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hello im interested

do you know make pixel art?

you still looking for a programmer?

you can make 2d?

can you do 2 monsters walking, and 1 fly

you can do 2d?

how you want the character? here

hey what clothes you want¿

buy it, and change it how you want.

i don´t know what is that DonHellsing#7584

programmer, and i do some art

hello, i want to make games, want to join my team?

i can program , if u can do sprites

well we can work toghther on someting

i did it


this is the discord id? #7584

this is the discord id? #7584

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Looking to create a team.

Im a programmer, and i can do some art.

I need a writer for the story, make conversation with npc, etc...

Someone who can draw sprites 2d pixel, and the ui.

And someone to make the game design, lever design, etc...

About the game is 2d, pixel, sidescroller, singleplayer, the player can use sword, spells, bow, have dungeon, i want to make 5 city with their npc, bosses, etc...

i can program, make sprites

i want to make a game, can u help me?

hey i want to make a game, do you want to join?


well i know a little bit about godot, like i code a 2d, and i think i prefer do sprites, im beginer

hey do you still interested?

well i think im interested xd

hola, pues me gustaría trabajar contigo, que me dices?

ok give me your email and tomorrow i give you information about the game 

hello i want to make a game, and i need someone to create sprites, want join like pixel artist?

hello im interested 

i have something

ok give me your email, we need a pixel artist more and we start to make a game

ok give me your email and i will contact with u

aa ok u tell what the characters do and all stuff what need the game, like the story

no, just give me your email and when i have all people what i need, i will contact with you

ye i think is good, we need u

u can do android?