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Sora Album

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A Question of Normalcy, as the title suggest, is a wonderful narrative about obstacles in reforming self from youth to adulthood (responsibility, social judgement, being yourself vs society's assertion/ the norm of "normal", and so on); with great choice of BGM and fitting style of arts,too!

It's such a bliss that I am that it comes to Recomendation list in my account and how vn with this theme gives me hope to confront some same problems in real life :')

It's such a delight story of their night rendezvous; leading to bitter/sweet fate of Evelyn and "her" demons....

The bonus stories sure break my heart as hurt as Evelyn's (T^T)

That's a wonderful way of storytelling the hangover event of New Years Eve (I assume? or oversode? o.O)

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The preface (and the graphics till the end) is truly unique and gives compatible feelings of mystery and thrill o.O

Unravelling the story is such a tense experience and also heartbreaking moments to each endings (big salute for the implicit message of "don't make presumption without enough evidence") :') Keep up the great work (^_^)9

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Oh my.... thanks so much!!  (>w<)/

Edit : The representation of the character is nice, I guess... (because I wonder  if it is intentionally that blanket covered The Sandman and blocked the reader upon seeing his/her expression and kept him/her mysterious? :D ).

It has interesting idea of plot about the folktales of Sandman (who guess that The Sandman is kind of a suspicious but also an easy-going spirit that could talk leisurely, or rather smoothly, with our insomniac lady xD ), but ends brieftly; leaving the reader up to intepretation of this encouter.

At first, the Trading is a bit confusing but then getting easier as I progress through the game (and of course, big thanks to the clue in the guidebook x3 )

Ciikos Bridge is such a delight adventure through simple choices in the story, and all concludes to sweet sibling bonds at the end. Keep up the good work (^_^)9

That's sure a profound thinking with convenient image of night in the city.... :')

Unfortunately....it doesn't work on Windows-32bit :')

Owh, I see..... fascinating that you intepret it as a bug... and also heartbreaking to realize how the main character slowly accustomed to the bug T^T

Welp, that's a suprising way to tell about office's life and the irony in it... I assume that the bug represents Death here? O.o

Just wish that it would take longer plot (it has promising theme of story), but it's okay ^^

The characters representation is quite charming, the storytelling is smooth, and how the name of the ending indicates the sleep problem Ayame has to face is unexpected in positive tone o.O

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The conversation and his depression (or deception?) feels so real with proper show of story's scenes. Half of the endings gives me nightmare, while half of the others emerges sound fetish that had been sleeping in myself..... JUST HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO ME??? :'D

And bless you for those extra voice note at ending 2, 3, and 7 with the gorgeous dubbing (>w<)/

I like the character design and all the graphics, giving different tone than usual art in vn. It's a promising demo, poking my mind to the character's past and the real effect of that drugs :o

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After so much delay in my life, I recently just finished Mitra's route (UPDATE! I had gone through all the routes and my first forever love is still Mitra!!! xD  Boy how unexpected that I got him while my early intention is pursuing Rama, oh well at least I have a really a cute-gentle-badass-husband anyway :'D ), so here they go :

  1. How can I choose between those gorgeous men? HOW??? Although my forever husband is Mitra (he has the sweetest story.... Do I smell favoritism from the developers? ;) ), I adore Rama; as I... had been through certain phase of trauma and depression like him and feel more connected to him, somehow motivated by his character development... (especially the childish and sarcastic nature... is that a bliss or an oddness ^^"). Besides the 3 main bachelors, I like Yuda very much. He truly is a dependable big brother.... but I am also eager to be his second wife if he is one of LI routes ;) *slaps by Asih*
  2. An otome built with my homeland legend and culture + badass heroine? Bring me in!
  3.  Although the plot is a bit mainstream, but how the story is written and unfold with neat culture infuse, characters with well-built backstory, great choice of BGM, and proper graphics effect; those covers the little flaw.
  4. As long as I played, I found an error around the begining of chapter II : in which Asih's figure is blank for one scene (the picture) and it's a bit inconvenient when Rama's Happy End CG is revealed long before I achieve his route ^^:
  5. Well, pardon me as a poor college student now and can't contribute anything but my love and admiration to your Bermuda work + that one collaboration project.... but I'll definitely save some money so I could regard you in your future project!

     Keep up the excellent work (>.<)/

    It's such a delight walking through this enchanted garden, especially  fish-quarium behind the waterfall and inside that building far away near the red sun :D and how much I love the soothing BGM~

    However, as indicate from the beginning scene in the train, this dreamy journey should end early and let me back to reality :')

    The story is engaging (as I am interested in any folktale-style story), especially how the point of view and choice change between the Celeste brothers. 

    But, perhaps some instrumental while the story unfolds could help reducing the effect of the rigid font ^^"

    To be honest, it is the art which attracts me first to this game before the synopsis, 'cause it reminds me to Sui Ishida's style (like in Tokyo Ghoul ^^).  

    The storytelling in this game is pretty neat; the plot is separated into tiny pieces of simple choices which leading to complete the big puzzle of manipulation, trauma, and repentance from guilty in each characters past/background. You even still manage to slip some comical monologues here to ease the tention xD

    Wish upon your future projects :)

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    The insecurity, realization and idealisation, bittersweet side of lust or love ... those are written elegantly in this short story :')

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    The description is well-written, giving the thrill and goosebump to me everytime I read it o.O 

    The endings are prim (you sure like twist in your story xD). But, I still wonder which one the "bad" and the "true" are...  but it's look like when they came home and finally realized their identity is the "true" one? Or when the hunger is solved? But then, I think it's all  relative and up to reader's intepretation honestly... ^^"

    I just realized that the tittle is such a trickster and word plays, already indicating the type of "hunger" and monster they are  xD

    The most relatable reaction after reading this kinetic novel and got the "happier" ending first : "Well, that escalated quickly..." xD

    It has been a rollercoaster of emotions (just like the instability of the MC) reading this; the thriller, thrust issues, depression, hope, and salvation are told neatly just in short story. Focusing on the development of the MC, it's unfortunately a bit lack on the explanation of the world she lives but (in your favor or unintentionally) successful in leaving deep impression about the two endings plus opening up assumptions and theories to the readers.

