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I somehow prefer Doe's sprite the old version, just feels more eerie, but this brings further about his obsession towards a certain new worker in a certain gas station. And hey, Doe finally get some in here lol.

It's really something when you could tell such a (bittersweet?doom? plaintive?) melancholic story like this just by pixel and few words...

It surely paints different narrative when you take the other point of view, huh? It all boils up (or was it crashing down-or or triggered-) to a wrecked-in-all-side-of-life character solving a possibly dozens to hundreds years of environmental/natural exploitation problem. An unexpected mix but delivered very well in Historia. 

Curious of the different shot on the Epilogue in Chapter 1 vs Chapter 2, tho... Is the "start a new life" thing a friction of Michelle's mind before she fainted? Because, well, that is just damn sad.

A grim but serene walking simulator that somehow reminds me to the purgatory. But I'm stuck in the clock puzzle scene, nothing to interact beside the repeated conversation and the red button. A little help here, please?

Good Lord, Nick can't catch a break, ain't he?

In more serious note, congrats on this release and the Steam one! I like how the narrative is unveiled and letting reader piece the hints sequentially. The outsider view of events versus what player knew in previous story and the subtle change of Nick's reaction help there, I guess. Also, there will be another sequel? Can't wait for it!

P.S. Poor Patricia being the victim of supernatural circumstance here, and between cackling or feeling "Thanks devs, it doesn't go that way" on that one bad ending of Nick and his therapist's...professionalism.


Interesting concept and prototype, I would very like to see more of the world and the uprising. A different take/view/narrative from each main characters to the story will also be a curious prospect.

Waiting for the next episode, and waiting for the inevitable reunion of one confused-not-so-reasonable frontman with the other charming-suspiciously-vampire frontman :)))

It turns out... unexpectedly wholesome. Bless Hector and the pet owner xD

All those classic sci-fi premise of doomed galactic empire; monarchy system even in futuristic galactic universe that will only repeat class division and inequality, corrupted high officer, rebellion, and of course you as the willing savior...aren't you? Unsurprisingly, I'm so down for that lol.

One question while playing this is if there is an end page of the current playable content. Because once I explore the Mad Eddy's place and it said something like "That's it for the demo. More content on chapter 2" but then I can keep exploring the ship till more or less 24 days in-game. I already *spoiler-ish?* completing the vending machine problem, finding the hand. playing with The Cat, going to Sully's secret mission, upgrading to two mods, and meeting Marketa/Missy on that Ramen Den then keep exploring in every non-work time but no more character to meet nor new miscellaneous event to encounter so.... tl;dr does it have "end" for now? 

Also, some same emails keep resending in the message box and I'm afraid I got myself in  a loop here.

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This is an interesting introduction and exploration mechanic to many queer terms. The mapping is certainly huge and pretty well-design, also the experience given in the section of "dysphoria" is the most relatable :')

At the side note, "No Pronoun" and "Xe" doors seem to be inaccessible, and I got stuck in lift between the map's floor after visiting the "tree" and "non-binary" room ^^;

I haven't really read any of Dickens' classic novels, always forgotten and drown in the evergrowing wishlist of books... But this recount through Herbert's perspective sure brings that particular scene to feel more intimate and pushes me to read the original work.

That is a very fine introduction to Tobias' travel so far with the ethereal observer companion, accompanied with neat interface design. And it's Old Western scene! Gotta love that ^^

May I ask, tho : do you plan to release new chapter periodically or release the full story all at once?

Hype for Episode 6 but devs sure will have much explaining and narrative healing to do for MC after that stun with Vex :')))

"... a little snippet of Nick's time in therapy for this years Spooktober jam..."

Oh my God.                        OH.                 MY.                 GOD.     ohmygod-

I don't wanna jinx anything but : take your time, stay safe, and we'll always stay tune and cheering you on any of your project from this side of the world, devs!

The way our behavior or personality affect and shape Mathias' characteristic is written well and pretty subtly. I chose the options that leading my guard to value discipline, control, and power while somehow still believe in and reassuring Mathias for some specific moments, but also teasing him as a friend. So mark me surprised that Mathias called my bullshit denial game and remind me who holds the power dang that's hot. I also just realize that the grey or unable-to-click options is actually telling why I can't choose it, not the requirement for it my guard is too proud ha ha-wait did I push Mathias to the violent monarch way oh shit

I like Mandra. They seems the most easy-going of the group, reckless but charming, and,,, they are also the youngest sibling. I can relate with their ambition to prove themselves.

The monochromatic style actually brings out an epic and wistful tone of the tale. It's also color blind friendly, I guess.

What are the Five Kingdoms? And how's Opalean relations with them, beside the war and current unstable peace with Topazian? Any other mythical races alongside human? As it will come in four chapters, I think it will be a fast-paced story and don't know if those questions will ever be answered.

*The Guard recalling that impromptu music performance*

The Guard : *sudden realization* did they just serenade me??

next chapter title : Love The King

The Guard : *whispering* I did, I do, and I will 

The oil-painting style and soundtrack deliver that summer vibe pretty well. Short experience and longing for more, actually ^^

I'm late to the party, but dang it's worth the read. Few games could leave me devastated but also hopeful at the end of the story, and this achieved that :'))

Nick needs a, many hugs.....................................................and a therapy.

Another true agony is when you find this gem of a demo just recently but then the project was cancelled long time ago...

Oh my God.... Doug survive??

Keep up the work and stay safe, devs!

I can't believe it took me this long to finally try the demo (pandemic and all about that, I guess...)

