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Ahh I can't believe it took me this long to notice this comment! ( notifications omit comments for whatever reason so I have to scroll every time I want to check them)

Thanks for replaying the game, it means a lot! <3 If you want to keep up with the total development progress, check out my trello checklist - I'll try to update it when I finish something new.

Lots of love, take care ~

Thanks a lot ~!

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Personally, I think making video games requires less patience than many other tasks because you can switch between different things so once you're bored with something you can just start doing something else. Just my thoughts, though.

Also, good luck at your college!

That's a strange error, I thought I fixed it by now... I remember this getting reported a while back and fixing it then, let me see the code real quick.

Okay, it looks like an issue of moving updates between versions. I fixed it. Whenever I release the next update it should be fine.

Thank you for your patience!

Ahh thank you so much :") It's really encouraging to see people like the demo so much, despite it being just a small part of the final game - there's a lot more to come.

If you want to keep up with development updates, either follow me on tumblr or join my discord server (links on the game's page).


There's a Muja ending (the nurse). I think you have to not hang out with Taro and then you'll get some options to get it...

A Mida ending might have been planned but scrapped since the game stopped after the first week.

I'm really amazed people are still playing this, if you need some walkthrough or something, feel free to contact me on Discord (@Navypink#6314) and we'll figure something out.

No problem, I hardly ever write here because it only feels justified when there's an update.

Thank you ~

The branching story is probably my favorite aspect of making "Absolution" - I always try to take into account if and how MC's actions could affect the people around her and her story. One of the branching systems I utilize is bad ending checks - at some points, the game will check how well you've done so far and decide whether or not it would make sense for you to continue the story. So the job interview (and the possibility of being fired on Monday and Friday) serve as a taste of these bad ending checks. The later you mess up, the worse the outcome is, so get ready to make some difficult choices!

Hi! I'm a solo game developer who got into music while making my current project, "Absolution: Way of the lost". I was hoping to open commissions as a way to raise money for voice acting in my visual novel. Here's a short demo of some of my work:

I mostly do music for the horror/thriller genre, but I'm open to all kinds of projects. I care a lot about the meaning behind my music, so I utlize a lot of leitmotifs and hidden references when composing. I believe that music has an ability to tell a story as much as art or words.


The base price per track is 50$. However, it can change depending on these factors:

  • the more tracks you commission, the lower the price of an individual track becomes - and if you ask me to compose a whole soundtrack for you, I'll lower it further as thanks,
  • if the song is very simple/short, I'll lower the price,
  • if it's very long (4+ minutes or so, depending on the pace) it will cost more,
  • if you want the song synced to something (like an animated cutscene or a credits sequence) it will cost extra,

In general, expect the price per track to be between 30$ and 60$.


For further questions (like providing examples of a specific kind of track or the exact pricing in your case) and commissioning my work, contact me on Discord at Navypink#6314.

I look forward to working with you ~

The 24th of October is MC's canonical birthday, yes. It's also the day around which development of this game began. Your birthday being on the same day as MC is a very interesting coincidence, though! Some of the characters share their birthdays with people I know (like me and Michael having the same birthday), but MC wasn't like that - so you can almost think of her birthday being chosen after yours. Thank you for sharing your thoughts <3

The typos are being fixed, some of them are only in the demo and fixed in the full version. Thanks again for streaming, I really enjoyed it!

Thank you ~

I agree, but since I'm making this game I have the mindset of making it as good as I can, even in the areas that I'm less comfortable with. Still, the heart of the story is the narrative, like you said.

Aw, thanks <3

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It might be as simple as you choosing the option that ends the session more quickly. My bad.

EDIT: I can't believe you asked him that lol

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Got it, will fix it right away ~

Actually, I feel like some of my testers from way back reported this issue and I dug through the code, unable to find anything wrong with it then. I'll try it again, but there's definitely something going on with that Michael session. Thanks for reminding me, anyway.

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Oh no, that's a perfectly valid point. No offense taken.

I myself am not very happy with a lot of the graphics, I try to get better and redo them sometimes, but well - like you said, it won't be perfect. I'm constantly improving and fixing things, I personally think my art doesn't look very good and I agree with a lot of the examples you brought up. Still, I think the new sprites are an improvement over the old, even if the shading makes the colors kind of dark and greyish. That's something I'm still working on improving.

