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Got a Youtube dev channel?

A topic by Time Stop Dev created 40 days ago Views: 112 Replies: 5
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i dunno, i find them weirdly soothing to follow, especially if they do livestreams so that i can put them in the background while the dev talks about stuff with the chat 

its nice to follow the struggles of other small companies, seeing people in conditions similar to mines makes my efforts look more worthwile to my eyes despite the fear that my projects might flop and all

hell, post your channels here if you have one and if you want to, i'd be glad to look into it

I only do poetry videos for now, but would like to follow anyone's dev channel.

boy is it your lucky day!

Ohhh id also like to follow some dev channels. I have one sorta? i say sorta cause while i do use it to live stream me working on assets, or post update videos to it, i also use it to live stream and post games. so if you in it PURELY for dev stuff, you might find my usual content annoying.

Hi I have one youtube channel making games. If you like it you can try to see one short trailer. hopes you like it and subscribe to my channel~Very appreciate.


I have a youtube channel dedicated to my current project where I post the OST for my visual novel (I'm a solo dev, so I make everything on my own). I guess it counts.