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The story has this feel of neo-noir, and I gonna admit that I simp over Jewel and Reed long way before MC's memory comes back in later chapter :'D

Just a curious question : regarding that this VN will be 6-7 chapters in full and rather fast-paced, will be there another chance to reconsider things or do I botch the romance if I didn't choose the options with the certain symbol or when I didn't call/pull them back to discuss the matter of hearts in this bleak world?

Jewel is always a good choice, Reed is more of a brat, I am afraid. 😂 I am glad you liked both of them though!

The latter. There’s more info about it [here] and [here] but generally, this VN is a teaser for the text-based version of Perfumare I’ll be working on later. So it only shows a few key scenes of the main plot, only one ending (well, two variants excluding the dead and neutral endings) and 3 romance branches with only a couple of choices and with a lot of missing content. The reason for it is that Perfumare (VN) was supposed to be only a demo, a simple story for me to learn how to code. I just didn’t expect it to become so well liked. But I digress. So, yes, like I said in the [devlog], the latest chapter locks your relationship with the characters; if you didn’t take your chances, there will be no other possibility to initiate the romance (in the VN, the IF version will include that option). 

I hope that answers your questions, but if something’s not clear enough please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification!


"...this VN is a teaser for the text-based version of Perfumare I’ll be working on later..."

For a teaser, I'm beyond impressed and would likely have a heart attack when the full version of Perfumare is released. Also, my apology for missing the devlogs.

At side note and realization (PERHAPS SPOILER) : Dang, MC, those three have been pinning for you for months (one of them for years, I bet), and you have the guts to be oblivious of them *sigh*