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ver. 4.0 of TWTWE

WASD - move
right click, drag - turn camera

walk up to character and click on character to talk
walk up to save or switch and click to activate

while in dialogue press x to exit dialogue
press z to skip ahead

-in dungeon
space rerolls the dungeon. use it if you get stuck with bad rng
you start on the bottom left of the dugneon the exit is in the top right

]-known bugs
-some pc's have been having a weird bug where some of the textures dont load and show up as black boxes. It has become more frequent and I still have no
idea what causes this, but i am working to find out. If you try the game and textures arent loading, just save/exit and start the game again. it sometimes
fixes the issue. Sorry for any inconveniance caused by this.

to send in a ticket for bugs found use the link:

or go to my itch page and turn it in there:

Enjoy and have fun! ^^

-all quests now work
-battle system fully and successfully integrated
-fixed the problem with the leaderboards
-game runs smoothly again
-implimented voices into the fights
-implimented changing music between overworld and battle sections

to be implimented:
-other backgrounds
-boss (the thing under the castle. dont go there. its not in yet)
-paradox effects

still broken:
-still unable to figure out the black textbox thing
-enemies still lose all health for no reason sometimes
-characters will sometimes stop working during fights. (will be fixed next patch)

I think it looks great. but like h1G said, animating it would look pretty cool.

Now everyone animates differently, also I am self taught, so this is by no means the academic end all be all on how to do it, but if i can give you some good ideas about how to go about tackling animating your characters, then its worth it. i hope this little tutorial helps out people who just do not know where to begin!

first i go ahead and bang out a design for the character. i show a sketch of what i want the character to look like what the colors im using are, how tall the character is compared to everyone else, so on, so forth.

Once thats done using this as a base on another layer,  i do a really rough animation just to make sure i got how the movement is supposed to feel down. if i dont like it it can be easily changed since this is so rough.

I then start touching up the rough animation going back over it and cleaning it up. making it look nice. I pay more attention to detail here and i try to smooth out the animation. this is probably the hardest part for me personally.

right after that is the flat colors. this is the most boring part of the whole process, but it does get the colors in place for the more fun parts.

next i start adding shading to give the character that pop they need to look good. this part is a bit easier for me, and gives me chances to get creative and have fun.

last but certainly not least, adding highlights onto the character to give it a light source. as well as any additional clean up needed.

Thats my step by step process of creating a character for my game. i hope this was helpful for you! maye this will give you an idea of how to get started.

these are actually really cool!

Thanks! ^^

I will most definetly take a look at it. I think ill stick with unity as my next engine (if only because i got a bunch of books as gifts on how to use blender and unity together from friends and family) but godot seems pretty cool and I think id love to learn it on the side. 

Blender's built in game engine actually! Its been my engine of choice since I first learned how to code. However, I decided its about time I graduated to a REAL game engine. And I chose unity as my next choice since a lot of the stuff I learned in blender could easily be carried over. 

Hello and welcome to the community! really happy to have someone with your experience here! dang 12 years! im actually switching over to unity soon enough, so maybe a little bit of that expertise can rub off on me. XD

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So i actually forgot that the community has a bug fix tab since no one (including me) uses the community. I figured since i JUST got a lot done today, i would post some patch notes here on all the bugs i have just managed to fix

-SAVE/LOAD system now works! managed to fix it!
-new way of turning the camera! better, more intuitive!
-talking to people is now done by clicking on them
-fixed dungeon models to be a bit more intuitive
-randomized dungeon is functional
-dialogue works
-text wrap has been refined so words dont leave the textbox
-added a skip dialogue function (press z)
-dialgoue/music stops when you skip
-camera has been moved out for better viewablility
-when you reset the dungeon with space, it restarts you at the entrance. so no more getting stuck in walls!
-enabled mipmaps for clearer textures
-no more gui on cutscenes
-made roofs/rooms transperent to make viewability better
-fixed the repeat sound when hovering over buttons
-fixed pause menu bricking your game
-fixed sounds continuing to run after dialogue is over/ when paused

hello and welcome to itch! sounds like we like many similar things! sounds like the type of novel that i would read XD but honestly, your work seems impressive and i cant wait to check it out. hope you enjoy your stay at itch! 

ey man, pixel art is tough, so i definitely respect you putting in the work to improve. anyways welcome to itch! 

chinwag thats the first time i've heard that term. XD but welcome to the site! i'm actually really into narrative games as well, problem being, i suck at making stories. but im looking forward to seeing the projects you put out!

