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Sofia Ann

A member registered Sep 30, 2018

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I also dropped a friend request. Sorry for not noticing your discord info before.

Hi again! (^o^)/ 

I've played you game and I really want to say that I love you so much for making this game.

 After a very long time I got a game that I could indulge myself without worrying or skipping parts. I cried so much on the routes that I can't even explain. I'm really happy that I got to play your game. 

And I want to ask you something. I really want to make a game with you and knowing everything you did for this game and how it turned out to be is surreal and I think that this game has really caught my attention. And I was looking for a game that will have so much potential. And you really passed  being new to all this if you are a beginner. I really loved it more than I can say. And the artwork was so amazing that I think I fell in love with all the characters, especially our cute Ichigo who helped us on our journey. And if you can then I'm begging you to make routes for extra characters like Asahi, Craft Club Prez and so on. 

I'm so gonna spread the news about this game. And if you have the time to work with me on a project then here's my discord-


In conclusion I'd like to say LOVED THE GAME. Fujiwara Bittersweet rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to you for making the game. (^o^)/

Hi! Just uploaded the intro and prologue part -1 of the game. And this time sound is included too! I hope this time I did it right. Just incase anyone wants to see the video. Here is the Link

Thanks. I'll look into the video for it. And thanks for watching! 

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Hi! I've played your game and joined your server. I've also made YouTube tutorial on it. Please watch that and see how it is. I'll be waiting for feedback. Link to the video is given below-

And lastly loved your game and am waiting patiently for its full release. Make us proud.

Need help with the game? I am a writer as well as a voice actor and singer. If you need any help then here is my discord and email

discord- GenScientist#1413

Hi! I'm a voice actor. I am currently working on a project and have the time to do more. You can contact me at discord @ GenScientist#1413. 

Hi! I'm making a Visual Novel. So interested? If so you can contact me at discord. Here's my ID


Hi! I'm a writer. And my discord I'd is GenScientist#1413

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Hi! I am going to be making a game so will you be interested in it? It's actually a VN. If you don't know what that means no problem it is a visual novel. It's kinda like the books we read but we get to make choices and our choices affect the endings. It's unpaid. If you're up for it notify me at my discord @GenScientist#1413.

Thanks and all the best.

Hi! I'm a writer and also a voice actor. If you need my discord here it is-


Need a member? I will be happy to help!

What is the project?

I want to be a voice actor though I did not do a single project but will happily do a project for a VN. If

 you need my discord id here it is @GenScientist#1413


Hey need any help with the game?

How can I not? I helped making the game.  

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Hey! Liked the game!

Thank you for the reply! And I had downloaded it and played it too.

A VN  maybe. But we have like a team but I want to work in a new VN project too. You can contact me @GenScientist#1413.

Can you still make room for my project?

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HI! I can help with voice acting for one of your characters free of charge that is if you allow me to do it. Looking forward to your reply!!! I can do a bit of programming with Ren'Py engine as well.

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Hey there! I can say that I am a writer and a bit of an programmer. I also want to join a team. Lets hope that we can be a team and bring a VN to life!!!! Find me  in discord @GenScientist#1413

Will you work for free?

Thanks for replying!!! And I did googling but it didn't satisfy me.

I loved the demo. Hay can I ask a favor? Can I use your backgrounds? Pretty please?

Eh. I was hoping it was free. But thank you so much for the reply

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These are very nice. Can I ask you to make some for me  too? If yes, then I could give you the details. :)

I can't seem to download it from here because it shows no options for downloading it. If someone can help the please do so

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I played the demo. I can't download its full version for free. So can't you make it a free game as in full version? Please do that. then the number of players you are having now you will get tons more. And I want to join your team for writing the story line. Can I? Overall it was like super duper awesome. But if it was free like the demo then a lot of people would be interested to play it. So in the end I'll say that please make the game in full version free. And if you want you can send an E-mail to my account. Inform me if you need it.