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Hey SoloShock!

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to play the demo, for testing it out, for the honest feedback and also for your kind words!

I agree with you, especially on the player movement, regarding jumping, ropes, climbing, etc. I have since the demo made several adjustments to it, but am continue to work on it, as it is slightly awkward. The majority of the game forward relies much (much) less of movement-based mechanics or puzzles.

I am scrapping down much of the 'platforming' bits but unfortunately that was a mistake I made from the start, and... well, as a first project, many mistakes are made and we need to learn from them and improve, both now when we can and in the future! Thanks for much for pointing it out; from my side I can say that the mechanics are slightly less awkward, some places of movement were removed, and the overall game forward relies almost nothing on such situations!

May I ask you one last thing? Did you find the actual 'puzzle' (regarding the dog) awkward as well? If so, could you explain why? (If spoilers are in order, you can send email to

Regardless, thanks so much for all :) for the kind words and honesty. 


No problem whatsoever. I really appreciate your help. I'll see to if I can check to optimize that! Thanks a lot!

And no, there is no option to turn off the dialogue bubble haha :) I just use a fade in effect of the words that may not perform ideally in some computers, so I just coded a more simple fading option (less beautiful, but almost no difference) that can be checked now in the Settings, making the dialogue run smoother in every computer! :)

Thanks! :)

No problem whatsoever! :) It's not any kind of carelessness from your behalf! I'm tempted to actually turn the VSync off as default, as it is noticeable to someone who has a monitor needing VSync that they should turn it ON, whereas someone who doesn't need it may feel it is a performance issue, like in your case! :) That's alright, thank you very very much. And, btw, which puzzle/mini-game part? :)

I also added an option on the Graphics Settings that allows for the people to turn the dialogue showing effect OFF for something much simpler, as it is the first place where, with low performance, it's highly noticeable, leading to that issue you talked about, where the voice acting finishes much earlier then the actual dialogue showing :)

No worries about the resolution, you've been a great GREAT help! :D Hope the weekend's going well! :)

Hello! Thank you so much for your comment and for your feedback! :)

Do you mind if I ask you what OS were you running the game in and the specs of your computer (graphics and CPU)? It may be of help to understand the slowness.

 The written dialogue slows down a lot when the rendering is slow, as generally it is much faster than the speed of speech. 

Did you uncheck the VSync option in the Graphics Settings or didn't change anything? In some Windows computers VSync tends to slow the game a lot.

Once again, thank you SO SO much for testing the game out and taking the time to give some feedback :) I wish you a wonderful week! :)

Thanks! And awesome work there, btw! :)

Good! So now it should be a little better :) I don't officially, should come out this or next week! :) 

Thanks! :D The dialogue has been already tweaked a bit, with slightly larger font and easier to read. :) Happy tou liked it!

Hello! Thank you so much! :D And I glad you enjoyed it. As for the platforming parts, from what I saw, mainly the chain right? That has been 'fixed', or at least is now much easier to move across, as a lot of people had issues there. :) Thanks for your feedback.

Hello! :) 

First of all many thanks for testing the game out! And I'm really glad you enjoyed it! As for the remark you made, it's dully noted! Actually, I have already made some changes to the game based on feedback received from the demo, and I made the 'chain' task easier to go through and will polish that mechanic for the final release!

Thank you so much for the feedback! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

Thank you! :) And I see you actually ran into a problem! It sometimes happen when skipping some lines in dialogue (it probably won't be allowed in the final game per default). After talking to the man, you should've been able to enter the house, and there's still a whole level you could play (Also accessible through level selection). :)

Thank you so much ! :)

Thank you so much! :) Really glad you enjoyed it! And thank you for the video! =)

Thank you! :) The demo is coming out tomorrow actually, the 31st of Jan! :)

Thank you so much! :)

Thanks pal! :) Yup, there is going to be a Mac version. I am using Mac myself as a developer, so... haha :) Thanks!