Welcome to the site! the game looks fun! cant wait to check it out later! hope you have a good time here!

wow a game jam winner! I haven't joined a game jam yet, despite working on games for a while, thats pretty cool. welcome to itch! hope you continue to enjoy the community!

maybe not the fps, but the rest of those are pretty tough to do. it'll be a while till you can do them at a level your satisfied with, you hey, having high goals isnt a bad thing. and i like your determination! welcome to itch! cant wait to see what you manage to pull off. 

wow! all the way from turky? well welcome to itch. im sure you'll find lots of people willing to help teach you! hope you have a good time at the site!

hello and welcome XD looking forward to the games about cute fairies 

Hey there! I'm nixodemus1 and I've been working on this passion project called TWTWE: paradox wars. I am doing this game mostly by myself save a couple of voice actors and composers. Everything else is being done by me. My crew recently told me i need to stop overworking myself and should probably start brining more crew in to take some pressure off, and I'm starting to think they have a point. This has been a volunteer based passion project and as much as i wish i could pay everybody millions of dollars for their amazing work, i am dead broke.

If i havent somehow scared you away from the project yet, here is a video explaining everything you will need to know about the game.

im looking for animators, background artists, and concept artists to help me out with the project. Id really appreciate any time you can spare to help me out. let me know if you are interested either here in the comments or at my email at

finally got a bit of work done while making concept work for the characters in my game. also managed to make an update video.

TWTWE: ver. 3.0

Bug fixes:
- fixed healing
-animations are somewhat fixed, still go a little bit off rhythem
-optimization and slowdown issues somewhat fixed and taken care of
-menu not working has been fixed

to be fixed:

-rebecca's mini game still needs to be fixed for 1 click instead of multiple
-enemy in the back sometimes loses all health for no reason
-background problems

plans for the future:
-release demo soon enough once i finish work on mini demo
-once demo is released I'm going to start working on phase 2

-voice actors
Jaise Gilbert - Nathan Sherman -
Jessica - Rebecca Sherman - 
Anthony LoGatto - Geoffrey Murdock -
faketsuki - Misty - 
alexa - Althea Pearson - 

Anthony Breslin - old head composer, leaving after demo is released
Edwin Garcia - new head composer

none. at all. 

Extra points:
-any donations will go towards paying these people, and towards working on content for the game. i will not be keeping any of the money earned.
-jin released his game, go check it out and support a friend! -

I'll try to post something here when i actually have some art to post. tho my arts not to good, so dont expect much. ^^"

i would love to share! i dont really create much art these days since i hit the programming stage of my game and its been walls of text and not much doodling these days. XD hopefully i can get back into making more art again! i kinda miss it! 

ive been working on making the overworld for my rpg. its been a long, but fun process. I finished the main overworld for now, and im not working on making the dungeons.

oh my god the art is adorbale. and you are REALLY talented at this, huh? and a fellow aseprite user! im so happy to see someone else that also uses aseprite!

man everyone here is really talented artists. makes me think that i should start stepping my game up. your work is really good!

was working on blocking out the main overworld map in a mini demo. i think i did pretty good, if i do say so myself.

i can already say that anatomy is not my strongest point either, but these are amazing! waaay better than anything i could churn out. keep up the good work! cant wait to see more!

