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TWTWE: paradox wars

A topic by nixodemus1 created Jul 25, 2017 Views: 193 Replies: 3
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TWTWE is short for the way the world ends. and is actually a game based off of a bad webcomic I am doing. The comic is ending soon and this game was supposed to be a final send off to the series while its still in my hands. The game will feature new characters and a new story line set in the same world with the same premise so you do not have to read the comic to understand whats going on. The game is a turn based RPG where each character has a unique minigame for their attack. I have so far been working on the battle system. This game was made in blender. 


this is sort of the initial update showing where the state of the game was at the time and how the battle system works. its a 12 minute long video and i apologize for that, but its a good way of seeing what the game has to offer at the moment, and some of what i plan to offer in the future. I would like to say the the game is going to be character driven story, but i do want the gameplay to be as tight as it can be first.

remember, this game is still in pre-alpha so a lot of the graphics will improve over time!


this one ended up being about 24 minutes which is even worse. but that only because I had so much that I couldnt wait to talk about. 

for those of you who would rather not watch a 24 minute video Here is the short of what is going on with the game at this moment:

[What has been finished]

-have added a character select screen
-made by blueprintrandom

-can now have all 4 characters on screen at once

-overhauled the UI.
-added a bar for paradox (mana)
-redesigned how the menu works
-new buttons.
-new action gauge

-have added an enemy randomizer

-if randomizer loads in 0 enemies it just ends the battle

-nathan and the unnamed character are completely finished now

-all the programming and extra assets for rebecca are already in place. I just have to animate the actual character herself now

-misty will be the last main character I do before I start working on the rest of the demo

[what needs to be done]

-there is some kind of bug where nathan and the unnamed characters special attacks do now work properly. I cant find anything wrong with the programming, and it doesnt happen often enough for me to be able to figure out exactly whats causing it.

-doing rebecca's sprites.

-doing the entirity of misty

-making backgrounds for the battles

-fixing up the character select cause that comes with its own problems

-overworld. All of it. 

[in other news]

-comic. almost halfway done. no really. 

-now have an page for the game!
 will be public after this video is uploaded
 does not have a playable game to download. sorry. 

the % finished on itch is reflective of the game as a whole and not of the demo which will only be about 30% of the game. Thank you for reading this long post and watching these long videos. ^^ if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to throw them my way. If there is anything I wasnt very clear on please let me know so i can come back and edit this to make it better.  

update #3! finally got a lot done! it should be smooth sailing from here on out!

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I now have a introduction video to my game!

now finally opening voice acting auditions!

Also looking for a composer for the music! I'm making great progress in the game, and now im looking forward to working with all of you!

TWTWE: ver. 3.0

Bug fixes:
- fixed healing
-animations are somewhat fixed, still go a little bit off rhythem
-optimization and slowdown issues somewhat fixed and taken care of
-menu not working has been fixed

to be fixed:

-rebecca's mini game still needs to be fixed for 1 click instead of multiple
-enemy in the back sometimes loses all health for no reason
-background problems

plans for the future:
-release demo soon enough once i finish work on mini demo
-once demo is released I'm going to start working on phase 2

-voice actors
Jaise Gilbert - Nathan Sherman -
Jessica - Rebecca Sherman - 
Anthony LoGatto - Geoffrey Murdock -
faketsuki - Misty - 
alexa - Althea Pearson - 

Anthony Breslin - old head composer, leaving after demo is released
Edwin Garcia - new head composer

none. at all. 

Extra points:
-any donations will go towards paying these people, and towards working on content for the game. i will not be keeping any of the money earned.
-jin released his game, go check it out and support a friend! -