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"Absolution: way of the lost" is a psychological horror visual novel. You play as a young psychologist who was recently hired to work in a mental hospital. Interact with four patients throughout 20 unique sessions, manage your time, explore the hospital, make friends, and more.

Each of your patients deals with a different illness that you need to adress individually. The game offers challenging choices, tense situations to get the main character out of, and in-depth character exploration. If you like games with deep psychological elements, consider checking "Absolution" out. I post regular updates on's devlog, as well as Tumblr and the game's official Discord server!

~ Navypink

I have a youtube channel dedicated to my current project where I post the OST for my visual novel (I'm a solo dev, so I make everything on my own). I guess it counts.

I recently released a demo for a visual novel, "Absolution: way of the lost" here on It takes place in a mental hospital, through the eyes of a recently hired psychologist. I really put a lot of effort into potraying mental illness in that game, so I guess it counts. 

Absolution (demo) on

I know this post is kind of old, but still. Thought I'd contribute

I plan to make a small patch to the game that makes the text a little brighter, along with a few minor fixes soon, maybe even today. 

I don't know, I just thought it looked cool, honestly.

I didn't want to base her off of any 'psychologist stereotypes' in order not to associate her with them.

I wasn't sure if the game is scary in its current shape, but I guess I can't judge that. I'm glad you think it lives up to the 'horror' tag so far.

(And yes, it will get intentionally scary later on)

Thanks a lot~ 

Don't forget to join the discord sever! I'll gladly talk about the game there.

I loved the part where the main character says they like SAO and then the narrator says: "What a fruitful conversation! You've finally found someone with as bad a taste in anime as you". 10/10, really xd

Join the discord server, then. I'd love to hear your opinions of the characters and the story ~

Hey, I felt inspired and lazy about my own game and saw if it's possible to make different facial expressions for the demons. I started with Alice. Idk, might make some more. Feel free to use these if you ever make an update.



Idk, I just liked this game a lot. Have a nice day ~

I haven't downloaded this yet, but just looking at the page makes me smile. I wasn't aware there were SMT fangames like that. 

Btw I hope I can date Lilim. She's a cute waifu

I'll have to go back to that scene, it's been a while... 

It's the old night theme of Ayano's bedroom. It hasn't been in the game for a while, but I'm sure you can still find it on the internet

Thanks for the comment, I hope you're looking forward to my next game ~

Just try it on PC then, if that's the only thing that works. Thanks for being so determined to play my game despite the errors <3

I think that's a broader issue than with just this game, I don't know about mobile phones but maybe you'll find a solution there:

I hope this helps

Thank you so much for the nice comment~