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Oh gosh... I have so many shameful excuses to not return here sooner rather than later (it has been a year, man..)

But, hoping that rinsoo is still active here and if there is someone out there trying to figure out the exact path to achieve Bartender's Reunion Ending, here is the SPOILER (which works for me but I don't know with another combination):

  • Achieve Rina's Reconciliation Ending (the best friend's top list in Extras; be humble and try to be honest)
  • Achieve Ace's Mutual Trust Ending (the brother's lowest list in Extras; be humble and honest, but also a bit protective)
  • Start a new game/reading, choose "There is no one else"
  • I at least had encounter two type of questions for each of her best friend and brother, which seems affected by the ending the player just got or also likely be randomly emanate...
  • But in my case, when Dawn wonders if her relationship with Rina can be mended, answer "Let it go"
  • When Dawn argues about her siblinghood, answer "Why can't you both look up to each other?"
  • Finally, when Dawn asks for another drink, refuse her or say "No". The next narration will lead you to Reunion Ending, in which it will show Dawn approaches her best friend and brother instead of falling down :)
  • I don't know if there is another combination beside Reconciliation+Trust (or if it works the other way=> Trust+Reconciliation), but it more likely only leads to the other two of Bartender's Ending.
  • Plus: If you answer the three final question correctly but outside the combination above, you will go to Moving On Ending; in which the door shows the enlightment but the credit still show Dawn falling among the Red Spider Lily.

Okay... So here is the thing (LIGHT SPOILER):

a. (You'll recognize this map if you have finished Grey Plague at least once. I am not too diligent like some game tester out there to check the log and code behind this novel, but here is what I tried to get back to Ending 1... and failed :'D )

Failed Attempt 1: I thought that being nice, checking every people's condition, healing them etc and not getting any medicine just lead me to Ending 2. With that in mind, I deliberately didn't act nice, not using my power on any plagued people; but the narration insisted on me to use the power on my Grandma although I had no experience of using it at the lesser case! Not surprisingly, I got on Ending 2. I concluded that my interactions with others before going to Poor District didn't affect Grandma nor the endings.

Failed Attempt 2: Next, I tried on the combination of the medicine. The Apartement really functioned as a checkpoint where you could go back to refill your pocket and have enough money to buy the medicine.The wrong combination (especially using Microcube) got her worse,but the right combination (buying three kind of pills that suggested by the doctor at the hospital) was only told as something like "she seems getting better and her eyes twitches"Giving the medicine cautiously or indicating overdose also didn't affect anything, I was led to shake her body or finally calling Mom. Welcome me to Ending 2, again.

Failed Attempt 3: Regarding those two attempts. I guessed I had to prioritize Grandma. I tried to skip any choices that hinder my immediate way to Grandma's house, so I only moved from the mall to apartment to gain enough money to buy the medicine and not buying any breakfast for Mom. I was instructed to greet my friend first before I could go into the bus. However.... when I went straight away to Poor District, I couldn't pass into her house as the narration said such a thing "I need to complete my Mom's mission". It got worse as the game made me stuck to that scene in front of Grandma's house, because I couldn't click back to the bus nor click into the house. This is hella divine intervention working out there (or bugs.... mostly bugs xD)

b. ....It is more likely my memory alternating the reality, so forgive me for the miscommunication and my past claim of achieving Ending 1 ^^;

c. This bugs might be not fixed, as this VN would be traced back to the creator's project 2 years ago and the content seems more focused to the educational part (in my case, how much time or how perfect I played the cell simulation also didn't affect the overall plot) rather than chasing both endings of the story. I choose to assume that "hidden" Ending 1 is intentional enough to keep the player wondering "there must be another way to save my grandma" or accepting that the Grandma's condition had been already beyond critical (regarding the memory loss, the age, and the severity of her lungs); and like most of Angela He's previous works, it leads to the premise of "letting go". Moreover, with the most modern tools in medic, you don't mess up with brain that easily, also bring up the dilemma of having power and its consequences in acting heroic.

P.S. I just realize the significant of Red, Grandma, and the Grey Plague can be interpreted as medical version of Red Riding Hood ("grey" like the fur of a wolf and the plague that haunts the society...).

  1. about the demo: As I recall, the only bugs I encountered in earlier demo is when the cursor can't point to the choice properly; it's like the cursor needs to be slightly pointed to other side of the choice's box so I can finally click it and proceed to the next narrative (I wish I still had the screenshot, my computer lost some data due to a maintenance, including the problem I found). Overall, the prologue is promising and pretty characteristic to the premise of crime-detective-investigation story, and now it has that charming trailer ^^. 
  2. about True Odds: It's a bit out of topic here, but I notice that your previous work of Visual Novels isn't available anymore on your page... It's saddening for me, but may I ask the reason of its disappearance? (is it moved to other site or canceled or on hold or permanently deleted?)

It's pretty atmospheric and serene. I also love how the sky counterfeits each narrators' problems, subtlely connects the people below the same sky... (or is it only one person view? One way or another, it works).

