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I know this is still in development, but damn the implication of all the proves and witness.... isn't there any way to save Noita ? T^T

Bearing the experience of playing more than one otome at the same time (especially Liar! Uncover The Truth), so the challenge of juggling multiple dates simultaneously here seems to me : BRING IT ON! xD

Apart from my moment of arrogancy above, the element of the game is designed very sweetly and fitting to the jam's theme ^^

Man... I just realize how brutal a "love" reality show can be... :'(

Yeah, it sure is confusing  as the book itself is a released final product. But for the sake of this jam, I'll post it as Prototype.

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Pardon me for asking : if I submit a concept book of my several ideas for future games, do I put the status as PrototypeIn Development, or Released?

The premise is interesting, but damn the timer sure is fast and the pattern is a bit hard to finish even without mouse :'D

The literal form of falling in love and tongue-tied at the first date is depicted wondrously here. And the chameleon couple sure is cute!

The rare sense of justice in Jen is amusing and warming, also makes me not want to try the more cynic choice :'D

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Setting in a dystopian world, from this I learn how sentimental  and suprisingly dangerous a florist can be :')

P.S. I found a confusing repetition the first bouquet delivery, something like "There will be another family taking the business".

It sure has great storytelling and compatible set of images to strengthen the atmosphere, hoping for more stories from this dark universe ^^

This is comforting and hurting my heart at the same time :')

It certainly gives me shiver, especially the significance of Elya's and Lee's resemblant way of disappearance... Through The Woods and Sapling, somehow, I kinda wish for more stories of the other denizen's life in this eerie-supernatural universe o.O

Ah, I see, I tend to overthink things even after the closure of the story, and for this leads some thoughts like : But how about the murder of Saiko?? Will Rintaro come clean about that and what's Daichi's reaction? WHAT IF THE ATONEMENT ONLY PART OF HIS DECEIT???; *calming down*Anyhow, it is your work of storytelling that do well and let me immerse to the scene, the overthinking is only side-effect :'D

I was guessing that there would be a kind of glossary regarding the highlighted text. Take your time in composing the Extra, I'll stay tune ^^

My only complaints are in these two : I feel that Jacob's story are a bit rushed and there are some inconvinient repetition from MC's speech when they finally meet Waldo.

However, it has heartwarming ambiance thorough the characters and their particular dealings, also fun experience in discovering the achievements ^^

Just hoping for a little bit prolonged narration at the end, but the story itself is already wrapped handsomely with its mystery and (dark) sentimentality. Furthermore, I like that the Prologue actually could be interpreted as part of the Ending if only it didn't mention the wounded eye, and the song at the Credit suits the ambiance of both Endings :')


P.S. I notice that the Extra didn't unlock itself. Is that an intentional part that will be updated in further date, like in your another game (Death Rule)?

As my experience only range from two endings, I can say this is hauntingly melancholic :")

This brings the experience of online dating to a whole new level :D

A modern life adaptation of Pershepone and Hades myth? Count me in!

P.S. Retrospectively, there's an incovenient repetition : the cafe date in Part 1  seems rewritten from the Interlude

The short introductions of each characters through their own dialogues is rather charming and well-narrated, but man a little bit continuation about their circumstances wouldn't hurt :"D

 (I got "..killed by autonomus.....and they never drank together again", what's with everyone below got "outside the scope" one?? ^^;)

Looking at that "In Development" status, I certainly hope and will keep in tune for the update ^^

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This short novel brings fresh outlook of Bara genre with its Hawai ground and old CN cartoon style. I kind of already guessed that the bachelors's surfing level would be a major hint for their difficulty to flirt with, but that doesn't cut the sweet interactions ^^

Also, I send you much gratitude for the Walkthrough (especially Nikau's, I felt like crying after so many failed attempts to woo him :"D )

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I had the same problem, and I only can advice this : "Be Extra Patience"

From my experience of handling crash in game created on Unity, including Personal Trainer Circus here, it most likely because this novel has a rather plentiful set of motions in the game, can't be properly executed, and ends up with a  slow loading (it took about 3-7 minutes in my laptop, the "waiting" may varies or unloaded at all); clicking furiously at the screen or even attempt to exit the game through Esc only worsen it. This may come from incompatibility between the Unity version to certain part of OS, or bugs when the devs extracted the game and was carried into the final output, or the size of the game creates or at least considered as more strenuous work for the computer system.

