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Sora Album

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Ah, I see... that's unfortunate... 

Well then, I'll make up the grief with checking and waiting for your other works ^^

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I'm impressed that it's still an in-progress project but have stollen my heart with the hillarious scenario of the trio, the easily operated puzzle, and the mystery case of this seeker-of-strange-kind- excitement lady of the tower; definitely brought into my waiting list xD

*cough* I won't be deterred or easily even becomes an ordinary thing for me to see the bare appearance of upper part of a guy .... but then, it doesn't mean I can't appreciated the eye candy and will certainly be blessed to see more~ *cough*  *chastise my pervertness :'D*

The subtle movement of the interface and the depiction of the main character's environment strengthen her post-trauma view and experience; also written with such effective hints through the full scenario of her circumstance :")

Many thumbs up for your great work ^^

It's a bit predictable about the creator of the CD, and then the narrative delivery of the motives falls a bit short for me.

Nonetheless, it's a melancholic but also cute romance to read ^^

It is a simple gameplay and purely comedic! But then... is it an achievement or painfully freaking inappropiate proud for knowing all the reference of the husbandos? :'D

*psst, it has 5 endings actually, psst*

I don't know if I have to be embarassed or aroused from this. But the one thing for sure is this bring entertainment and comedically change my way of perceiving porn x'D

The synopsis interested me pretty much, but then this error popped up when I tried to open it in my Windows 10 32bits :'(

"....inspired by the works of Junji Ito and Nakayama Masaaki.

Just from reading and realizing that, I've expected this vn would be likely : a noir-style terrifyingly twisted narration.

From the choose of graphic type you use with already eerie background sound plus similar style of storytelling in the writing : this vn is heading to a promisng "light" (or I have to say as "darkness" one for it is a horror anyway :'D ).

No worries, I am very much glad to subscribe to the email list and share the info about this game ^^

Luckily, I got to the end of the demo ALIVE *confetti everywhere*

Although it means I may miss other potential story, but I am still glad that from the "Normal/Alive Route" itself had given me enough paranoia and excitement to the full story :'D 

The art is enticing, and the interaction of poin-click puzzle is well-programed ^^

But then, the screen stuck when I try to put the final piece of the ladder...(I can't click anything except the Option button)... I wonder if it freezes like that intentionally or a bug in my Windows version...

(Well, it mostly me copying my own commentary from the survey site :'D )

It's intriguing, the range of capability and background of each characters are well-designed, and their own ambigious sides keep me to the plot. But, I think the MC's introduction a bit rushing at the begining to be emphatized (although, as the story goes, she seems as the emotional-profesional capable agent ;) )

I personally like any kind of investigation and secret agents story very much, but then I wonder why the theme of 4 main suspects (and also Love Interest) arise at the approximately imminent time for Red Wolf and Wayhaven (although the genre and characters are different,)...

Anyway, I'll keep in tune for the release ^^

First, as I noticed this is a semi-autobiographical story, I give you my deep condolences of the possibility of your closest person or even yourself went through this kind of pain....

Shrinking Pains brings a well-written point of view struggling with an Eating Disorder, which as its title hinted and the category of the probem : it is slowly "eating" the characters away from their lives, and a reminder to the importance of emotional support. The greyish tone and sketch-style graphics also amplify the distress of the characters, and an implication of the suffering they feels daily (like a "sketch" , writen and erased in every steps of completing the picture).

The cursor movement is a bit slowing down and becomes a disturbance when the time-choice appeared. Anyway, it's a  decent and playful aproach to the strict job interview ^^ 

Tips : be as professional as you can but also flattering the interviewer's ego to boost your chance of acceptance quickly xD

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Okay..... the Prologue certainly was the ordinary (if not cliche) otome , and I would be very disappointed if only those are all this vn could offer. But d@mn, I was so wrong when I encountered the Post-Prologue. 

