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would you buy this?

A topic by Yitz created Feb 13, 2018 Views: 320 Replies: 12
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would you buy the assets for (samples below), and if so, how much would you pay?

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Wow that's quite a lot of stuff you drew there! I would not buy it because for me the quality is not high enough. Don't forget the hand drawn style in games has a very personal feeling to it, and I think many developers using the hand-drawn style usually wish to express themselves by them self. Anyway you earned yourself some respect! I'm sure this alone leveled up your art skills and if you re-did it now it would look 2x as good. Maybe try ink?

thanks for the response!


Looks great for indie! This is quite uncommon as it uses Traditional art, And that's nice to see once in a while!


this shows good planning skills but the drawing ability and animation is very poor. Also your display picture is ridiculously bad. I make games professionally and this would never fly. One thing I do like is the idea of this drawing style being a deliberate choice do make a very unique look for a game. Maybe consider re-drawing these assets in digital format. 

Thanks for the honest critique!

May I ask for your opinion on how I may make the display picture better?


Any time man. I used to Art Direct games so that was sort of my job. In regards to the display picture above. Id suggest showing a face in the image. People connect with eyes so at the very least show your eyes in the picture. Think of the subtext an image conveys and how you want to brand yourself. 

what do you think of this  or this ?


The  one on the right looks dope.

also, I checked out your stuff and it looks awesome!

oOo! thank you so much. I appreciate you looking :D. Ill try to add some more to when I get more time.

uhmmm... right click the images and hit save as
then you can cut out the other parts and enlarge


Great stuff.  The fact that this is the real art came from hand to hand.