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Incredible prose poetry(?) game, very thought-provoking and delightfully meditative

Really excited for this!!!!!

really excellent game mechanics at play! I look forward to seeing where you go with this :)

ᴛᏂαnκѕ ғoг maᴋו𝕟g tҺוs!

Thanks, I’ll get to work on fixing this :)

do you know what the file name is for this gif by any chance?

that’s unfortunately a known problem with Catalina—I’m working on a solution,  but I don’t know  how hard this will turn out to be.

Thank you for organizing this :)

same here, is there any way to still submit my game to the bundle?

ikr! I was surprised as well when my order actually arrived :)

I recently uncovered some "new" (from 2004) previously unseen Tara videos; thought you might enjoy

End of the day — 1 submission, that didn't follow the rules... Hope this was at least a thought provoking idea, I guess 🙃

(hope this is the right place to post this, if not I'll move it somewhere else)

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I have a whole bunch of random domain names lying around (from an abandoned ARG), and thought I might as well offer them to the community—they might be useful if you want to do an ARG, or promote a creepy game of yours, idk.🙃

If any of the following domains would be useful to you, either comment below or DM me at yitzilitt [at], and I'll happily give it to you (if you can, I'd appreciate if you pay some amount for it, but if you can't afford to do so, that's fine):

That's perfectly fine, do what's best for you :)

yes and yes, although I'll frown disapprovingly at you :)

what can I say, "butt" you're welcome... ♫

...sorry ;)

lol, that's a great idea—it should be fine to do!

I didn't think about that, but sure! It could be a fan game if you want :)

Of course if you want to, you can go all-out and make your own webpage, but that isn't really necessary. It all depends on what non-game you want to make... is probably the easiest option, since if you are reading this, you're already halfway there. :)

Here's some more info, from Itch itself:

Have any questions about this weird thing?

Ask them here!

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very professional file monitor—10/10

just wondering

any plans on doing a mac release?

I felt oddly tense playing this. A bit too real, I guess ;)

Is there only supposed to be 4 flys?

Is there a way to turn off the "death animations"?

really enjoyed it!


I quit out, around "level" 10; did I lose any progress, or is there no need to redo what I've done so far?

any chance of having a mac executable in the future?

very nice "altgame."

I'd prefer a bit more content, in terms of graphics (more than the single forest to explore), but otherwise thought-provoking and cool!

what do you think of this  or this ?

also, I checked out your stuff and it looks awesome!

Thanks for the honest critique!

May I ask for your opinion on how I may make the display picture better?

thanks for the response!