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I look for a team!

1. Introduction: I'm brazillian and i live in São Paulo, I graduated in digital game programming technician and currently attending school in supeior digital games. I have a basic about english, i write here with the google translator help, but, i need make part of an team. I will strive to communicate well with the team

2. Skills: I like make a 3D characters (Modeling, animation and texture), and i know how programing the characters, with the jump, and run, i know too about cameras, follow cameras, angles e look to rotation, i know about the flow of an game, level design and game design. I know a litle about art. I strong in Unity3D.

3. Programs/Languages I can very well use the following tools: Unity3D and Construct, 3DMax and Blender (Modeling, animation, i can try in texture), Photoshop and Illustrator (or gimp and inkscape). I have strong programming skills (CSharp (C#) and Java, i can try in Javascript or other).

4. Portfolio: my games (but, only some games), i have more, call me in e-mail if you like of The Legend Of Ravic, i have some models about 3D characters and mechanics for games.

5. Contact: / Whattsapp: 55 11 987557502

6. Other: I really wanted to be part of a team to create a game , can be of great help !