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Whatcha Working On?

A topic by Bree Wolf created Dec 03, 2015 Views: 2,897 Replies: 30
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I always dig these kinds of threads in art forums. Post whatever you're working on, right now- doesn't have to be big or finished or even for a game.

This was my lil bit of fun tonight. I missed drawing my roller derby magical girl comic, so I animated one of the lead characters from it.


I'm working on a background for one of the scenes in my game. It's the last background I need to make for this section of the game, so I'm pretty excited! It's also a bit of a weird one since it's going to have some puzzle elements that have various ways of solving depending on a choice made earlier in the game.


Hope it's ok that I'm posting here again, I'm really happy with how this image is turning out. I've never been that great at drawing bodies of water or starry skies, so I'm pretty proud of this one!


A game called Calm Until Night Time, all written in Batch (or DOS if that makes more sense!)

Wow... that's... impressive. I had no idea batch was so powerful.

I don't actually know how to embed screenshots...


Just paste the address of your image by itself on a new line and hit Enter. The editor will embed it for you. Where to get the address? For example, go to your game's listing, right-click on a screenshot and choose "Copy link location".

By the way, thumbs up for text-based RPGs. I run Linux, so I can't play yours, but it looks whimsical and fun. Good work!


Here's the latest animation I'm working on for my game Guinea Pig Parkour.

A running stop/idle animation -- because parkour is exhausting for a guinea pig.

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My most recent release, the Prologue to a 7 Chapter story game!

Lost and Found

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Working on a chess-ish game with dungeon monsters called Catacomb Chess. Currently working on colour themes:

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Finishing the Forest Sprite Pack i'll release on Unity's Asset Store and here on

It looks like the same with my work.

This character's story atm

I tried to make an illustration for my game Lost In Space

The cover illustration for my latest comic.

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Creating digital fire. It keeps you and your CPU warm.

I am kind of a newbie... mostly being reader and viewer to some visual novel and RPG...

Currently, I try to make a short story in Twine; titled 2 Minutes Late(r) ^^

I'm currently trying to get more involved in the community and give some feedback, until I have a prototype/demo I'm happy to put out for criticism. That said, I'm trying to change up my art style from badly drawn high-res "pixel" art, to actual minimalist good looking pixel art haha. Like right now I drew my main char as a 64x64 and I like him, but his proportions are too off from being too large compared with the natural unrealistic-ness of pixel art. So I'm working on reducing him to a 32x32 sprite!

A game called Legends of an Ancient City: Into the Depths. It's our first game, and will be a rogue like dungeon game with terrain-based combat and more special stuff.

A completely hand-drawn game called Nepenthe:


Working on more objects for isometric games. Already have up a basic nature tilemap and objects in the store :)


Those treasure chests are especially sweet!


Working on this lil guy (he's actually much littler but I made him a bit bigger for this thread so you can see him). I'd really appreciate any feedback anyone has (not sure if this is the right place to post this?). I am a total baby when it comes to animation, I think this is the third or fourth thing I've tried to make, so any criticism would be really welcome :).

When standing it looks like it would fall because it is leaning over so far, and not standing up straight.


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Playing around with colours and getting used to FireAlpaca.


These are dope!


ive been working on making the overworld for my rpg. its been a long, but fun process. I finished the main overworld for now, and im not working on making the dungeons.

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Done with Krita. Does the ground surface look to dark compared to the vegetation?

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I've recently started studying animation in pixel art for my own game.

Placing small details adds a lot to the immersion thats one thing I learned for sure.

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Working on traffic.

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