Feels betrayed for the misleading synopsis and ? I can't say "no", but then....the foreshadowing has been almost everywhere in the vn itself!  Who appears for the game icon? The most talkactive character who seems still the spotlight (at least who mostly appears on those preview *pointinh to the grapichs in this page*)? the two similar design for Liam and Laura? and the eye-closed Lily who can't see the "dream" as the header?  Certainly not Lily-centric, those all leads to our "real" story and protagonist : Piere/Josh.  So, it's more like a surprise which leads me to laugh out loud and slaps my own self awake as I realize the fact that I actually don't have to be careful in taking the choices to have a good experience in the Prologue; because whatever I choose, the bachelors will still "love" me (an irony, tbh :'D )

In Post-Prologue, I decide to read them in this order : Ethan, Laura, Angelina, and ends with Liam (as he is my personal favorite bachelor). Each routes opens up each characters' life behind the stage of Ristorante Amore or latter called as RisAmo, and all resolving problems of them with Pierre/Josh acts as the catalyst in the group (or the probablity that he is the center of the problems at the first place). And the order of my reading never had been so true, because I notice something off when Angelina mention Liam's sexuality and Pierre/Josh comprehending the time  of his best friend came out with it.... and Liam's Friendship Ending has gotten me more emotional than the others' Friendship Ending (unrequited love for 10 years... added by seeing Josh's obliviousness to his friends - I assume - secretly all keeping adoration, if not love, to himself.... :'(( ). At least, The Help option always cheers me up :')

Overall, it is an entertaining story with a good pacing and warm nudge to real life's problem, much to the context of "working and pretending for life or living up the dream". But, I suggest to change the misleading synopsis in this page, at least adds more visible hints to the "real" narration (because some of the readers seems not taking the surprise pretty well :'D ). Or, you can excluding RisAmo from the label of sci-fi genre, for however this vn takes environment in futuristic Alternate Universe and mentions the manipulation of technology in their Earth survival; it still lacks the logical and in-depth explanation or background to the characters' everyday life interaction to the said technology like other focused sci-fi genre fiction (more explained in the comment below mine).

Anyway, hope for another beautiful future work of Cyanide Tea ^^

Okay.... this makes me shudder as the color gradation actually plays major role plot of the story; in which the journey of the Foreground colors blended to the Backgroud colors are symbolic to their androids' freedom confined by the strict-line system.....  :')

This is simply a comical chase of hillarious police officer duo xD

Oh my gosh this is classic! xD

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Oh my... oh my... I am so excited to finally try this version :'D *Halllelujah plays in the background*

Edit+first impression :

 Bless you for presenting this beautiful vn; not only the graphic, but also the pacing of the narration is pretty well, and the technical explanation is rather easy to comprehend; making me pray that this vn was the tutor in my programming learning years ago :'D

And... I can't stop fangirling over every tiny detail interaction of Mina and Leon (never I feel eager to ship the protagonist -not as myself- to the Love Interest this hard, they are the most adorable couple that I could fight bloods and tears to make the ship sail (T^T )/  ).

Although Jackie's act as makes it a bit of cliche of Mean Girls, but the promising plot of the cyber war and Mina's experience in the camp (and mostly my curiosity about the history of Mina and Peter, and the probability of Leon and Mina actually idolize each others since childhood secretly)  will keep me in tune for the full release ^^

A little secret : First time I came checking this vn outI was a bit confused when see the name of "Lovelace", as the style of drawing reminded me to Harry Potter and the "Lovegood" family at that time and still puzzled over "is that typo of the name?" or "how the Heaven the witch become muggle, the programer moreover?" ... But then I remember "Lovelace" as "Ada Lovelace, the first programmer in real life" and now embarrased over my own hillarious misconception x'D 

Aww, the pleasure is mine to come by your vn and that part of my comment could help or inspire you ^^

And so glad to hear we will get another glimpse of the work (>w<)/

Posted in AIRIS comments

First, I found this sublime novel at the Play Store but I can't play it well with my current phone memory capacity at that time. But then, I seek it here and man I couldn't be more pleased in reading all routes and their endings. The thrill of realizing the underhand agreement of their shared existence, the drama, and the romance all are well-placed, accompanied with beautiful CGs (especially the cute chibi ^^). I can't keep the pieces of my broken heart when encountering the Hidden Endings :'(

I encoutered the same problem with AlphaGodith : there is a bugs making the page responding so late in "Walk Home Alone" choice. And it seems that the Skip option is a bit uncontrolled (it keeps scrolling through unseen narration :') )

Anyhow, the graphic isn't questionable (it's picturesque!), and the story with the twisted circumstances is rather well-written, but I just hope it introduces the environment or the general circumstance of "vampire is very much normal and acceptable in this fiction" in prior ^^;

Big kudos to this game for bringing some deep and relatable social problems (especially regarding school/college life); suprisingly wrapped in those humor with all chickenwing's context, some popular (if not cliche plot out of movies ) reference, and of course sweet affectionate narration (it doesn't dictate you to end up in love with the guys, but to resolve their own insecurities :') ).