It has been a long while I played this, but I'll return for the walkthrough to Ending 1

Thanks for the vote of confidence, and hope your project be fruitful soon ^^

The premise is interesting and the preface sure looks awesome :0

I am already into this with the mention of yakuza in the disguise of magical girl :D

The idea is pretty fascinating, moreover if this type of card game could be digitalized ^^

This is short, but exceptionally makes me wonder to the whole story in the game :o

The playlist is pretty sublime and easily depict the game's scenes ^^

Much gratitude for your kind suggestion and fortunately, I am using Ren'Py for Caffeine In My Veins and hopefully my moody self will be determined enough to finish the project :')

Anyway, could I get in contact with your friend? Maybe both of you and me can collaborate one day ^^

Thank you, I determined to at least actualize and release the one in Upcoming Game as soon as possible. The rest of them, well, let's hope for the best in the future :'D

Cute art style and fairly smooth shift of scenes. A more distinct part to click at the background would be appreciated, though ^^;

The pun and the humor of office-life-struggle always entertaining for me xD

Oh, thank you for taking the time to read it and the kind commentary ^^

I know this is still in development, but damn the implication of all the proves and witness.... isn't there any way to save Noita ? T^T

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Bearing the experience of playing more than one otome at the same time (especially Liar! Uncover The Truth), so the challenge of juggling multiple dates simultaneously here seems to me : BRING IT ON! xD

Apart from my moment of arrogancy above, the element of the game is designed very sweetly and fitting to the jam's theme ^^


The part where the dates collides is giving me a slight panic tho

Man... I just realize how brutal a "love" reality show can be... :'(

Yeah, it sure is confusing  as the book itself is a released final product. But for the sake of this jam, I'll post it as Prototype.

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Pardon me for asking : if I submit a concept book of my several ideas for future games, do I put the status as PrototypeIn Development, or Released?

The premise is interesting, but damn the timer sure is fast and the pattern is a bit hard to finish even without mouse :'D

The literal form of falling in love and tongue-tied at the first date is depicted wondrously here. And the chameleon couple sure is cute!

The rare sense of justice in Jen is amusing and warming, also makes me not want to try the more cynic choice :'D

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Setting in a dystopian world, from this I learn how sentimental  and suprisingly dangerous a florist can be :')

P.S. I found a confusing repetition the first bouquet delivery, something like "There will be another family taking the business".

It sure has great storytelling and compatible set of images to strengthen the atmosphere, hoping for more stories from this dark universe ^^

This is comforting and hurting my heart at the same time :')

It certainly gives me shiver, especially the significance of Elya's and Lee's resemblant way of disappearance... Through The Woods and Sapling, somehow, I kinda wish for more stories of the other denizen's life in this eerie-supernatural universe o.O

Ah, I see, I tend to overthink things even after the closure of the story, and for this leads some thoughts like : But how about the murder of Saiko?? Will Rintaro come clean about that and what's Daichi's reaction? WHAT IF THE ATONEMENT ONLY PART OF HIS DECEIT???; *calming down*Anyhow, it is your work of storytelling that do well and let me immerse to the scene, the overthinking is only side-effect :'D

I was guessing that there would be a kind of glossary regarding the highlighted text. Take your time in composing the Extra, I'll stay tune ^^

My only complaints are in these two : I feel that Jacob's story are a bit rushed and there are some inconvinient repetition from MC's speech when they finally meet Waldo.

However, it has heartwarming ambiance thorough the characters and their particular dealings, also fun experience in discovering the achievements ^^

Just hoping for a little bit prolonged narration at the end, but the story itself is already wrapped handsomely with its mystery and (dark) sentimentality. Furthermore, I like that the Prologue actually could be interpreted as part of the Ending if only it didn't mention the wounded eye, and the song at the Credit suits the ambiance of both Endings :')


P.S. I notice that the Extra didn't unlock itself. Is that an intentional part that will be updated in further date, like in your another game (Death Rule)?

As my experience only range from two endings, I can say this is hauntingly melancholic :")

This brings the experience of online dating to a whole new level :D

A modern life adaptation of Pershepone and Hades myth? Count me in!

P.S. Retrospectively, there's an incovenient repetition : the cafe date in Part 1  seems rewritten from the Interlude

The short introductions of each characters through their own dialogues is rather charming and well-narrated, but man a little bit continuation about their circumstances wouldn't hurt :"D

 (I got "..killed by autonomus.....and they never drank together again", what's with everyone below got "outside the scope" one?? ^^;)

Looking at that "In Development" status, I certainly hope and will keep in tune for the update ^^

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This short novel brings fresh outlook of Bara genre with its Hawai ground and old CN cartoon style. I kind of already guessed that the bachelors's surfing level would be a major hint for their difficulty to flirt with, but that doesn't cut the sweet interactions ^^

Also, I send you much gratitude for the Walkthrough (especially Nikau's, I felt like crying after so many failed attempts to woo him :"D )

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I had the same problem, and I only can advice this : "Be Extra Patience"

From my experience of handling crash in game created on Unity, including Personal Trainer Circus here, it most likely because this novel has a rather plentiful set of motions in the game, can't be properly executed, and ends up with a  slow loading (it took about 3-7 minutes in my laptop, the "waiting" may varies or unloaded at all); clicking furiously at the screen or even attempt to exit the game through Esc only worsen it. This may come from incompatibility between the Unity version to certain part of OS, or bugs when the devs extracted the game and was carried into the final output, or the size of the game creates or at least considered as more strenuous work for the computer system.

(oh well, I am no computer expert nor a technician, so those above are mere assumptions)

Despite the problem (A BIT SPOILER), I enjoy and irritated the labour of waiting and solving the maze, because the encounter with the Undead is fairly worth the glitch :')

Hey, you just got yourself a new serf follower!

 And send my regards to your humble ๐Ÿ† farmer and hope he harvests a fine bunch of ripe ๐Ÿ†

I never know I need this ero-romcom with extraterestrial taste until I deliberately stumbled upon it. 

(And the description certainly didn't lie, because I found lots of  suggestive๐Ÿ† in there, both literally and figuratively ;D )

The dynamics of characters is well-written, the menu display is pretty humorous, and the variety of that Ending song is a nifty touch ^^