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The new artstyle looks really good! Keep up the good work, you're doing really great!

Hello! I am a writer and a game designer. I was also on renpyjam just now, that was fun! I don't necessarily have the time to dedicate to your project, but I can certainly help you casually develop the idea if you want.

You can hit me up at the renpy discord or message me directly, my usertag is: Double H#3818.

OMG! Ah, ha, ha! Thank you so much for playing and for your kind words! It means a lot to me. This is the first time I've seen ever someone play a game I've made. Hopefully, Masada will actually come back sometime! We're putting our better efforts for it.

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THIS GAME IS AMAZING. Your writing is brilliant, I could've never come up with something so cute and funny! For being the most boiled down story, I've never been so invested in something before. 

Very good work, I honestly think you've made one of the best games in this jam.

This game was really cute! The story is pretty nice and the art style is amazing. You did a great job!

So, scratch that thought. We're not working in Solace Grey anymore, but we're right back on another project and I promise it's gonna be great!

Hmm... We can try! I haven't considered it, but we could talk about it. You can also contact me on Discord or wherever you want.

Ah! Hello! It's been a while since the project I was talking about here, but I'm working on another project at the moment. Would you be interested? If you want to contact me my discord tag is Double H#3818.

This was a very nice game. I appreciate the sensibilities you took when you wrote and I think it is a very good exploration of loneliness, like you said. As someone who struggles with the same problem as well, let me tell you, I relate.

Also, don't be too afraid of conent warnings. Holding snow in your hands is not a *graphic* depitiction of self-harm, if it's simbolic. I know what you really mean and it's clear what you really mean, and it's perfectly okay with me.

Thank you very much for your work.

For anybody interested, we're actually working on an expanded version of this demo. The majority of the team has banded together to finish it. To keep on updates, this is Yoru and I's twitter:

Um, hi Yoru. I see you found my post. I confirm, what he's saying is legit. This post is kinda outdated anyways. Basically, we're not looking for programmers anymore but we're still welcoming any artist who wants to join.

I like it! As a huge fan of detective fiction, I relate to the idea of a one struggling to even comprehend his own case. I'd say the concept worked really well. Glad to see good ideas coming out of this jam.

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much, that means a lot me. I'm glad you liked my game and you're interested in my future projects. I'm working on one right now! You can check it out if you want:

That's okay, thank you very much.

You have quite an interesting style! If you'd like to improve your abilities darwing sprites, would you like perhaps to help me out on a visual project I'm working on? It would be a huge help.

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Hello everyone. I'm a hobbyst developer and I'm working on a mystery visual novel, on the vein of the Ace Attorney series. All the writing, sprites and backgrounds are done but I need some help to finish the game. Namely:

 - A programmer to help with the coding and building a few features. I started the game on Renpy and learnt the most basic functions, but I need someone to do what I can't figure out and make those features. If the programmer doesn't like the engine, I am open if they want to start from scratch on a different one.

 - Artists for cutscenes, front cover artwork, user interface and props. Sprites and Backgrounds are already accounted for. I do not look for samples of incredibly professional art, but polished enough to match the rest of the game. I am open for a different visual style for this artwork, if the artist has a good idea.

Thanks for your attention and I await your response. Have a good day.

Hello, my name is DoubleH and I'm a participant at the NanoRen Jam. I'm making a fully-voice acted visual novel, dating-sim genre with a lighthearted comedic tone.

I could really use the help from an artist who can draw 4 character sprites and I'm open to any voice actor or actress who is willing to audition. We have a role for 1 boy, 3 girls.

Thanks for your attention and have a nice day.

Hello MrTandBiscuits. Glad to see another fellow writer on board. Might I recommend you to out a contact address or join the team's Discord? Everyone is pretty much there. Good luck in the jam!

Hello, Nomabond. I'm looking for a handful of programmers who can give me a hand for my game. I've looked for you on slack but I didn't find you. Do you haven another username there?

Thanks for your attention.

Ah, that sounds really cool. The feedbackpart sounds really important for a project that has to progress fast. Maybe I will check the chatroom, thank you.

Hello Queenie! I'm Alex. This is my first jam and it just so happens that I also want to make a game in Ren Py. I've seen the trailer for that cooking game you're working on and I'm really impressed. 2D animation in games is so needed and t looks so good!

I'm currently drafting ideas for a visual novel. Someone's input on someone who already has experience would be great. If you're interested, feel free to ask and in any case, wish you the best of luck in this thing! Cheerio.

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So, introductions are in order now, aren't they? Hello. My name is Alex. I'm 21. Ever since I was young I've had a great passion for cartoons and games, which have inspired me to draw characters, write, and also designing games.

I have experience starting a few games that I'd like to use to finally finish a game. For this jam, I'd like to make it a visual novel. I believe it is a genre with much untapped potential and can be a lot of fun to interact with the player through a story.

I am an excellent writer who's made a lot of research on the subject and practice on different mediums. I've also been told I'm very good at organizing things and character design. I'm OK at drawing, but well. As for programming, I have some practice with RPG Maker and I'm currently learning Ren 'Py.

Also, uh, I really like Metroid, Pokémon, many RPG Maker games like OFF (I think it's genius) and Don't Starve. It's really rad.

For anything, contact me at I'd love for anybody to work on my team. See ya!