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Thank you for your well wishes. We will be sure to keep you updated should anything exciting happen! 

Yes, it isn't the position we would've liked to be in but it is the one we find ourselves and we aim to make the best of it and go out with a BANG. 

As for your application, very sorry for the delay. We have sent a reply now. Thank you. 

As do we~

In regards to your questions, we would be looking for a pretty decent match to the colouring style. The cg artist said they would share all the needed info about their brushes and detail how they colour so you won't have to figure it out for yourself or anything like that.  It would just be for CGs. Sprites are fine since they are a smaller doc and don't cause the artists computer to crash. 

But hey if you want to try your hand at making BGs then we still have that position open. [nudge nudge]

We are glad you enjoyed the game and apologise for the late reply. Currently this project is on indefinite hiatus. Thank you for your interest and should we ever revive this project we will be sure to announce it. 

Please see our FAQ for the eta. If you wish to track AOGTSR development then we also suggest reading the monthly updates either on here on AOGTSR devlogs or on our Tumblr

^///^ Ahh~ Many thank yous for the comment Rosette! We have a really awesome team and everyone is doing their best to get this game done ASAP.  

We would love to but we don't have a Portuguese translator at the moment. If anyone wishes to help with translating AOGTSR into Portuguese then send us an email. Obrigado

I am sure he will very soon. But that's our little secret. (ノ・_-)☆

Thanks for your suggestion but it's a bit late in the development to change the designs ^_^; We hope you can love our characters as they are since our Artist put a lot of effort into creating them. That was a super cute image though, thanks for sharing and we can't wait to show you all the work we've been doing on their routes.


Thank you for your suggestion. Sadly, we are limited to ten tags but we removed one to place the LGBT tag in. Thanks for the feedback.  It is very helpful. Please help us spread the word about AOGTSR and be sure to share it on your preferred social media sites so no reindeer gets left behind or forgotten. Please and thank you <3

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And we are so glad you did~ We can't respond to the survey results but we can respond to comments. I think a lot of people have warm memories of growing up with stories about Santa and his reindeer and it's about time there's more love for one of our favourite holidays.  We  try to make games that are not the norm and it seems like we're doing something right with AOGTSR. 

Donder is proving to be a new favourite among everyone. I am sure he'd be overwhelmed if he ever knew how many fans he had. Dasher's route is turning out to be super cute btw. Rudolph will always be everyone's favourite reindeer but I bet he is happy to finally share the lime light and have everyone fall in love with all the other reindeer. 

A. Yes the demo is the full common route. After that section you will be on character routes, and boy are there a lot of them. 

A. We will be editing the entries from the fan event for grammar and tweaking it a little to fit seamlessly into  situations. 

ANYDEER, we had a lovely time reading your message. It has made us super happy and pumped to do our best. THANK YOU.

OHOHOHOHOHO~ Anomalis is a funny bunch [in both sense of the word].  We mostly update using our tumblr but since we  <3<3<3 you all so so so much we will be sure to make a habit of keeping updates on here too.

We're looking into things we can do to make the wait a little less "ARGH, RELEASE THE REINDEER ALREADY!!!" and pass the time with more fan interaction and stuff and stuff and stuff.  So be on the look out for that~

Antlers are the new cat ears! You can quote us on that~

And thank you for all your enthusiasm. It really motivates us to work even harder to create the best game we can! 

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THANKS! Our aim is to get the game out Christmas 18. It's hard to say exactly but that's the plan. 

We get this question a lot so we will probably make a FAQ soon.

'Cause nothing says Christmas like a cliffhanger!

Hopefully we don't disappoint! Thank you!

Thank you! The estimate date for the full game to be out ideally is Christmas 2018.

Thank you so much for the feedback! The game will choose your route for you according to your choices. (: We're so happy to hear how excited  you are for the full game!

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! We really appreciate the feedback we've been getting and we're glad you enjoyed playing the demo. The cliffhanger was unfair but totally necessary (; We've fallen in love with every single one of the characters and it's inspiring to see the impact they've made with the players! We're excited to show you guys what else we have in store (: Thanks again for the glowing critique!

The cliffhanger made you wanting more, didn't it? So mission accomplished (;

And I agree, Rudolph needs to protected at all costs. Alot of those eggs are going to be aimed at Comet, then, haha. Glad you liked the demo!!

Dancer, the queen of high class (; Glad you like her! You and our team member Jackie would get along well because she's got a thing for Dancer, too, haha, thank you for the comment!

This comment is so simple but it makes my heart do cartwheels, thank you!

