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Visual Novel Sprites

A topic by Red-Baby created Nov 29, 2017 Views: 5,592 Replies: 49
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Hi everyone!!

I've started making some Free to Use visual novel sprites, just because I wanted to practice making sprites. 

So far I have only made two but I'm actually enjoying creating them.  The smallest of details can lead to another sprite in the pack.  Anyway, I just wanted to share these and see if I could get some feedback on them, specifically about their ANATOMY.  Anatomy is not my strong point, but it is something I am always trying to work on, so if anyone has any constructive criticism or feedback I like to hear them out.  

Download Here

Download Here

I love it! I'm trying to  learn myself and hoping I can look at this and get some ideas. Also - that guy is hot!

I'm glad to hear you like it.  

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I've made a third sprite. 

Download Here

What tools have you used to create this?

A combination of different programs including Sai, Gimp, and MS Paint depending on what I want to do with it.

Well i really love it. I really like your work.,


Thank you. I hope to make more in the future when I have time. 

What is the name of the male character?


The one with dark hair is Jun, the one with blonde hair is Kam.

Oh, and thanks for pointing out their names, I've added links to their download pages now so you can read all their info and the sprite specs on there too.  

You have quite an interesting style! If you'd like to improve your abilities darwing sprites, would you like perhaps to help me out on a visual project I'm working on? It would be a huge help.

Thanks for the offer but I can only accept small paid projects at the moment since I've already got several long term projects going. 

That's okay, thank you very much.

i can already say that anatomy is not my strongest point either, but these are amazing! waaay better than anything i could churn out. keep up the good work! cant wait to see more!


Thank you! I have to look at several references to get poses and proportions to a standard I am happy with. Do you create much art? If you do, would you like to share, I wouldn't mind seeing some. 

I'll be releasing another Sprite Pack later this month before I decide if I want to try making a Patreon or not. 

i would love to share! i dont really create much art these days since i hit the programming stage of my game and its been walls of text and not much doodling these days. XD hopefully i can get back into making more art again! i kinda miss it! 


Oh I get what you mean.  I'm really unorganized though so I'm still trying to finish off the artwork and the programming at the same time and it's been hectic.  Lol. 

I'll try to post something here when i actually have some art to post. tho my arts not to good, so dont expect much. ^^"

finally got a bit of work done while making concept work for the characters in my game. also managed to make an update video.

I've made a fourth and [for now] final sprite in my set of Casual Sprite Packs.

Download Here

Extra Note:

I will be hosting a 50% off sale on my sprite assets until the 12th of April.


I loved all your sprites!! They are fantastic, really, really good BUT, this one is bothering me a little bit 'cause her shoulders look so much larger than her hips, but still, she is really beautiful.

Keep doing this great job!! I'm trying to paint the sprites I've made for the novel I'm developing, but do it with the computer mouse is horrible. D=

Thank you.  I see what you mean by the hip and shoulder ratio.  I'm still improving my anatomy skills so thanks for the feedback =] 
I'd imagine colour via mouse would be difficult.  Good luck.

Made an items sprite pack.

Download here



Congratulations!! I loved it.

Thank you =]


Ended up buying the full fantasy pack, thank you! I'd love more shapes (Especially the fruit?) besides pear.

Maybe make a food ingredients icons ala cooking or farming game? :) 

Thank you!  

And thanks for the feedback, I'll consider the cooking and farming icons.  I was thinking of making some berries, apples and melon shaped fruit soon, but I'm still working on the fantasy theme at the moment. So the next icons pack will include some weapons as well.  


I wish I was that good.

Thank you.

Made another items pack

Download Here


Here's a new sprite pack!!! The first of many for my Fantasy themed characters.  

He's name is Luka and he is a mage ^w^

Download here

New sprite is now available!!!

You can also read my creation process over on twitter, check it out here: creation process

Meet Lana, the sassy sorceress

Lana the sassy sorceress
Download Here

I currently have a 20% off sale on complete sprite packs.  These packs can contain extra expressions, extra outfits, extra hairstyles, and can be used for free and commercial projects. 


I like your style, I hope you make more of these.


Thank you! 
Yeah I have a few more assets planned, just gotta find the time and motivation to make them. Haha. 

hey do you want make a comic?

No thanks, I'd like to focus on game development for the time being. 


New character sprite available!

Three hair styles and three outfits. 

Download hair


Super cute, always love seeing your new sprites.


New Sprite Pack!!!

Two outfits, over 13 different expressions.


He looks like a bad boy, haha. ~

he can be. He has many faces XD


Thank's for the good work, might use it someday :)


Thanks Rasenringu =]

Please let me know if you do decide to use them, I love seeing my sprites in games.

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These are very nice. Can I ask you to make some for me  too? If yes, then I could give you the details. :)

Thank you!  I am open for paid commissions but it depends on the current workload. Please contact me through twitter (@redchan17) if you're interested. 

Eh. I was hoping it was free. But thank you so much for the reply

Red-Baby, you really doing an amazing job!

But is that a software you are making for this work?

Hi Jumma!

Sorry, I am unsure what you are actually asking. If you mean to ask what programs i use to make my assets, I use PaintTool Sai, Gimp, and a few others. If you're asking if I'm making these assets to be used with a specific software, the answer would be no. I use them in Ren'Py, but they can be used with other programs too. 

I hope that answered your question =]

It's been a while, but here's another sprite set!

One outfit, but plenty of different facial expressions. 

It's the end of the year, so I'm currently holding a December Sale.

10% off all sprite packs and 20% of sales will go towards the Beyond Blue Organisation. You can find out more on the sale's page here