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We're celebrating #loveindies2019, are you?

We love indies at so we’re happy to support #loveindies2019!

But what is #loveindies?

An annual celebration of all things indie, #loveindies is a concerted push to connect developers with the fans who love their games. Tell your friends about your favorite games or find new ones with the following features.

Get up to date on your favorite creators through our follow feature. At the top right of any game page you’ll find a follow button which will add that creator to your Feed. In your feed you can get notified whenever the folks you follow have launched a new game, added something to their collections, or rated a new game. The best part? This isn’t a limited-time project, if a dev you follow launches a game in 6 months you’ll still get notified.

So what about letting your friends know what you’re into? That’s where rating comes in. Also at the top right of any game page is a prompt to rate the project. Not only will this rating go out to anyone who follows you, it’s also valuable feedback for the developers themselves. From one to five stars you can let the world know that you love a project.

Finally, you can always just tell your friends about games directly. Part of what makes #loveindies so great is that it’s an event dedicated to positively sharing the art that has meaning to you. Even if you don’t want to follow or rate games, telling people about your favorite projects is still super important and a great way to take part in the festivities.

What are your favorite indie games? Share the love in the comments below.

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let's  do it, #loveindies on twitter and all!

My favorite indie game(Visual Novel) is Monochrome Blues by LIZM!


You guys have done some much for us. #Respect

I love 😁


Love this place and the efforts gone into it, y'all are great for hosting!