Honestly, if I could do cell shading that looked good, I would and it would save me a lot of time as well. But for some reason I just can never get it right digitally. 

If you're on my discord already, feel free to say hi. Valid criticism only means you care about the project, not that you're trying to hate on it or sabotage it. 

Thank you for the honest criticism ~

Thank you for the kind words <3

Thanks ~

Staying healthy isn't that hard once you literally never leave the house, but thank you for your concern. I hope you're staying safe as well.

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So I spent the whole day playing visual novels from and I have to say - this has been quite the experience. I did have some issues with the game which might have to do with me being overly critical at times, but overall I think this vn has a lot of potential and needs more publicity.

The art was pretty for the most part, especially the few CGs we got. The voice acting was good, whenever it appeared. I'm not sure if you want the whole game to be voiced eventually or if this is the intended state, either way the voices match the characters well, I feel.

I was very suspicious of Clive at first, but I'll let that slide. Kay is a sweetheart. 

Really enjoyed the demo and all the choices it had, I was pretty much hooked from the start. Good job ~

P.S.: This has to be my favorite line in any otome game ever.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game ~

Lots of love <3

And thank you for leaving the nice comment ~ 

The content warnings apply to the full game, but I figured I wouldn't want people enjoying the demo and then not being able to play the full game because it does get heavy later on content-wise. The jumpscares are pretty rare and don't really happen on most of the routes. But I like elaborate content warnings, so I put everything in it.

I'm glad you like Michael, he seems to be pretty popular among players.

Thank you for the nice comment ~ 

I'm very grateful you decided to make an account just for this, reviews like these  really motivate me to keep working on the game.

The two endings you got seem to be the "bad" endings which you can't continue from in the full game.

To get on a patient's route (one of the four) you will need to spend one session a day with them. Just make sure to spend at least one session (tuesday to friday, monday is scripted to get to everyone) with everyone else, or you'll be accused of neglecting your patients and fired. Additionally, you'll need to get most answers during their sessions right. 

To get on Sharpe's route, do your best during the job interview and spend an equal amount of sessions with everyone. And for Elizabeth, you just need to hang out with her every day since tuesday and try not to say something that will upset her.

To put it simply: you can't proceed without selecting a route, and there's no menu to do that - you need to get on a route throughout week 1.

I hope you have fun exploring the different paths you can take in the demo. Thank you for your kind words ~

I'm glad you liked the demo so much ~

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I fully understand your concerns regarding my game's potrayal of the sensitive subject that is mental illness.

One of the reasons that I, after 2 whole years of development, am so motivated to finish this game on my own is the way it adresses mental health and the many false, harmful stereotypes surrounding it. That means I am very careful with the sources I trust and the inspirations behind certain characters. In my opinion, I have been very mindful of how my game might shape the players' mental image of the illnesses presented in it, and of the people struggling with them. 

From what I've heard from both my testers and the players on, the characters are potrayed as realistically and respectfully as possible. Of course, some of them were more difficult for me to grasp than others, but so far I've had no negative feedback regarding that aspect of the game. I believe the key to creating mentally ill characters in a respective and positive way is to simply treat them like any other character. We are all people, with real thoughts, feelings and motivations, regardless of our mental health - this is the message I'm trying to send with this game: that people with psychiatric disorders are not antagonists - they're not serial killers, creepy stalkers, or some monsters out of a horror movie. Now, you may be confused as to where the "horror" tag comes from, given that. Suffering a mental illness, especially when not treated, is a very difficult and frightening experience for the sufferer and their loved ones - but I'm sure you know that much, given your story. The true horror of "Absolution" comes from the feelings of loss, loneliness and helplessness experienced by people like you. I think it's a subject that should be explored in any medium, as long as it's done in a truthful manner. 

I would also like to mention that I am a life-long sufferer of multiple different mental health problems and I know, just as much as you do, how it feels to be left out and misunderstood. I've heard responses anyhwere from: "Mental illness? You? Ha!" to "But you're not going to kill me, right?". Even if I haven't personally experienced everything potrayed in this game, I feel like I care a lot about what is said and shown in it, because it concerns me as well.