First, I wonder why the first trial is very recommended to play with the default or their wings appearance.... but then I understand (if I started the story with their human face in the first trial, undoubtedly I would call dibs to Atomic at the very first sight and forget the other 13 guys xD ).

Spoilers (and may be a slight "guidance") => (1) I suggest you, fellow player/reader, to take Teriyaki or Smoke0 as the last route you'll play as they have "surprise" at the end of the story :'D . (2) Beware for all who has weak hearts, 'cause in this game you can find : two Tsunderes, two routes of existensial crisis, three bachelors who breaks the fourth wall and one of them will come to you in UNPLEASANT INTENTION, a moment of silence when you realize the importance of Google Translate, not just one but TWO siblings rivalry, an unexpected confession, AT LEAST three reasonably rejections, a future broken heart preceded with cliche reason of your existence in the campus then accompanied with unimaginable couples married, an abrupt but happy marriage (?), an undercover of profitable genocide, and many laughing stocks here and there. 

Hello, I just checked out the demo and although there isn't any distinctive change of narration regarding Jane's positive nor negative response to her sorrounding (which is a bit weird but also impressive for her still kind approach at the latest group session), my curiosity for Roger's route (for the potential plot of completing and healing each others' broken hearts... or worse, deepen their scars :'(  ) and Noah's (as I wonder why he choose the group session with what seems like unfamiliar approach); those keep this project to my waiting list ^^

Well, it's always a pleasure as a fellow gamer to help each other's problem regarding the vn ^^

As for the 7th ending, thanks for the guide! But, it seems there is a glitch for some versions, which seems to be the center of the problem (inability to unlock the ending) , and the developers had regarded it well here 

This sums up the feeling when playing Undertale :'))

Oh thank Goodness and bless you, I finally can rest from the haunting feeling of completing all the endings :"D

I think the Skip Mode need a little improvement, at it seems doesn't work after the first visit to the hospital (or is it intentional?).

The concept of choices as the moment of recalling his memories and with good pace of plot adds the mystery and keeps intrigue the player (at least me) to explore your "organized mess". Keep up the good work :)

A little suggestion to fix the auto-save part, tho; because it doesn't work after 2 first attempt of loading.

Anyhow, Haru with his witty remarks and quirks, has already captured me to wait for this vn final version ^^

Tbh, what really piques the my humor and interest  are those three chances to reconsider Shina/the glasses guy for Love Interest and unexpected Yandere Route xD

Oh my.... although the narration use many extranous (if not alien) terms; it gives the precise eloquent feels regarding the realm of the story, but also has a familiar traits to the storytelling about an empire with its politics and secrecy from previous era, and of course its star-crossed lover romance (I have to take a moment of fangirling when notice that "Coalasce" --did I write it right?-- is basically human term for "diplomatic marriage" xD ). This vn will be kept in my waiting list for sure ^^

Its noir style of art and the narration has already intrigued me to its release. The puzzles are also entertaining, although there seems some skipped choices where the scene abruptly left without response from the characters, like when asking the joke from the library keeper (pardon that I forgot her name ^^"), and after returning the mask to the Nue the kistune.

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There are so many qualities in this vn that I am almost left speechless. The absence of BGM (even if it's a demo) often bother me, but its flowing narration and the characterization of the cast has been earlier on enraptured me; as they touch delicately the issues of choosing and living your own path away from strict rules (here, by the parents), which I think becoming many problems in young generation (I experience it myself, at least :') ). 

As for the topic of the cast, the demo has a good range of introducing the environment and the nature of each characters, and but still leave many vague parts to intrigue the player for the final version. ( SPOILER : heck, I am so curios about the coffee shop bill/coupon from Gary, Cain's sister figure, John's reason regarding his sudden freakness in the lights-out incident and who-what-why the incident happens, Elliot's reason for cancelling his plasma charity donation but soooo much thanks for the fanservice, Akio's background whether he is also rebelling from his parents like Robin, and of course Ava's history with Robin; all leaves me to overthinking and daydreaming xD ).

