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really excellent game mechanics at play! I look forward to seeing where you go with this :)

ᴛᏂαnκѕ ғoг maᴋו𝕟g tҺוs!

Thanks, I’ll get to work on fixing this :)

do you know what the file name is for this gif by any chance?

that’s unfortunately a known problem with Catalina—I’m working on a solution,  but I don’t know  how hard this will turn out to be.

Thank you for organizing this :)

same here, is there any way to still submit my game to the bundle?

ikr! I was surprised as well when my order actually arrived :)

I recently uncovered some "new" (from 2004) previously unseen Tara videos; thought you might enjoy

End of the day — 1 submission, that didn't follow the rules... Hope this was at least a thought provoking idea, I guess 🙃

(hope this is the right place to post this, if not I'll move it somewhere else)

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I have a whole bunch of random domain names lying around (from an abandoned ARG), and thought I might as well offer them to the community—they might be useful if you want to do an ARG, or promote a creepy game of yours, idk.🙃

If any of the following domains would be useful to you, either comment below or DM me at yitzilitt [at], and I'll happily give it to you (if you can, I'd appreciate if you pay some amount for it, but if you can't afford to do so, that's fine):

That's perfectly fine, do what's best for you :)

yes and yes, although I'll frown disapprovingly at you :)

what can I say, "butt" you're welcome... ♫

...sorry ;)

lol, that's a great idea—it should be fine to do!

I didn't think about that, but sure! It could be a fan game if you want :)

Of course if you want to, you can go all-out and make your own webpage, but that isn't really necessary. It all depends on what non-game you want to make... is probably the easiest option, since if you are reading this, you're already halfway there. :)

Here's some more info, from Itch itself:

Have any questions about this weird thing?

Ask them here!

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very professional file monitor—10/10

there seems to be less content than there was at first?

just wondering

any plans on doing a mac release?

I felt oddly tense playing this. A bit too real, I guess ;)

Is there only supposed to be 4 flys?

Is there a way to turn off the "death animations"?

really enjoyed it!


I quit out, around "level" 10; did I lose any progress, or is there no need to redo what I've done so far?

any chance of having a mac executable in the future?

very nice "altgame."

I'd prefer a bit more content, in terms of graphics (more than the single forest to explore), but otherwise thought-provoking and cool!

what do you think of this  or this ?

also, I checked out your stuff and it looks awesome!

Thanks for the honest critique!

May I ask for your opinion on how I may make the display picture better?

thanks for the response!

would you buy the assets for (samples below), and if so, how much would you pay?

press spacebar to win.

(This a semi-cannon (depending on player actions) spiritual successor to

Someone wrote this about you!