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Zan Kizuna

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Fulfillment is my favorite one of these, what a chill vibe!!!

Thank you for your feedback!! <3
I'm glad you loved it!!

The developers of Lachesis V Atropos is Shino's team. Zan Kizuna (that's me) simply contributed a little programming!

Thank you very much <3

Thank you for posting gameplay of Softwar!!

Thank you so so much for the kind words!

ayoo i gotta check this one out! Melissa is a viruses' name!!

Hello! Thanks for checking SoftWar out!! <3 It just takes a good amount of momentum, i think! Still working on it!

Thank you so much for playing!! I will write it down!! Glad you found the game uguu!

ahh! sorry, it was a weird decision, might change it
when I built the UI i was in college, some years back and I had a mac laptop for it.

late reply!! thanks for the very very very good review!!
I think of these comments a lot!
changes to the game are happening everyday including fixes to these! Thanks yooo!

this game is sooo fun! switching characters is smooth and really fresh for platformer!

Thank you for your kind words! Congrats on releasing your submission as well!

Scarlet is so cute!! <3

we haven't even played the game and there's comments already what a badass

Thanks!! That means a lot!!

This game is so prettyy!!!

good to see you! 

That's so sweet, whahhaha it's gonna be more of a miracle if it's finished, please stay tuned!

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let's  do it, #loveindies on twitter and all!

My favorite indie game(Visual Novel) is Monochrome Blues by LIZM!

You can all rest now...

Or keep Devving and go start marketing your finished products!


You may share your projects here, boast of what innovations you made in your art, story, or gameplay!

cute game umu

Password is Atomic Number 13 

Really rough build for now.

I absolutely enjoyed the OST on this one!

Magic ways is the best

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Heyyy! Thanks man

you're everywhere in the VN sceme! You commented on our baby back at lemmasoft man. Thanks for downloading!

heyyy Megasaber!! What's up?

Thank you so much! We're  gonna do our best!

Thank you!!! I'm glad you liked it! Very much!! Contributions are open bro! Actually I was just thinking of approving your proposal to join the team, seeing your abilities..

Sweet looking art.. definitely trying this one out!! and... ALIENS!


Cute Astronaut girl!

Daaaaammn it's so fulfilling waaahhh

Heyyy Who are you again? let's be friends! 

Thanks a lot for the support!

can't wait for your reaction!

thank you very much for your response! We're definitely making improvements to make the full release as fulfilling as it can be!

We're actually digging the idea to make a manga out of this, too.

Maybe in the future :) thanks for your interest in SoftWar!

Congratulations!! Great job. The good parts got blacked out? That's too bad. hahaha!

thank you! Really appreciate the true support!

heya! I see you're a fan of programs too! 

We did our best in making it, glad you enjoyed the game, and hey! These suggestions will definitely reach the team.

We hope you had at least a bit of fun! Hahaha

Thanks for the support!

Please look forward for the full release!

There's a load of improvement we can still make, so stay tuned! 

Thanks for the feedback! More softwars coming this May!

It's up! Thanks for your interest! please enjoy the game!