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Pardon me for the late reply : If I recall, the puzzle/game I mentioned here is the one in Forest Day, the one more advanced type from the previous puzzle of hanging on the vine. It is in the third story or the last, I guess? After meeting Rita, the one with moving chain and "Don't Use" warning board which made my rebellious side cackle Why my memories is so bad that I almost spoil all the things in that level...

And again, I think I missed that there is an option to turn off the dialogue bubble. But, as a non-native English and somewhat having a not-so-good hearing, the written speech is actually a huge help.

No problem whatsoever. I really appreciate your help. I'll see to if I can check to optimize that! Thanks a lot!

And no, there is no option to turn off the dialogue bubble haha :) I just use a fade in effect of the words that may not perform ideally in some computers, so I just coded a more simple fading option (less beautiful, but almost no difference) that can be checked now in the Settings, making the dialogue run smoother in every computer! :)

Thanks! :)