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hola, pues me gustaría trabajar contigo, que me dices?

ok give me your email and tomorrow i give you information about the game 

hello i want to make a game, and i need someone to create sprites, want join like pixel artist?

hello im interested 

i have something

ok give me your email, we need a pixel artist more and we start to make a game

ok give me your email and i will contact with u

aa ok u tell what the characters do and all stuff what need the game, like the story

no, just give me your email and when i have all people what i need, i will contact with you

ye i think is good, we need u

u can do android?

show me an example from your work

show me somthing what i did, and with what engine.

i know, lol, im beginer to pixel art, so im learning

yes u can join if u want

right now im in phone, i will check tomorrow

writer + pixel

aa ok, i think is good if u want to join, but if we don´t have programer and pixel artist, we can´t make the game, so no music :D


u make sprites or something with pixel art?

if u want to join, tell me.

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i don´t really care the engine, if u can learn every day about program, and be better, for me is ok, 

a ye

i don´t have discord, but i want a 2d platformer, action, adventure

I want to make a team to create games

Pixel Artist,



olle tengo una idea para un comic, te interesa?

hey man do you want to make a comic?

hey do you want make a comic?

well i have an idea for a game, u are interested?

is same shit

i think we can make a comic

yes i want

im interested, i can program

hello i want to make a game, and i need a pixel artist, want join?

no i have gmail:

ok i think i can help u, i can program