It reminds me to The New Mutants (they are more likely mutated in the story... aren't they??).  All the characters are likeable (yes, even the depressed Amund, still questioning on Sublime's intention, tho), the QTE keeps the reality of new-found power grounded, and it's only Day 1 but already making me invested to their survival in this fast-paced superhuman intrigue.

Gonna stay tune for this!

A great metaphor of daily stress haunting you, but it could do with some game description or instruction.

The "weird" tag explains it all, lol. At more serious note, the characters change of expression is subtle that it seems a bit uncanny. Do the choices affect that "who-is-who" conclusion tho? Because sometimes there is like a hidden timer on the choice and I just left reading the next sequence without actually choosing a response.

The world-building sure catches my interest, who don't like pacifist MC with high magic power and conspiracy?

 I will stay tune for this ;)

As an International Relations student, this sure brings intrigue, amusement, and (unexpectedly) fun time figuring out those four apes polarized power.

The art and menu transition are all smooth, but the fantasy lore and the case of somehow keep gaining The Eminence favor while I am barely stepping into the story keep me intrigued to follow this novel ;)

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Finally being academic to survive in an apocalyptic scenario gets another well-deserved spotlight. Just wish there is an option to be a mechanic, but I suspect that it would make the story goes too much smoother, lol. And I swear that I was sweating in dilemma between pursuing Elle or Olliver, the best friend trope or the brooding leader trope my god why I fell again and Gage doesn't help the case of being that easygoing and cheeky but charismatic don't tempt me I'm tearing apartaaaaaa

"...this VN is a teaser for the text-based version of Perfumare I’ll be working on later..."

For a teaser, I'm beyond impressed and would likely have a heart attack when the full version of Perfumare is released. Also, my apology for missing the devlogs.

At side note and realization (PERHAPS SPOILER) : Dang, MC, those three have been pinning for you for months (one of them for years, I bet), and you have the guts to be oblivious of them *sigh*

The story has this feel of neo-noir, and I gonna admit that I simp over Jewel and Reed long way before MC's memory comes back in later chapter :'D

Just a curious question : regarding that this VN will be 6-7 chapters in full and rather fast-paced, will be there another chance to reconsider things or do I botch the romance if I didn't choose the options with the certain symbol or when I didn't call/pull them back to discuss the matter of hearts in this bleak world?

What is it called when you've expected something to happen, but still not ready to actually see it?

That. That's the whole chapter :'D

aka fuck my family to make June become like that, shit I'm still jealous of Alisa even if it's not on the Damon's route save file, and I don't wanna know how much brainwashing that bastard Zovack did to Vexx fuuuuuc-

In side note, I'm starting a conspiracy that Bash's wrench will be an important macguffin. I mean, what if it's a shapeshifter and a spy? Anything could happen in space ಠ_ಠ

It also happened to me, precisely in going through the mission with Aya and Bash, and June's confession about his past, too.More likely because I forgot to get the 3.1 patch and simply deleted the old game and went with the 4 version. 

Sure selecting the "ignore" button helps to continue thorough the chapter (although missing a line of the narrative because of the error, we still can piece together the dialogue by imagination), but another error happens when I tried to take screenshot. Twice, while reading the chapter 4 which can still use "ignore"; but in the Gallery, it led you into new game or even exit the game. The weird thing is the screenshot still produced in the folder despite the error ^^;

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Thank you for visiting this old compilation of ideas! Hope some of them inspire you or peek your interest, my email box ( is always open for collaboration :)

I'm pretty late to find this game but at the end of it (*SPOILER* or at least when I find that [redacted] and Dimensional Tear), I feel like this :

Gosh, those Extra Scenes are simply a blessing!

Welp, I'll stay tune, and prepare my shipping google to strengthen my power of being a wingman for those boys, muahahaha

P.S. Please that monologue of the Principal and the "Nella" at the end just.... Ungh T-T

I decided to buy My Cute Neighbour at the end of the visit, recalling that my father is pretty simple-minded and would just weirded out or even wouldn't read my choice of book like Essays on Empathy. It was in close call with The Golden Derelict but damn the reason about that book is just too close too home.

The quotes and reviews in each book collectively tell me which is most likely the favor of the market and it's also rather funny how the reviewer "judge" them. All the underlying thoughts while selecting the book is just... ouch, my heart :'))))

Pardon me for the late reply : If I recall, the puzzle/game I mentioned here is the one in Forest Day, the one more advanced type from the previous puzzle of hanging on the vine. It is in the third story or the last, I guess? After meeting Rita, the one with moving chain and "Don't Use" warning board which made my rebellious side cackle Why my memories is so bad that I almost spoil all the things in that level...

And again, I think I missed that there is an option to turn off the dialogue bubble. But, as a non-native English and somewhat having a not-so-good hearing, the written speech is actually a huge help.

Okay pardon for my carelessness, I missed the option of using the VSync or not, went back to try without it, and the animation actually ran as smooth as it should be. Still a bit slow when the page turned to load the puzzle/mini-game part, although it sure was much faster than when I forgot to turn off the VSync.

Anyway, perhaps for future reference or something, I loaded it on the largest resolution (16000xIforgotthenumber :'(( ) and was using Windows 10 64-bit version (spesific OS build is 17134.1246).

A nice little compilation to wreck havoc my fellow chess player xD

The art style is simply... captivating and surreal. It was a bit of a slow rendering in my computer, but it didn't affect the gameplay and the storytelling too much. The written dialogue needs a bit fix to stay in tune with the speed of speech, tho.

I'm cheering for the developers of Into A Dream!

Man, all of those for the sake of time-travelling to our first date :'D