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This is weird but really fun !!

it's pretty unique aesthetic for a 3D game

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It's a horror adventure game but not just any run-of-the-mill horror game. It has a great story. This reminds me of Witcher and God of War but stylized with an additional element of horror. Witcher and God of War fans will totally love this.

Some pics of the game (taken from the page): 

P. S : The game is still in active development

You got some amazing work done. Keep going !!!!

Link The Lines

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Hello, everyone. I just did a complete makeover for my game Link The Lines. Available for Windows. It is a puzzle game where you place certain pieces in a certain order to achieve a flowing pattern. Hope you would enjoy it!!! : )


Hello, everyone. This game existed before but I decided to make it better. So, here it is. Hope you enjoy playing. I would love to hear from you about your playthrough.

P.S: This game is only in beta so there are not much levels in it. The final build will have ten more levels with increasing difficulty

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DISCLAIMER: The point I am about to mention is purely my opinion. You have the full right to disagree with it.

Hello, devs I heard that you are announcing Among Us 2. As much as I am delighted, I don't really know if it is necessary. Cutting it short, Among Us is already an established game which is popular as well. So, creating new content for an existing, established game would be better than creating a sequel. This argument works even better for Among Us since it is a multiplayer, content-driven game. Thus, I feel no need for a sequel.

But, then it is your you have the right to go according to your plans totally. I just want you to consider this point if you haven't. Thank you.

I am an Indian, and it's great to see this game capturing the Indian life.

For some critic, I would say that the football (brings back memories) system is amazing but a little bit clunky.

Other than that, I don't have to say much. I played the demo and it was amazing. 

Yeah...I didn't get much time to work on this one. Thanks for playing anyway

Thanks for your playthrough. Hope you enjoyed.

Yeah... Two days isn't really enough for me to think a unique idea. I need much more time to think of good ideas

Do you have any devlogs about the game ?

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Man. You were just bombarding lots of information at once. Maybe do it gradually or incorporate it into the gameplay. Also the music seems to cut off. Not a big deal, but it certainly distracts me from the game. Maybe make it seamless or add a little pause before restarting it. 

On a positive not though, the way you incorporated the one key condition was unique

Very similar to Try Not To Fall Asleep. Great game and sound design.

Great sounds. The spaceship feels very fluid while moving. But, aiming is difficult. Maybe add a crosshair

Amazing. Just amazing. From the idea to the execution everything was fantastic. 

The directions of where the force is added isn't really intuitive. Feels very random. Also maybe add a punchy sound effect when kicked and some screen shake.

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Thanks for the appreciation and feedback


I did try giving inertia. But it posed a new problem. Whenever the shifter basket would change direction the inertia of the ball would make it fall of from the basket

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I saw Jacksepticeye play the game. Amazing concept and execution. The aesthetics are kinda unsettling which makes the game better.

I will be 25

Thanks for playing. I am happy you enjoyed.

Well, I had been giving IQ tests where there would be water image questions, so I just gave water image without putting much thought. Also, the soul reason why there is no character is that I just SUCK at character design and creation, and with so less time, it was very difficult. As for the music, It is my biggest regret. But, I was learning to make music when the jam happened.

Thanks. The art was something that I spend the most of my time during the jam. I am happy it stood out.

Haha, surely it is obvious after finishing it.

I don't know if I would get noticed or if I have my made a great game. But I think it is certainly enjoyable. Hope you enjoy to

Here is mine. It is a short experience. You will enjoy it

This is my game. Hope you enjoy playing

Please check my game out. I would be extremely grateful

Here is my game. Hope you enjoy playing it:

I would be very grateful if you check out my game. It has 7 ratings at the moment

Thank you so much

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Thumbs up to you for playing

Yeah! That was actually the first thing that came to my mind even before a game idea.

Thank you for playing 

Thanks for everything

Please rate my one it has very few ratings