(beware slight spoiler, again) A flirt-but-reliable best friend who once a nemesis of our big-heart-can-be-sarcastic protagonist? a happy-go-lucky guy but secretly has a great dedication to medical education who seems be a frenemies to an animal lover who has the series of unfortunate events in his life? a popular-but-somehow-easily-forgotten sport idol? a sweet-but-sleep-deprived workaholic who doesn't get paid enough for encountering a silver-spoon jerk who actually doesn't understand a manner of socializing and can be easily distracted? They are all a bit cliche in otome but somehow it's reborn in new entertaining light in this story, and it is an exquisite touch how each choice affect the detail of narration in Robin's encouter with them again. And don't say I don't notice that the more compatible her action to the Love Interest; the choice bubble just disappear  in the Movie scene and subtely tell that Robin has confidence and knows him well enough that she doesn't hesitate to act or not bother to ask the player what she has to do anymore (in Akio's route, spesifically, how amusing she can handle that brat :'v )

The art style is also chosen beautifully, the chibi especially ;) (I don't know if it's intentional or because it's still a work in progress, but the sketch style for the background gives room and focus to the colorful figure of the cast, make them more alive)

However, there are two parts to reconsider : (1) I notice that the message on the phone for Cain's route which appropriately show on "I guess" option precisely keep appears no matter the choice I made before it. (2) It's more likely a personal wariness regarding the first sentence of the  synopsis, honestly... I already see the parody and cliche of romcom in this story, but the "cautionary tale" part intrigues me. I don't have enough knowledge about that genre, but what I know is that the story are basically telling three parts of warning;  in short, the first act will be about the prohibition or the taboo is stated, then the act of  violating the prohibition (Robin breaks loose from her controlling mother and lives in her ideal campus), and the last is the consequence of said rebellion. If this vn really follows that plot... well.... I had achieved the Bad Ending in Akio's Route and it's likely expected that there will be same misfortune in other route, as said that "Careful though, not everyone has her best interests at heart. Buried beneath the mass of anime tropes lies some pretty heavy and not always easy to recognize issues." ...... PLEASE GIVE ME TIME TO PREPARE MYSELF FOR THE CHANCE OF BROKEN HEART IF SUCH SCENARIO WILL COME T^T

Oh, and the university gate for the background, I think Cambridge's one had been a fine choice, but I also recommend Van Wickle Gates at Brown University, or fairy-tale-like gate of Indiana University Bloomington, or the Harvard (well, they are my preferences, a bit better that those European university gate.... no offense, their type of gates just remind me and kind of resemble a cemetery's gate :'D ).

Overall, I am so hype for this!!! Take your time and keep the good work (>w<)/

N.B. thank you for reading my endless mumbling :'D

It has promising narrations and the characters is well-introduced. One problem is that when the scene where I encounter Sean's conflict with one of his crazy girlfriend, it immediately turn into the Prologue scene (without "End of Demo" or any kind of credit) ^^"

Okay... this is funny because it seems the view of the game is cut (like in the picture) and I can't read or even access the story.... :'(

(I use Chrome in Windows 10 32-bit, fyi)

I feel like a late bloomer for reaching out this cute otome at the end of the year..... The characters is well-written and it also has a fanbook to clarify some missing points and extending readers' imagination ^w^

The thrill (and the troll)  is real, so lucky that I was home alone playing this  xD

Ah, I see.... It's nice to hear the clarification, and no worries; take your time^^

Balancing self between developing a game project vs real life is tough (I feel you, bro :')) )

Like Baka Arashi, I also encounter the same problem : a blank selection of answers (at Bubble Exams for Film Test and when interacting with Astor), an error page after taking Bubble Exams (at all three different route! I am compatible with Art Bubble, if that helps), and after taking Medication Bubble Test at the exhibition, Natari only appears as "bubble" or a view from up her head :'D

By the way, it has an excellent narration regarding issues of talent vs efforts  and people expectations vs our own dreams :')  And a gallery to revisit the CGs would be very delightful ^^

It has a balance of hillarity and seriousness in facing Frank's.. ( IT'S DOCTOR)

..... sorry,..*ahem* Dr. Frank's frustation over his failure in academic and even love matters (instead of revenge,  I would likely be goiing through deep depression with something like that :'))) )

That "Don't Click" option got me xD and... I just hope there is a gallery to revisit all the story's divine scene ^^;

Anyway, that Secret Ending sure enlights me ^^

I found some missing characters figure while playing it : Death's figure is blank when I talk to War, and War's figure disappear when I chose to replace him at the ending.

I notice that only War, Time, and Death have slightly more backgrounf story in this game, just hope that the others are given more variative approaches/choices to interact with them.

Anyhow. it's such a delight way to embrace Death issues with the other fives concepts :')

N.B. My reaction when I got Luck Ending : ".....It seems my story will turn into Final Destination scenario while Death and Luck fight over my life :'D "