    Keep up your good work (^_^)b

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    This vn is trully promising : well-built relationship among the reindeers with various characteristics, the rational MC , the chibi slides, and great graphics! 

    Btw, I wonder if player could choose the reindeer freely, or the choices will determined which reindeer player could pursue or eve affect all progress in that LI's route...? Anyway, it's the most waited vn in my list x3

    I read your monologue first before this, and boy how this short twine game become more lively and superb from its first version. This is an interesting perspective of self and world... making me eager to learn more about existentialism. 

    Thanks for the enlightment and wish for your other projects :)

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    Okay... I can't help to notice that the plot is a bit cliche but nontheless dreamy romantic, and the choice to built or maintain the MC's character with convenient reply from Romance Interest helps that minor point; especially with those two hot opposite-character guys xD 

    Also, the option of MC's appearance is trully appreciated ^^

    Celine sure is splendid independent characters that rarely come in vn. No matter if it's Joshua's or Phillipe's route, the interaction feels real and cute (especially how the siblings war ends) x3

    It's fascinating how short choice leads to a cute strory of connection between two strangers, with no pressure of romance. Somehow, the "friendship" ending interested me more for its fluid relatable plot :D

    This is beyond my expectation after reading the synopsis, a trully remarkable vn. What makes me be enamored is how Lalao's became The Ice Prince's salvation and on the other side; he also becomes the assurance to Lalao's problems. Wish for your other incridible project ^^

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    It is amusing to see Miranda adapts the opposite behaviour of her LIs, complementing  each vampires'  characters. Alteration between the dark sinister tone with lighter atmosphere in the mansion and the theme of the story itself are presented with great graphics and fluent choice of music. Thank so much for the galery book and keep up the good work ;)

    (Edited 1 time)

    Oh, I see... I'll try again, and thanks for the assistance (^_^)b

    Edit : It seems that the OS for my laptop is 32-bit version and I can't enjoy the game till I update the Windows :')

    A different graphic for the Home section will be much appreciated, so that it's better to distinguish this gag from the original demo (^_^")

    Anyway, it's such a comical turn from your already humorous project xD

    Characters' design is astounding ( I am so glad that you chose the MC as androgynous :'D ), and the storytelling is much hillarious for a demo xD

    What intrigues me to wait the full version release is the background stories for the demons and your way/intepretation to their original nature. How unexpected that Lucifer's/Lucifine's concept of Pride leads him being a fussy boy who thinks he knows every d*mn things in the world but reign in junk yard?? And how sad that Gluttony of Beelzebub/Beelzebabe dooms his cooking/baking to poisonous meal...

    But then, I am a bit confused about Asstaroth origins... is he based on Astaroth, or is he the Asmodeus of Lust sin because of his innocence- flirty - sexy butt  appearance?

    And how will the mission affect to Master-Servant relations between MC and Blood God? o.O

    That will keep me allert for it release ;)

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    I found Kusoge in Play Store under a publisher named Visual-Worldplay... and now  I am laughing out loud here. I don't know anymore if this game is a big introduction of term and trends or just a playful mock to the cliches in anime-manga world xD

    Plus.... are there any walkthrough for completing all of CGs? 'cause I only got the pictures till that Sister Waifu background and it seems that there are many others locked CG even after I concured 25 endings... :'/

    The demo is promising, it's so touching for clarifying the taboo of kink... Keep up the great work ;) (y)

    The every day life of a minimarket officer and her unique-breaking stereotypes colleagues is sure bring much laugh out of me xD

    This is a bizarre dating sim, but nevertheless lighting my heart (especially the unique unexpected introduction of every characters in every chance; and that breaking the 4th wall, too) :D

    The pasteur's gentleness... his brother's clumsiness... the hunter's coldhearted-ness.... 

    This demo is heaven of otome-ness xD

    Pardon me, but I have some difficulties in installing the demo : a notification " This app can't run on your PC " showed when I tried to open the game.... could you help me with some instructions for the Windows version? (^_^")

    Oh, I remember now! I met him in Rei, so that's why he feels familiar, he is Tokudayas's design xD

    The plot of the story so far is still blur (will put heroine come out clear with her power and stop the bullying? What's the real connection between the news, the plant smuggling, and of course the 4 handsome boys?? Is this part of the big plot puzzle and influence to the boys routes???). Btw, I got Pacer's route although I am hopeless romantic for Keir xD (fate is so cruel sometimes...)

    Well, the redrawn part must be difficult... take your time and present us with your wonderful release (>o<)9

    This is a fun way of taking personality quiz based on zodiac (although the guess doesn't come quite to my sign, they told me I am Aquarius but I am a Gemini xD  may be more detailed questions to each zodiac's trait will prop it? Or their guess actually is the sign of MC's future partner in this tale ?? O.o ). Nevertheless, I'll wait for the further story :)

    Oh, I see, thank for the answers! I'll try it again with your clue x3

    Each characters are unique and loveable; a brave and clever approach to the issues of race, gender, and social judgement...

    Oh, and that Cassius route could hurt my teeth for its sweetness!! x3