(oh well, I am no computer expert nor a technician, so those above are mere assumptions)

Despite the problem (A BIT SPOILER), I enjoy and irritated the labour of waiting and solving the maze, because the encounter with the Undead is fairly worth the glitch :')

Hey, you just got yourself a new serf follower!

 And send my regards to your humble 🍆 farmer and hope he harvests a fine bunch of ripe 🍆

I never know I need this ero-romcom with extraterestrial taste until I deliberately stumbled upon it. 

(And the description certainly didn't lie, because I found lots of  suggestive🍆 in there, both literally and figuratively ;D )

The dynamics of characters is well-written, the menu display is pretty humorous, and the variety of that Ending song is a nifty touch ^^

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I am sort of hoping that the captured image is arranged or angled more orderly (blame my eyes :'( ). However, this short novel perfectly describes the anxiety of having lunch in our daily work environment xD

Another thought regarding the same theme of the story : 


*everybody in every parts of world turns to stare hungrily at your lunch and you like some kind of zombies herd in an apocalypse scenario*

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The narration needs more polishing and I found bugs where the story stops abruptly (without giving any label of Ending) in Cheesecake's Route. In spite of its odd denizens and odder universe, it has potential as romcom like Wingman DX ^^

P.S. There's this familiarity with the opening song... I think it's from Vocaloid (?), but for the sake of clarity : could you help me with the name of the song you used in this VN?

More screentime for a certain NPC....  Another possible tragic romantic route...

Me :

Despite that the story seems a bit rushed (if not cliche), the art and the oriental BGM already enchanted me.

This is pretty promising, but the typo and the peculiar term slightly disrupt the reading ^^;

Oh my.... that's generous of you, thank you so much ^^

With its low budget graphics and apt backsound, it's rather success in delivering a touching narrative but also will haunt your night for especially the metaphors of everyday life's problems (who am I kidding, there literally is a list of warnings in this game page :'D )

n.b. I had achieved the other 6 endings, but stuck in the search of the 7th... It may be cloistered because of the bugs at The Bridge that have been mentioned by Neco The Sergal below, or may be there is a Bad Ending with The Drifter...

After those grueling but also intriguing chains of events, let say in short I was in the border of "what had I signed myself (Mira, actually) into?" and "I NEED THESE BACHELORS IRL (T^T)"

This has a fine thrilling atmosphere especially because of the BGM, but I got stuck of how to complete the riddle.

 (A BIT SPOILER) I got the supposed "last message" but where do I input it? Typing it casually in the void? Or in the search column? And it became more confusing for me when Carroll's last post could be drag away but revealing nothing and only the black blank space (is that a bug or intentional? )^^;

Aww, this is such a cute plus educational adventure >w<

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The base narration and dynamic of characters (at least  the friendship of Cypress and Holly, who has been introduced) are well-written without spoiling the available choice we would encounter; also complemented with fine graphics, agreeable soundtrack, and detail sequence of events accompanied by those cute chibi. Just from that one Ending, it nudges some thoughts : what significant roles Thistle and that pink-haired guy to the duo's tragedy? What are they willing to do to save their friends? or what if they only could save one of them?? What really drives the mysterious haunting in High Fog???

Ah, it seems I'll be haunted by that for the next version update  :'D And by the way, are you planning to update another part of this VN gradually or straight to the final/release version?

Beside the obvious nostalgic ambiance from the graphics and BGM, it has all that good rom-com potential : warm work and social environment with unique but also down to earth characters, absurd to hilarious turns of event, and of course the air of romance xD

It is rather abrupt but also a subtle introduction of the major characters' dynamic. The banter is flown naturally, but the part of the narration (any writing beside the dialogue) seems wanting to be poetic but come out as odd and inert....

Anyway, I'll keep in tune for this potential one ^^

Yeah, I already encountered you-know-who and that was part of the surprise I didn't expect :'D

Actually, discovering the other non-too-related character through you-know-who is a fair approach, . But, I recall that the specific input is rather long to type and didn't work (or difficult to breach?) when I asked about Keith.

However, it has been my pleasure to play and review this game here :)

Aww... I want to try the game but it isn't available due to some fixation(?) :')

It is another Papers, Please of the Judgement Day with a touch of simplicity, ridiculous review for the candidates of heathen, and "constructive" nagging from both sides of powerful invisible beings :'D

Just hoping it has more levels to play and variable screen adjustments when playing in Windows computer...