One of my hopes for this game is for it to be able to someday build an open-minded, comfortable community where people can share and discuss their experiences, learn more about what mental illness is like, etc. That's why I am always very fond of people approaching me about the game to talk about how it relates to their experiences. If you have the time and want to contribute, I would love to discuss your criticisms and thoughts on the potrayal of this topic within the demo - it's never too late to tweak a thing or two if I learn something new. You can find me on discord via the game's server.

Now, to answer the points you made

  • any mental illness can lead to hospitalization if left untreated and faced with a lot of outside pressure/difficult experiences. OCD and panic disorder (it's the name of the disorder) in this game aren't the most typical cases, but they're both very much possible,
  • forgive me for my lack of knowledge on american TV shows, I have never seen Judge Judy and I didn't know there was such a thing until now,
  • there is a lot of variety in every disorder, so I wouldn't be that certain of the 99% statistic,
  • actually, I would argue with your definition of a psychopath, I don't think most of them are violent by nature like you described,

I look forward to your response once you play the demo. It's been a pleasure.

~ Navypink

Did you save your game, but it got corrupted?

Also, consider turning gauge meters on if you're having trouble - that way you can try every option and see which one raises the likelihood of your success.

Thank you  ~

I might have to take a break for a month, but we'll see about that (I hope I won't have to, but work's piling up and I have deadlines).

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Thank you ~

Michael's route is nearly finished until the fourth week of the game, I'll have to do some final testing, but I think it'll be fine.

As for Charlie, I'll go back to him once I feel like I can write something good.

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Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment ~

If you're curious about Charlie and Tom, you can always replay the game and spend one session each day with one of them - I put the more interesting things about each patient in the later sessions so only the more commited players will see them - it's how you get on their route, by spending as much time as possible with them without neglecting anyone. But I see why you'd want to treat everyone equally.

Again, consider checking out the rest of their sessions - I won't spoil anything, but you probably won't regret it.

Yes, Dr. Sharpe is a love interest, and so is Elizabeth. I thought it would be nice for a side character like him to be explored a bit more rather than just being a soulless plot device.

Thank you very much, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too ~

The setting was always a huge part of this game, and it was really the initial idea - to make an otome where you're a psychologist in a mental hospital. I just thought the sessions format was an interesting way to interact with the characters.

Make sure to check out the game's Discord server to stay up to date on all "Absolution"-related content.

Thank you so much. I'm very glad the game surpassed your expectations <3

Merry Christmas ~

Currently rewriting a long event on the fourth week of Michael's route - I'm fortunate to be in the mood for this recently and it's been very motivational to see all the recent progress. I appreciate your concern, though ~

Besides, I can still make time for school and Netflix, so it's all good.

Thank you, I'm trying to get as much progress as possible done in December. My current goal is one asset a day and more on the weekends.

Thank you ~

I think I should add this to the game's site, but anyway:

Development plans postAnniversary post

I wasn't going for any time period in particular, I guess it's set whenever it comes out.

Thank you for your continued support ~

Ummm, I'm not sure how it would work.

Thank you for the praise, I really appreciate it ~

I actually made some posts here on about my plans regarding the game's schedule and plans of release. If you're interested, that might be the place to look:

Development plans postAnniversary post

Or just ask me on the discord server.

Thank you so much for the nice comment ~

I'm glad you like William, he seems to be the least popular of the four, which worried me a bit, since he's also my personal favorite.

Until the full game is released, feel free to follow my development blog on tumblr or join the discord server for updates.

Thank you for leaving a comment ~

Michael seems to be the fan favorite so far, and it honestly makes me quite happy, given the nature of his illness and his introduction. It's a miracle that the soundtrack seems to work so well, given my complete lack of knowledge on music, so it's very nice to hear that it serves its purpose.

The whole point of this game is to avoid negative stereotypes about mental illness - I have heard feedback regarding the later parts of the game that the sensitive issues are tackled well so far, at least until halfway through the game. 

I'm putting a lot of effort into the game, I really appreciate the feedback.