oh my god i love this. its so cute. XD

oh my god, your work is so unbelievably impressive! I cant help but feel a little awe inspired at the level of work you manage to bring to your music. Makes me wish I actually had money to pay for good pieces. XD

man, your music is SO GOOD. wish i had the money to actually pay people. keep up the good work! hope you find a great project to work on

Hope you have wonderful holidays!

hello and welcome! cant wait to see what you can bring to the table! ^^


hello! welcome to the site. ill check out your stuff later!

wow that sounds amazing! yeah I still make games in the BGE. I think this will be my 9th/10th year soon? nice to meet a fellow blender head. but nice to meet you! looking forward to seeing what you have to offer!

nice to meet you too! cant wait to see what you have to offer!

[introduction and disclaimers]

First of all, before I say anything else, thank you for checking out my project! I know that seeing hobby is a big turn away, so thanks for giving me a chance. The name of my game is TWTWE: paradox wars! (working title) It's an RPG! its also a passion project of mine that I am very excited for, and serious about. However, I also realize that it is a daunting task. First let me introduce you to the world of TWTWE! (you only have to watch the synopsis to get a feel, no need to watch the entire thing if you don't have the time)

If this project has you interested enough to keep reading, welcome! I'm glad you have a little faith in my project. However, I have to begrudgingly admit a few things here:

This is my first big game project that I am getting help from other people! I have made games before, but not on this scale, and usually alone. Thanks to that I will probably be inexperienced in directing and all other sorts of skills. Hopefully I can learn and grow and be a better director.
I am also a broke college student. I am releasing this game for free, and I am doing it with basically no budget. I am not a cheapskate, and I understand as a fellow artist that you should all be paid for your wonderful talents, unfortunately I am unable to do this, so this will mostly be a volunteer project.
to make it worse, I'm making an RPG which will probably need quite a bit of work on everybody's part. 

now if any of this is disconcerting and you would rather not get into this, trust me, if I were in your shoes, I'd do the same. I completely understand if you would like to not participate in this project. However, if I haven't somehow scared you away by now, I would like to welcome you with open arms and thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating in this project and helping me bring my vision to life.
If I'm doing something wrong, please feel free to call me out on it.


[voice acting]

So first thing's first: the voice acting auditions can be found here

Behind the voiceactors is my main mode of doing voice acting auditions, however, if you don't want to go through the hassle of creating an account, then just follow the same rules but send it to my email at I will try to get back to you as soon as humanly possible with feedback!



second, as for composer auditions, I really don't know how or where to set that up... So it will mostly be over here. If you feel interested in joining this project, please feel free to contact my email! once again, that is I'm sure we could talk and come to an agreement.

But before that, more disclaimers: (yeah I'm a troublesome person, I know...) I haven't completely figured out the sound I'm going for in my game. This makes me harder to work with since I don't know exactly what I want yet, but on the plus side, this means that anybody who specializes in any sort of video game music can audition and you all have an equal chance of being picked! so if you specialize in electronic funk, you have an equal chance as the guy who does full epic orchestral soundtracks!

Now here is some video game music I stumbled across on soundcloud that made me go "yeah, id like stuff like this in my game!" Once again, these are just examples I happened to stumble across, so don't worry if none of these are your style. I'm still undecided. 

music example playlist



Thank you very much for checking out my project and I hope that, despite the drawbacks, you volunteer and help me realize my dream game! I look forward to seeing what all you talented people have to offer! Just incase you missed it the last couple times I've said it: If you need to contact me, the email is Please follow my itch to keep up with the dev log and see the eventual game release at Also please follow me on youtube and twitter in order to keep up with news about the game and various behind the scenes looks. Have a good day! ^^

yooo thats amazing! a lot of games. nice to have someone with a lot of experience in the indie field! nice to meet you, hope we can get along!

(1 edit)

I now have a introduction video to my game!

now finally opening voice acting auditions!

Also looking for a composer for the music! I'm making great progress in the game, and now im looking forward to working with all of you!

update #3! finally got a lot done! it should be smooth sailing from here on out!