line of sight (one of them was in the way of the other). When I got in range to attack the first one, it looked like it attacked, killed the first one, then moved me to that space and counted me as being damaged by at least one of them (health went from 10 to 6).

Also, the game ended right when I met what I assume to be "The Fallen". I see this is a prototype, so I was curious: is it supposed to end there?

Cool concept! I detect some Mini Metro influences.

I feel like it could use a better indicator of if you are about to lose. I felt like I was doing okay and it just ended. Are you planning on expanding this past the jam? A little music and a little polish, and I think this will be really fun!

Cool concept!

I think the only thing it's missing is an end-game state. It seems like it just keeps going infinitely. With a timer, and something to record scores, it'll be great!

Cool idea! Also, it's nice to see that I'm not one of the only ones coming into it really late, haha.

Unfortunately I just found out about this jam yesterday. But I'm giving it a go, anyway!
I chose this cover .

So far it's shaping up to be a simple, hectic, resource-management survival game. You play as someone living in a cabin in the woods that has to hunt and gather for food. But you start to notice that things you are doing are angering the various spirits of the forest.

In the game there are six types of spirits, and it's your job to appease them so they don't kill you. But beware: things you do to appease some spirits will anger others, and where you do what actions matters... and there's not much time to figure out what they want.

It's 2-d and largely text based, with a visual mechanic involving the spirits: the more angry they get, the more of them you start to see in the enironment.