I'm guilty for falling for the same character trope as Comet as well, men like him get me going haha! Anyway, thank you thank you thank you, we're so glad the full demo didn't disappoint! As for the expected release date of the full game, I want to say the ideal would be Christmas 2017 but who knows what life will bring. We'll see and we'll definitely keep you posted (:

Thank you for the feedback! And I completely agree, Rudolph is the biggest ball of fluff in the whole world 😂

Thank you so much again!! We're so happy you enjoyed it :D

IT'S OKAY, CAPS SHOW EXCITEMENT AND ENERGY SO I DON'T MIND THEM HAHA, thank you so much for the feedback!!! We're so happy with all of the positive reviews so far, and I hope we don't disappoint once the full demo is out (;

Thank you so much! We appreciate the feedback and glad you enjoyed it :D And I agree, Donder is a cute one ;)

Hi there! The teaser shouldn't take too long, 30 minutes max. :)

Thank you so much!! Props to Zino, King-sama, and Sasquatchii for all the wonderful art assets they provided xD Honestly, if it weren't for them and the writing team - Ashe and Jackie - this project would be nothing. We're so glad the characters are being received well, too! That was our main concern, I think, is if we had given each of the characters their own individual personality that works well with the story. Again, thank you for the support and we're glad that you enjoyed it!

You'll have to wait and see! ;) I will say that Donder's voice is one of my absolute favorites, so I hope you like it as much as I do ^^

As far as the ETA on the whole demo, we're aiming for the end of May release! IF, and only IF, we get those darn art assets done in time, haha

xD Your enthusiasm is so contagious, haha! Thank you so much, we're sooo happy that you enjoyed it!!

Thank you so much, we're really glad that you enjoyed it! We hope the rest of the demo will be just as cool xD Now that you mention it, I have to agree! Donder is like the long-lost offspring of Malix in a whole other alternate universe, haha, good eye!

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I am a writer looking for a team!

1. Introduction:

Hey, all! My name is Julienne, but please call me Jules for the sake of getting on my good side (: I'm 18, I live in the U.S. somewhere in Texas, timezone UTC-06:00. My pronouns are she/her. I've been writing for a while now, ever since I could remember but it's been on/off.

2. Skills:

- I'm just a wee writer! I'm best at writing romance or comedy but I'm willing to write whatever, tbh.

- I'm pretty good with helping to design characters, too.

3. Programs/Languages: (I'm not too familiar with a lot of programs, sorry)

- Ren'Py

- Trello

4. Portfolio:

- I've never really saved my writing works, just because I didn't think I'd put any of it to use.... (This makes me look like a bad candidate, hah)

5. Contact:

- It's best to contact me thru my email:

6. Other:

So, I'm in a game dev team that I have already formed with someone called Moonlight Avenue, Inc. We have a plot in progress:

Title: For Better or Worse

Genre: Visual Novel / Otome game / Romance / Comedy

Length: Short (bc two weeks to complete a game? Yep)

Overall plot: The MC and her love interest have been set up in an arranged marriage by their parents. How their marriage ends up (whether best or worst end) is up to the player.

Honestly, we're just looking for dedicated and passionate people since we tend to be a little excitable (: We're also looking to expand our team, so if we end up with a few people who are willing to work with us in the long run, we welcome you with open arms! And that's it, thanks for reading and I hope you consider me/us/it/whatever :D

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Hey, beautiful people! My name is Julienne but I prefer to be called Jules ;) I'm Filipino, about to start college this fall, and planning on majoring in Performing Arts.

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

I did not participate in the last jam that was held, BUT my reason for joining now would be that I want to make great memories and have a wonderful experience working with people who have never made a game, too. I'm currently working on 3(?) projects right now, but being the stupid, ambitious person that I am I decided "Why not go insane and add a 4th project???" I know, I'm a genius.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

I have a ton of favorite games, all of them either visual novels, otoges, or dating sims. Some would be Amnesia, Nameless, Seduce Me 1 and 2, Always Remember Me, Roommates, OZMAFIA, and a bunch of others I can't think of at the moment. So, yeah, I really like playing romance games. I love it. It's an addiction.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

I can't say that I have. I've played around with Ren'Py, which is what I'm currently using for the visual novel projects I have lined up. But other than that, nope. No experience, whatsoever. Total noob.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

I'm passionate about meeting new people, gaining new knowledge, having memorable experiences, and food! I really, really, really, am so passionate about food. I love eating it. I hate making it. I also love movies, reading, writing, the usual stuff. Nothing too special with this topic, so. Oooh, no, I also love people. Especially passionate, and exciting people. They're my absolute favorites. OH AND tsundere type characters? You know, the dark, brooding, and mysterious bad boy? Yes. That is my passion. okillshutupnow.

But yeah! I hope to have a fun time participating in this game jam! Good luck to everyone, and I hope you all succeed.