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Sofia Ann

A member registered Sep 30, 2018

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Eh. I was hoping it was free. But thank you so much for the reply

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These are very nice. Can I ask you to make some for me  too? If yes, then I could give you the details. :)

I can't seem to download it from here because it shows no options for downloading it. If someone can help the please do so

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I played the demo. I can't download its full version for free. So can't you make it a free game as in full version? Please do that. then the number of players you are having now you will get tons more. And I want to join your team for writing the story line. Can I? Overall it was like super duper awesome. But if it was free like the demo then a lot of people would be interested to play it. So in the end I'll say that please make the game in full version free. And if you want you can send an E-mail to my account. Inform me if you need it.