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EDIT: I am all filled up with team-y goodness for this jam, but please feel free to contact me if you are interested in future projects! :y

I am a soundtrack/SFX composer looking for a team that needs one!

1. Introduction: Hey! I'm Tony, and I am looking for an individual/team that might already have developers, but would like a composer to join the fray and make a soundtrack! I also love storytelling and can help with the development of plot/writing or character design!

2. Skills: I have experience writing songs within time constraints, and I write & produce all my own content. I've mixed my own EP, and am about to enter senior research focusing on a performance themed around Tourettes, ADHD, OCD, and other psychiatric disorders.

3. Programs/Languages:

Logic Pro X (my baby)

Amadeus/Audacity (for editing)

Basic iPhoto/iMovie garbage

Sony Vegas Pro

4. Portfolio:

Here is a playlist of pieces that exemplify my personality for a game jam:

Bounce around my portfolio and check out some other longer pieces! Also here are a few of my art pieces I'm using as a baseline for my senior research:

5. Contact: You can email me at pizzotony@gmail.com, and PM me on the Slack chat @saucyfaucet!

6. Other: Having someone work with you to make a soundtrack that matches your tone ends up sounding WAY better than being forced to choose from random royalty-free content. I'm a passionate little twerp and video games are neat. Thanks for checking me out!


Hey love your little tunes :D

Haha thank you so much! I try to make them quite small and jingly

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